オリンピック閉幕・パラリンピックに向けて/Closing of the Olympics and toward the Paralympics


The 17-day Olympic Games closed on August 8. There is really no limit to the number of compliments I can pay to the athletes for their hard work and caring attitude toward their fellow athletes, and not just this time. Thank you very much for your hard work.


I dare not mention the touching Olympic scenes here, but would like to think about the IOC and the host city. As for money, I will look at the budget updated in December 2020. The total expenditure for the Olympics and Paralympics is expected to be 1.644 trillion yen. This is more than double the budget of 734 billion yen envisioned at the time of the invitation bid. Both expenditures and revenues are broken down in the links below. The sponsorship revenue was over 400 billion yen, therefore I believe the event was helped by corporations. I hope the shareholders don’t complain to those companies.



If you look it up on wikipedia, you will find that the IOC was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1894. It is said that the turning point came with the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, where commercialism began. I don’t think anyone, including myself, has a good opinion of the IOC or President Bach. However, the IOC has its own point of view, 90% of the huge income from TV broadcasting rights is distributed to each sports organization. Each sports organization is ranked from A to E and the money is distributed to them in line with rank, and some sports seem to rely heavily on the money distributed by the IOC. “If the timing of the event is shifted”, it may affect “the strengthening athletes of minor sports”, which is a very troubling situation.


The word “commercialism” tends to give a bad impression, but all sports cost money. For athletes in minor sports, the Olympics is especially important as a place to show the results of their daily practice/training. There are some sports that do not need to be held in the Olympics, but considering the income from broadcasting rights and sponsorship, such sports are still important. Although the concept of the Olympics and Paralympics “participation is meaningful” “a festival of amateur sports”, may be slipping away, I am positive about the current Olympics and Paralympics.


I think it’s great that the Paralympics are coming under the spotlight. I’m looking forward to watching the athletes compete.

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