I’m not an expert on opera. But I think that opera is one of the most important art forms in the world, because it is performed by an orchestra, and many star singers sing and dance on a gorgeous stage, wearing splendid costumes.


Hence, opera is horribly expensive. Tickets are disgustingly expensive. Although it was eventually cancelled, the tickets for the Teatro alla Scala’s performance in Japan cost 69,000 yen(USD680) for S seats. It’s just too expensive.

その点、New Yorkのメトロポリタン歌劇場といった欧米のオペラ劇場では、シーズンになればほぼ毎日それこそ、今を時めく歌手が豪華絢爛の舞台で美声を轟かせているのですから、旅行に行くとついついオペラに行ってしまいます。ウィーンの国立歌劇場は私に言わせると高すぎます。その点New Yorkのメトロポリタン歌劇場は何とか手の届く金額で鑑賞できます。

On the other hand, almost all opera theaters in Europe and the United States, such as the Metropolitan Opera in New York, are somehow affordable. They have the most talented singers of the day roaring their beautiful voices on the gorgeous stage almost every day of the season, so when I travel, I tend to go to the opera. However, the Vienna State Opera is, in my opinion, too expensive.


All my appreciations of opera are enjoyed when I travel abroad. In the order I remember them


The Marriage of Figaro” … at the Metropolitan in New York. I had dinner at a bar before the opera and somehow met a Spaniard and we hit it off. We drank a lot of alcohol. I thought “I shouldn’t sleep”, but I slept for quite a while. It was the most luxurious sleep I’ve ever had.


Un ballo in maschera” … at the Metropolitan in New York with my parents. I was overwhelmed by the powerful voice of the singer. I was surprised that my father, who I thought would surely fall asleep during the performance, stayed awake until the end.


”Don Giovanni” … at the Estate Theatre in the Prague. The same show where the first performance took place. I don’t know if I was expecting too much or if it was just a bad match. I was not able to be satisfied with the performance.


“Aida” … at the Prague State Opera House. I hadn’t originally planned to go, but I wasn’t too happy with Don Giovanni, so I took my revenge. It makes the Japanese want to cheer for the Japanese national soccer team, doesn’t it?


“Madame Butterfly” … at the Hungarian State Opera House. This opera is very familiar to Japanese people. The sad voice of Madame Butterfly is very impressive. Kimono did not fit for main cast, but it didn’t matter to me. I was convinced by the unending applause for Madame Butterfly


“Carmen”…at the Metropolitan in New York. Watched it in the front row (although the front row isn’t the most expensive). I didn’t like Carmen or Jose, but I was attracted to the sadness of Micaela. Not only me, but also the audience agreed. The biggest applause was given to Micaëla, and the performers were happy to see her in tears, which still remains in my mind. If I dare to rank them, this is the best.


In a normal classical concert, people don’t applaud in the middle of a piece until it is over, but in an opera, people applaud after an aria. I like this style better.

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  1. やっぱりアイーダがいいですね~(*^^)v


    1. こう言っては何ですが、オペラとかバレーとか本場の方とは観客の見る目の厳しさが違うと思います。彼らが物見遊山で日本に来たとしても批判出来ないですよね。演目も如何にも一般受けしそうな演目が多いようにも思いますし。仰る通り、本場で観るのが一番だと思います。

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