卒業旅行(2)/Graduation travel(2)


I was asked how much money I had at immigration office of Heathrow Airport . I think it was about 200,000 yen, but I had a hard time saying it in English in UK pounds. It was a 28-day trip to Europe, and expenses for accommodation, transportation was not yet paid. Only 200,000 yen seemed not to be enough, of course I didn’t have a credit card. I cannot deny my plan was reckless.


When we arrived in London, the three of us explored Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. I don’t remember where we stayed, but after exploring London together for about two days, M. went to Scotland, and K. and I moved separately to France. This was the beginning of my solo trip.


As a cynical person, I had no interest in the city of Paris, and instead of staying overnight or sightseeing, I took the TGV and looked at France through the windows. Once we left Paris, the idyllic scenery quickly spread out and we arrived in Geneva in no time.


As a person who was familiar with ”Heidi”, I had a special attachment to Switzerland, and when I looked at Lake Geneva, I remember being deeply moved for no reason, thinking, “I finally got to look at Lake Geneva. Prices in Switzerland have been incredibly high since then, and I spent over 1,000 yen at McDonalds. I thought I ordered a coffee, but Coke was handed, I think my English was terrible.


In Switzerland, I visited Bern, the capital, and Zurich, the financial center. I have a strong impression that the city was beautiful. Also, the scenery from the train windows was wonderful.


After leaving Switzerland, the next stop was Munich. I met my university friends at the Munich train station, rented a car, and went to Neuschwanstein Castle. I still wonder how we were able to meet up with each other without cell phones or e-mail.


Let’s hit the Autobahn! So my friend was driving and I was scurrying around, cheering him on as he drove. Even though the speed limit was unlimited, we couldn’t go faster than 140km/h, and we got overtaken more and more.


The Neuschwanstein Castle may be the most famous castle in the world, this was most probably of the obsession of King Ludwig II. I took pictures of it in the lingering snow. There were no digital cameras yet. I brought many rolls of film with me from Japan, but there was no way I could just delete pictures like digital cameras, so I was so nervous at the time of taking pictures.


After leaving my friends in Munich, I went to Rosenburg, which is famous for the Romantic Road. Rosenburg is probably only famous among Japanese people. There seemed to be a lot of Japanese people, especially women. I had finished a jigsaw puzzle called “Romantic Road” a long time ago, so it was a place I couldn’t miss.


To be continued.

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  1. こんにちは。スイスとノイシュバンシュタイン城は赴任時に出張者から連れていってほしいと懇願された回数トップ2でした。グリンデルワルドは10回以上行きました。

    1. カメラもそうだし、地図もそうだし、今の旅行はお膳立てが整い過ぎちゃっていて少し安易だな、、、とおもってしまう自分がいます。メニューには写真を付ける発想がヨーロッパの方には無いですよね。日本のファミリーレストランのあのサービス精神を世界に広めたい(笑)

  2. このシリーズを読んでて、私は知らない時代の知らない国の風景が見えて冒険みたいで面白いです(☆▽☆)

    1. コメントありがとうございます。確かに携帯電話なく、良く待ち合わせ出来ましたよね。駅も大きいし、、、。インターネットも携帯も無い時代は何かと大変だったように思います。

  3. 私も卒業旅行でドイツ🇩🇪スイス🇨🇭フランス🇫🇷に行ったのを思い出しました😊
    ロマンチック街道・ スイスの色鮮やかな景色・TGV車窓からの風景懐かしく思い出しました✨

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