It’s been about two months since I started blogging. I’ve been writing some kind of blog almost every day, and the number of posts has exceeded 50. I’d like to take a look back around here for a while and think about how I’d like to continue in the future.


Conclusion: quite interesting.


The reason why I started blogging was when I posted about tourist attractions in the Philippines on Facebook, and my colleague commented ”I should start a blog to introduce tourist attractions in the Philippines”. The fact is that a lot of Japanese people living in the Philippines have set up various Youtube sites already, and I thought that setting up a Youtube site from now would not be meaningless (it seems that there are few Japanese blogging about the Philippines on WordPress).


I’ve been posting on Facebook for many years now, and it’s been useful for exchanging words with friends and updating me on what’s going on, but it’s mostly short posts, less than 100 words, and I don’t think Facebook is going to start any interaction with complete strangers, so I think blogs will have a certain role to play.


It may be too early for me to be fully retired yet, but I thought that writing and reading blogs as a retirement hobby is not a bad idea, and if I could earn some money from advertising, it would be a great thing.



The blog is written in Japanese and English. I use a translation tool to finish most of the English. It’s at a level that doesn’t require much reworking. I read others’ blogs, and it is valuable to be exposed to English that is completely different from the English I use at work. I didn’t know that Haiku was so popular around the world, there are many bloggers are doing Haiku.


Things I’ve noticed since I started writing my blog

  1. 旅行に行くことが出来ない中、過去の旅行について書いているとすぐにネタが切れてしまうだろう、2. ブログを途中でやめている人が多い、3. 高いレベルの写真を掲載している人が多く写真スキルを高めることは楽しそう
  1. Not being able to travel now, writing about past trips would quickly run out of material 2. many people quit blogging in the middle 3. many people post high level photos, and improving photography skills of me seems fun.


From now on, I plan to go back to the drawing board and introduce some of the wonderful scenic spots in the Philippines, the unique foods of the Philippines, and other things that I have already posted once. Also, I don’t expect many people to be interested in the Philippine economy or stock market, but I will try to write about it as much as I can.

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旅行、サイクリング、ゴルフ、ダイビング、ドローンなどを勝手気ままに楽しんでいます。フィリピンの企業に勤め、フィリピンで生活しています。 I enjoy traveling, cycling, golf, diving, and drones at will. I am a Japanese, work for a company in the Philippines and live in the Philippines.

9 thoughts on “ブログ/BLOG

  1. I am from England but I live in Japan. My Japanese ability is not great, especially reading and writing. I enjoy reading your blog in English and Japanese. It is difficult now that we can’t travel so freely. I want to travel again. I’ve never been to the Philippines. I want to visit one day.

    (I will try to write it in Japanese using Google Translate 😅) 私はイギリス出身です。今は日本に住んでいます。私の日本語能力、特に読み書きはあまり上手ではありません。あなたのブログを英語と日本語で読むのを楽しんでいます。自由に旅行できないのは難しいです。また旅行したいです。私はフィリピンに行ったことがありません。いつか行きたいです。

  2. freethanbirdsさんのブログは日本語も英語も読みやすく面白いと思います:-)
    勉強になりますし参考になります( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    1. ありがとうございます。英語はDeepLで作成しています。こういうソフトがある以上、英語の英作文も最早そこまで大事では無いかも知れませんね。英文のEmailを打つときにはスペルチェックが欠かせませんし。。本当にネットのおかげで色々なことが省力化、省時間化できています。

  3. freethanbirdさんでした🙏birdを入力したら勝手にbirdの数が増えちゃいました💦

      1. え?!そうでしたね🙏近視でも老眼でもないですが、適当さバレバレ😭完全にイメージの誤作動でした💦ちゃんと読みます書きます🙇

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