マヨン山/Mayon Volcano


Mayon volcano is a very beautifully shaped mountain located in the Legazpi region, south of Luzon, Philippines. It is similar to Japan’s Mt. Fuji, but the angle is a bit steeper, so it looks more like the ukiyo-e paintings in the 36 Views of Mount Fuji. From Manila, I took a domestic flight to Legazpi airport. There is also a bus, but it seems to take 9 hours.


Perhaps because of its height (2,463 meters), it is rare to see the summit of the mountain as shown in the photo above. I tried many times to take pictures, but I could not take such a beautiful picture.


Legazpi is close to the ocean, so we can enjoy island hopping. I think it was 2,500 pesos (about 5,500 yen) for half a day, renting a bunker boat. I bought beer and potato chips, and boarded the boat. The boatman knows the highlights and took me to places like the Sandbar, where sandy soil appears when the tide is low. This is a shot of Mayon volcano taken from the sandbar. I like this picture.


Drinking beer, eating potato chips with sea breeze, I was able to enjoy the best feeling. It’s a little disappointing that the bunker boat was so noisy that I couldn’t listen to music. A larger bunker boat would be quieter and we might be able to enjoy the music as well.

ホテルは、”Casa Simeon”という木をふんだんに使った落ち着いたホテルでした。ホテルの方も非常に親切でレガスピの旅行を楽しいものにしてくれました。特に周りに何かある訳では無いのですが、大変お気に入りのホテルです。

The hotel was “Casa Simeon”, a calm hotel with lots of wood. The hotel staff was very kind and made my trip to Legazpi a pleasant one. Although there is nothing special around the hotel, it is my favorite hotel.

とても綺麗なお花と歴史ある建物。Very beautiful flowers and a historic building.


A scene of many students riding tricycles. It’s a fun scene that is typical of the Philippines, but I would recommend students to walk.

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  1. 乗り物に大人数で乗るのは見てるとヒヤヒヤしますよね…



    1. 本当に東南アジア、南アジアの方はバイクに何人もで乗ったり、リスク回避の考え方が希薄だな、(もしくは分かっていても他に選択肢が無いのかも)と思います。過分なお言葉ありがとうございます。

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