カミギン島/Camiguin Island


I became an expatriate in the Philippines in July 2008, and continued for five years until July 2013. After which, I returned to Tokyo and quit my job in Japan about four years later at the end of March 2017. I started to work for another company in the Philippines from April 2017. In total, I have been in the Philippines for a little over 9 years.


I knew the name of Camiguin Island well, and I wanted to go there someday. However I didn’t have a chance to do so, and the opportunity came in March 2018. There are no direct flights from Manila, so we have to go through Cebu to get to Camiguin Island. It’s not realistic to travel there now because of the Covid19 pandemic, but after the pandemic, I’m sure the number of tourists will increase dramatically when direct flights start flying.


The mountains have a unique shape. The sea is also very beautiful. The diving is not that great, but I think that’s because there are more great diving spots in the Philippines. The diving is also good.


Camiguin Island is about 70 kilometers in circumference. The three of us rented a small bus with a driver for 600 pesos (about 1400 yen) a day to go around the island. On the way, we stopped at a waterfall and a hot spring (similar to a heated swimming pool) and had a great time touring the island. As you can see in the picture, the sunset was beautiful, and you can enjoy Camiguin Island to the fullest.


From Camiguin Island, we can access Mantigue Island by bunker boat. We didn’t stay long, but there were a lot of families there, so I guess it’s a good place to relax. The bunker boat we took was operated by a couple, and it was fun to see the service-minded wife and the unmotivated husband.


When it comes to tourist destinations in the Philippines, beach resorts such as Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, and El Nido are famous and of course wonderful. However, some of the lesser-known islands, such as Camiguin Island, are also very enjoyable and can be considered unexplored. They are full of the laid-back atmosphere that is typical of the Philippines. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to travel the Philippines in a relaxed manner.


Next time I would like to ride a bicycle around the island.

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