On the third day in Istanbul, the main attractions are Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) and Topkapi Palace. Both of them should be called the highlight of Istanbul sightseeing.


I ate breakfast at the hotel in a hurry and went to the Blue Mosque first.I think it was still the most amazing of the mosques in terms of the grandeur of the exterior, but other than the thickness of the pillars, it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. That’s because I’ve already seen a lot of mosques. I think if you see the Blue Mosque first, you might not find the point of visiting the mosque unless you are a big mosque lover.


Topkapi Palace was packed even before it opened. No wonder, it’s such a popular tourist attraction. It was a good decision to go early. I didn’t have to wait too long to buy a ticket and go inside. I didn’t go inside the building right away, but looked out over the Bosphorus from the seafront. The strait has been the site of various historical events since ancient times. I gazed at the strait, feeling the weight of it. Traveling alone, it’s not easy to keep a photo of myself, it looks like someone took a photo of me.

トプカプ宮殿の一番奥にあるバーダッド・キョシュキュという離れは眺め、建物の装飾ともに美しさの極致と言えましょう。宝物を見なくては、と思ったら長蛇の列。30分くらいは待ったと思います。チェックアウトは最後にシャワーを浴びてからする予定にしてましたが、チェックアウトの時間に間に合わない、これはいかん、ということでホテルに電話。チェックアウトを遅くしてもらった。寛大なホテルに感謝です。ありがとうYasmak Sultan Hotel。

At the far end of Topkapi Palace, there is a detached building called Baghdad Kiosk, which is a masterpiece of beauty in terms of both the view and the decoration of the building. I had to wait in a long line for about half an hour to see the treasures. I had planned to check out hotel after taking a shower, but I couldn’t make it in time, so I phoned the hotel and asked them to delay the check-out time. Thank you Yasmak Sultan Hotel.


Sightseeing was rather hurried with both the treasures (no photos of the jewels as photography is prohibited) and Halem, where travelers have to pay extra to enter. There was no time to stop at the Topkapi Palace Shop. I found Topkapi Palace to be one of the top tourist attractions in Istanbul. It is a place I would like to visit again and again. If I learn more about the Ottoman Empire and the Sultanate, I will have such fun.

チェックアウトののち、午後の部。もう一度Taksim広場へ。アガサクリスティーなどが定宿にしていたホテル、Pera Palaceも見た。当時木村沙織さんが所属していたワクフバンク(支店だと思う)も見たし、色々見た。通りは生き生きとしていて楽しかった。

After check out and I went to Taksim Square again. I saw Pera Palace, the hotel where Agatha Christie and others used to stay. VakifBank where Saori Kimura, Japanese volleyball player belonged to at the time, I saw also and many other things. The streets were lively and fun.


After the last meal, I returned to the hotel and took the shuttle bus to the airport. It was a very satisfying third day.


In Istanbul, of course, there are stores that sell Turkish ice cream. They really don’t give the ice cream until the end. It was interesting to see these little things. I also felt the atmosphere of various cultures mixing together.

ヨーロッパ側の旧市街には本当に沢山の観光客、ホテル、レストランと観光地そのものという感じだった。アジア側には観光客以外の人が沢山居たが、不思議と居住地のようなものは見当たらなかった。スーパーマーケットもあった記憶が無い。次回はもう少し人が住んでいる場所を訪問したい。2泊したが、ホテルで疲れて寝てしまい、BarのようなNight Spotには行ってない。次回は是非そうした楽しみも味わいたい。

On the European side of the city, the old town was just like a tourist attraction itself, with lots of tourists, hotels, and restaurants. On the Asian side, there were many people who were not tourists, but strangely enough, there was no residential area. I don’t remember seeing any supermarkets either. Next time, I would like to visit a more inhabited place. 2 nights, but I was so tired that I slept in the hotel and didn’t go to any night spots like bars. Next time, I would like to have that kind of fun.


Istanbul is in my top 3 cities to revisit. Next time I want to travel as if I were living there.