I don’t get to go to Cebu very often, and haven’t been there since March 2020, and I think only once in 2019. Therefore, whenever I go to Cebu, I always want to go to various places.


Cebu Island has an area of 4,468 km2, which is about the same as the area of Kyoto Prefecture or Yamanashi Prefecture (although it may be hard to imagine). It is long and narrow from north to south, and there are various resorts along the coast of Cebu.


Mactan Island, where the airport is located, has first-class resort hotels such as Shangri-la. I once blogged about Malapascua Island, which is accessible from the northern part of Cebu, but I think it is an island blessed with no shortage of other tourist resources, such as Oslob, famous for whale sharks (I have never been there), and Moalboal, famous for its schools of sardines (visited in 2020).


Of course, there are many things to see and do on Cebu Island itself. There are business districts and large shopping malls. I think Cebu is the most popular place for Japanese and Koreans to study English. I think I saw a lot of young Japanese people in Cebu, I think they were foreign students.


Today, I would like to introduce the Camotes Islands, which are located between Cebu and Leyte. It was a one-day trip, so all I can say is that I went there. I think it’s a place that Japanese people don’t visit very often.

カモテス諸島には行くには複数の行き方があるようですが、最も一般的なのは、ダナオ経由だと思います。ホテルからセブ島を北上し、ダナオというフェリー乗り場までタクシーで1時間くらい走ります。ダナオからはこれ以上ゆっくり進む船があるのだろうか、というようなフェリーで約1時間半かけてカモテス諸島のPacijan Islandに到着します。船は1日に4往復しか走っていないようで、その日のうちに飛行機に乗らなきゃいけないので、帰りの船のチケットをまず買いました。島の移動手段はバイク。バイクの後ろにまたがって、島を案内してもらいました。

There are multiple ways to get to Camotes Islands, I think the most common is via Danao. From the hotel, I took a taxi to north on Cebu Island for about an hour to a ferry port. From Danao ferry port, it takes about an hour and a half to arrive at Pacijan Island in the Camotes Islands by a ferry that makes me wonder if there are any boats that go any slower. The ferry seems to run only four round trips a day, and I had to catch a flight that day, so I bought a ticket for the return boat first. The way to get around the island is by motorcycle. I rode on the back of a motorcycle and were guided around the island.

「ゆっくり走ってくれ」と言ってもすぐに高速走行されて怖い思いをしましたが、Pacijan Islandと橋で繋がっているPoro Islandまで行き、これ以上なくのどかな風景を楽しみました。フィリピンにはレベルの高い観光資源が沢山あると思います。しかしながらアクセスがあまり良くないからスポットが当たらない場所が多いように思います。アクセスが良くなって観光客が押し寄せると一時期のボラカイのように海が汚れてしまったりするのかも知れません。カモテス諸島はそんなことを思わせる島でした。

Even though I told the driver to “drive slowly”, he soon drove so fast that it was scary, but I made it to Poro Island, which is connected to Pacijan Island by a bridge, and enjoyed the most peaceful scenery. I think there are a lot of high quality tourist resources in the Philippines. However, I think there are many places that do not get the spotlight because access is not very good. As accessibility improves and tourists flock to the islands, the sea may become polluted like Boracay at one time. The Camotes Islands made me think of such things.


From the center of Cebu, I took a cab to the ferry terminal, but there were no cabs going from the ferry terminal to the center of Cebu. I thought about chartering a car, but I decided to go back to the center of Cebu using a jeepney, which is used by ordinary people in the Philippines.


All of these things were fun. It was the kind of island where I want to spend my time drinking beer and reading a book.