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When I was a university student, I belonged to a sports team and I remember that I basically spent a lot of my time and energies for practice. I didn’t attend classes very seriously, and worked part-time on the night shift. When there was no practice.


I did various part-time jobs, but the one at “Yamazaki Baking” is the most memorable. It was 30 years ago, so I think the working environment is very different from now. Please read this story as a memory.


A person named Mr. K came to the university dormitory to say that they needed more people to work at night. “I’m K from Yamazaki Baking. I’m looking for 10 people today!” The first one to come in was the first one to get a job, so we dashed downstairs. Someone knew when Mr. K would be arriving, so the smartest students might have waited nearby.


Luckily (?) If we can get a night shift job, we will be transported in a van to a nearby factory. There are many different types of work, but it’s simple work. Wrapping rice cakes for sakura mochi in plastic leaves, checking that the barcodes are attached to the back of the products without excess or deficiency. Dividing the bread into the required number of pieces for each convenience store. This is the kind of work that I would rather do by hand than install a machine for seasonal products.


I was impressed by the punk rocker who was spreading cream on the side of the Christmas cake, and how musicians work nights until they become big. I hope they became famous.


We worked from 10:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. I think we are paid 11,000 yen a day (it was a long time ago and my memory is a little hazy). When I was short of money, I would go to Yamazaki Baking. It was a part-time job that was famous for its painfulness, so it was positioned as a more respectable part-time job than the brainy jobs such as tutoring, which were said to be easy and profitable, and a part-time job where you could learn about society (at the university I attended).


Standing still, the sakura mochi is wrapped in plastic leaves with mochi flowing rapidly like ping-pong balls. For Kashiwa Mochi, the shape of the mochi and the leaves change. I remember that after five hours, we would have an hour break and then another five hours. It was so tough, we dizzy, and we can hear the sound as if brain were melting.


Someday I was said “You’re good, let’s try the process that the regular employees are doing” and for some reason I was delighted, this was wrong because the salary was the same for the part-time job, and I was asked to do a completely high level process (putting strawberries made of jelly on sweet bread with crazily rapid speed), and I remember thinking that full-time employees had a different level of training.


At the Yamazaki Baking job, I can take home all the bread I want, so if I bring a big bag of bread back to the dormitory, I was treated like a hero by the hungry dormitory students. Looking back on it now, I have good memories of being an irredeemable idiot. It’s a part-time job that I remember fondly, though I’m sure I can do it for only 10 minutes now.

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  1. 私の高校大学の近くにもヤマパン工場があり鬼のバイト先として有名でした。知人何人もが数日で早い人は1日で脱落してました…

    1. 少しネットで調べると鬼バイトとして認識されているようですからあまり変わっていないようです。連続では出来ないな、と思いました。それほどきつくない仕事もあるにはありましたが、桜もちは本当に思い出したくないくらいきつかったです。

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