コンセントとプラグ/Outlets and Plugs


I am going back to Japan temporarily starting next Monday. However it will be a long quarantine period, I will have five working days off, so I would like to enjoy Japan for the first time in a long time. I will write more about my feelings (frustrations?) about the quarantine and vaccines in another blog. This time I will write about what I noticed while preparing for my return.


It may be hard to tell from the picture, but I’m using three different types of plugs right now (though it may be more divided if I categorize them finely). I need to bring back my company-issued work laptop, my own laptop currently in use, and various chargers. This time, I’m also bringing back my cell phone, docomo old style mobile phone, so I’ll also be bringing back chargers for this and that. I also realize that I need to bring back extension cords for various plugs because the plugs are not uniform and the outlets at my parents’ house are not compatible with such things. Normally, I could just go out and buy the things I forgot, but this time I’m in quarantine, so I can’t do that. It’s a real problem.


Since the voltage is different between Japan and the Philippines, we would normally need a transformer, but most PC power cords and cell phone chargers are compatible with 100V to 240V, so there is no need to carry a transformer. I think this is a really excellent system. When I was stationed in Thailand in 2006, I brought my desktop PC from Japan, but I forgot to use a transformer and remember that I broke my PC the moment I plugged it in.


I am not currently using a transformer. I brought my PC and scanner from Japan, and the power cord is compatible with various voltages. Other appliances are originally provided in the room, so I haven’t had to use a transformer.


We can’t imagine life without electricity. And yet, it is inconvenient that there are so many different standards in the world. I know that unifying the standards would cost an enormous amount of money, but it makes me wonder why things have become this way, and if there is anything we can do about it. It’s such a pity.

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