昨日は、棚田についてブログに書きましたが、今日はその続きです。棺が岩肌に吊るされている観光地「Hanging Coffines」を訪れたりしながら、メインのスマギン洞窟へ。鍾乳洞は迫力満点、いつもの通り、事前情報を詳細には調べていなかったので期待を大きく上回るものでした。今から考えても冒険そのものでした。全く無事だったから良かったのですが、万が一事故でもあったら、会社から大目玉を喰らうようなレベルの探検だったように記憶しています。

Yesterday, I blogged about the rice terraces, and today is a continuation of that. While visiting Hanging Coffins, a tourist attraction where coffins are hung from the rock face, we went to the main Sumaging Cave. The cave was very powerful, and as usual, greatly exceeded my expectations as I hadn’t researched the information in detail beforehand. In hindsight, it was an adventure itself. I’m glad that we were completely safe, if there had been accidents, the company would seriously criticize our activities.


The level is such that anyone can enjoy it until halfway. I’m also wearing slippers and swallowing my way down. We were asked if we wanted to quit at the normal route or try the more difficult route. Of course, we said yes. Y and I were excited, but so were the two drivers. The challenge route is a tour of limestone caves where we carry only a minimal amount of luggage and climb up and down the rocks using ropes and putting your feet on the guide’s shoulders. You will notice that you are barefoot and naked on the challenge route. This is an expedition that would not be possible without trust in the guide. The guide leads us safely to the cave with a lamp in his hand. I am still filled with gratitude. I wonder if he is still doing well.


At the end of the challenging route, we found a magnificent limestone cave. I’m sure there are many more beautiful limestone caves in the world. I will always remember the cave as a place where I struggled and chickened out to get there. I am in awe of the beauty that nature has created over a long period of time.


I would recommend the limestone caves until the challenging route. However, the caves are closed to visitors when it rains heavily. It’s not a place that can be enjoyed casually at any time, so please do your research carefully before visiting. Don’t overdo it. Also, you will get wet, so please bring a change of clothes.


After visiting the limestone caves in Sagada, we had a lunch and then drove back to Banaue along the same road. Honestly, we wanted to go back via another route, but due to time constraints, we went back the same way, which was the case in 2013, but now, with the extension of the highway, it seems to be faster to come back via Baguio. I’ve never been to Baguio, but it is a very famous summer resort. I think it would be fun to visit Baguio as well.


The road conditions in the Philippines have improved significantly over the past decade. I could write a blog about the improvement of road conditions in the Philippines.