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At the end of each month, I record the stock price movements of the Philippine stock market. Most of you may not be interested in this, but it is meaningful to accumulate data. If the market is large, such as the U.S. stock market, it is easy to get historical records, but it is not so easy for the Philippine stock market.

9月末の株価に対して10%以上上昇した銘柄は緑で、10%以上下落した銘柄はオレンジでハイライトしています。7銘柄が10%以上上昇しています。銀行、ファーストフード、カジノは、コロナ禍が落ち着きを取り戻しつつあること、その期待で上昇したものと思われます。GT Capital Holdingsはピンと来ないかも知れませんが、フィリピンでのトヨタ(Toyota Motor Philippines)の51%株主です。コロナ禍で大きく落ち込んだ車の売り上げが回復することを期待している可能性もありますね。

Stocks that rose more than 10% over the end of September are highlighted in green and those that fell more than 10% are highlighted in orange. 7 stocks rose more than 10%. Banks, fast food, and casinos probably rose on the expectation that the Covid19 pandemic is settling down. GT Capital Holdings may not sound familiar. In fact, GT Capital Holdings is a 51% shareholder of Toyota Motor Philippines. It is possible that they are expecting a recovery in car sales after the Covid19 pandemic.


On the other hand, the two stocks that have fallen seem to be a reaction to the rapid rise in prices and profit-taking. I haven’t heard of any particular bad news that caused them to sell off.


There are 32 stocks listed here, including the 30 stocks that make up the current PSEi and the two stocks that were excluded in August 2021. Many of them are in the real estate and banking sectors, not in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and IT sectors. I think the reason why many of the stocks are far from the stock price level at the end of 2019, when before Covid19 pandemic. There are many companies that are “different from the current trend”.


With only a couple of months left in 2021, I wonder what November will bring. Although there are some uncertainties, such as Evergrande Group in China, I am hoping for a rise in stock prices. First of all, I hope that the Covid19 pandemic will be resolved and economic activities will be brisk. At the same time, I hope that many energetic companies will emerge in the Philippines that can keep up with the current trends.


上記のデータは筆者がPSE Edgeから各銘柄手作業でデータ作成しております。間違いが生じている可能性があります。正確性につき何の保証もございません。

The above data was created manually by the author from PSE Edge. There is a possibility of errors. No guarantee of accuracy is given.