gray olympics concrete block


I’ve mentioned many times that I was cynical and didn’t go to Barcelona on my graduation trip in 1992, because the Barcelona Olympics were scheduled to be held in 1992, and the Sagrada Familia and other buildings were very attractive. I believe that quite a lot Japanese visited Barcelona on their graduation trips in 1992.


I tried to remember what the Barcelona Olympics were about 30 years ago, but I had no clear memory of it. Of course, the Olympics must have been a lot of fun back then. The Paralympics were also being held, but I don’t think they were the focus of much attention at the time.


I think it goes that the top priority of the Olympics is the performance of the athletes of your country, needless to say. Do you remember how your country’s athletes performed?


Japan won a total of three gold medals. Kyoko Iwasaki’s gold medal in swimming breaststroke, her interview with “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life”, it was the Barcelona Olympics. That was a long time ago. I watched the gold medals of judo Hidehiko Yoshida and Toshihiko Koga again on Youtube. Very impressive. Judo is a signature sport of Japan, but there were only two golds in Barcelona.


I just found out that women’s judo was adopted as an official sport first at the Barcelona Olympics. Ms. Tamura participated in Olympic at high school student age and won a silver medal. To be honest, I don’t remember it. Yuko Arimori’s silver medal in women’s marathon is on record, but her “I want to give myself a pat on the back for the first time” came in Atlanta in 1996. I remember that one more vividly.


It was at the Barcelona Olympics that the U.S. “Dream Team” participated in men’s basketball for the first time and showed its overwhelming strength. It was also the first time in 32 years that South Africa, which had long been excluded from the Olympics due to apartheid, participated in the games.


I’m more enthusiastic about the Olympics than most people, and I think my memory is good. However, I found that my memory is fuzzy. I thought it was important to reexamine the past by writing a blog like this.


A few months have passed since the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which I was so passionate about every day. I’m surprised at how fast my memory is fading.