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「No Music No Life」だと思っていてミュージカルも大好きですが、劇団四季など日本のミュージカルは観劇したことがありませんでした。チケットが取りづらいということもあったかも知れません。日本語での演出に理由も無く抵抗があったのかも知れません。

I believe in “No Music No Life” and I love musicals, but I have never been to a Japanese musical such as the Shiki Theatre Company, partly because it was difficult to get tickets or I felt resistance to the production in Japanese language without any reason.


Well, I took advantage of my temporary stay in Japan to see the Lion King at the Shiki Theatre Company Nagoya. I think it was at times like this that I wanted to support people who work hard at entertainment and get strength from them too.


Perhaps it was because the show was at 1:30 pm on a Thursday, I was able to reserve a pretty good seat at the last minute. It was lucky. The Shiki Theatre Company Nagoya is conveniently located about a 10-minute walk from the station. Maybe it was a weekday, so there were a lot of post-retirement couples and women in the audience. By the way, the ticket was 11,000 yen.


We had to be nervous about preventing infection, however there were no restrictions on seating, and the place was almost full. Chatting among the audience was prohibited, but it was difficult to keep quiet in that situation, so I thought it was hard for the management. Of course, cheering at the stage was also prohibited, so it may have been less exciting than before the Covid19 pandemic

ライオンキングのミュージカルについては特にあらすじなど予習することもなく、開演を迎えましたが、冒頭の力強い歌唱で完全に感動しました。後から調べると「Circle of Life」という曲のようです。冒頭の5分くらいで、「ああ、来て良かったな」と思えました。

I didn’t have any prior knowledge about the Lion King musical, but I was completely moved by the powerful singing at the beginning of the show. Later, I found out that the song was called “Circle of Life”. In the first five minutes of the performance, I felt glad that I had come.


I was really impressed by the hard work of the child actors in their performances. They were striving to speak their lines in a way that was easy to hear. I wonder if such boys and girls will support the stage culture in the future. The production was also wonderful, with the Nagoya dialect mixed in. It is also good that the lines and songs are in Japanese, so it is easy to understand what they are saying. If I had the money and time, I would like to see the other musicals I have seen in Japanese language.


There are about 30 of performers on stage. It’s a real challenge to be on the stage of the Shiki Theatre Company, no matter how inconspicuous the role. I respect all of them. There is no guarantee that if he/she does it for a long time they will get closer to the leading role. I think it is a situation where someone with tremendous talent suddenly appears and takes the leading role.


This was my first musical in Japan with that in mind. Satisfying.