The first day was a trip around Toyama City, where we had a great day of dinner and drinks. The second day was more of a driving trip with my friend driving.


First, we went to Kaioumaru Park, where the Kaioumaru is docked. I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but it’s also close to the Shinminato Bridge, which is very photogenic. The ”Shinminato Kittokito Market” is another famous spot. The word “Kittokito” is said to be a dialect word meaning “fresh seafood”. After wandering around the attractive seafood-centered souvenir market, we headed further west.


We went to Ameharashi Beach and the adjacent “Roadside Station Ameharashi”. Toyama Bay is famous for its deep waters, so I thought there would be no beach, but I was a little surprised to find a sandy beach at Ameharashi Beach. The island, or rather the rocks, were also magnificent and quite a sight to behold.


We headed further west to Himi. The Himi Fishing Port Market was full of charm, but we decided to have a seafood bowl at a restaurant we found on the way. We were a little worried because there were not many customers, but our fears were unfounded. It was very nice lunch.


After lunch, we drove to Takaoka Zuiryu-ji Temple, which has the only national treasure in Toyama. On the way, we saw the Takaoka Great Buddha, one of the three largest Buddhas in Japan, from the car. I thought it was a bit inferior compared to the one of Nara and Kamakura. Takaoka Zuiryuji Temple is the family temple of Toshinaga Maeda, the second head of the Maeda family in Kaga, and it was magnificent. On the other hand, for such a splendid temple, there was no town in front of the temple, which I thought was a shame for such a great temple. Perhaps it will be developed more as a tourist attraction in the future.


At my request, we moved east to Shomei Falls. It didn’t seem to take that long if we used the expressway or something, so we gave it a try. The view of the Tateyama mountain range from the car window on the way was wonderful. It was a little bit far from the parking lot to the viewing platform, but the cool air felt really nice. Shomyo Fall is the highest waterfall in Japan with a height of 350 meters, and it was both powerful and beautiful. I’m glad I requested it.


On the second day, we stayed in Uozu City. I took a both at Kintaro Onsen, which was recommended by a friend. The hot spring had a strong smell of sulfur and a little salt in the mouth. I sweated a lot and felt like I was in the right environment to enjoy a good dinner.


The hotel has a partnership with a sushi restaurant, and sushi is included in the price. It was a very good deal. The sushi was also very delicious. However, there were so many guests and it seemed like the food service could not keep up with them, The sushi restaurant was good, but I was a little worried that the partnership with the hotel would not work. so we decided to go another restaurant for the rest of dinner.


The izakaya that sells seafood had a lot of customers and it was hard to find a place to eat. I forgot to take a picture of the rice porridge I ate at the Izakaya I finally found, and also I do not remember the name of Izakaya, it was really delicious.


The second day I went to bed early with a full stomach and a pleasant drunkenness. I have nothing but gratitude for my friends.