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If we could, we would all like to progress and grow every day. But when you think about it, it’s not that easy, and it takes a lot of energy to maintain our lives.


 If we neglect cleaning, laundry, ironing, shoeshine, cooking, and various household duties, our quality of life will diminish rapidly.


I don’t know how many families in Japan hire housekeepers, maybe I imagine it’s less than 1% of households. It is my opinion that housekeepers are not that common. That’s why dramas such as “Housekeeper watched” are established in the context of “scandal of an incredibly rich family”.


Here in the Philippines, there are really a lot of housekeepers working, and I have the impression that quite a lot of Filipino families who work together (maybe not even half) hire housekeepers. There are so many Filipinos working as housekeepers in Hong Kong, Singapore and other foreign countries.


The reason why housekeepers have not taken root in Japan to that extent is partly because of the high cost, but also because of the idea that people should do their own housework. There are many products in Japan that offer ideas for housework. I think this is because people who have the ability to think about how to make troublesome housework a little easier are engaged in housework. I think the idea products for housework are great, but I highly doubt that housework really needs to be done by busy, capable working couples. I think it would be better to invite housekeepers from countries where labor costs are low, such as the Philippines, so that they can spend their time on more meaningful things.