apartment interior with sofa near table and cabinets with tv
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com


Furniture can range from “okay, it’s usable” to “it’s really cool”. The prices range from “Is that enough, why is it so reasonable? to “Why is it so expensive?” I think the elegant ones are more like works of art than furniture.


There are those who spend lavishly on furniture and those who do not. I’m a bit of a stingy person, so I’ve never spent that much money on furniture. Needless to say, I never bought my own furniture when I was a kid, and since I left my parents’ house as a college student until I turned 52, I have never lived in my own house, living in rented houses such as dormitories, apartments, and condos, so I have never bought my favorite furniture.


The condo I’m living in is furnished, so I seldom buy new furniture until I put it away somewhere in a corner of the quicksand (because I can’t abandon it). I bought the chair I’m sitting on now by myself because I work from home a lot and wanted a business-grade chair. The original chair is tucked away in the back of the maid’s room. I bought another clog and use both of new and original, because I can’t store enough shoes in original one.


I’m thinking about buying a good coffee table right now, and I can’t help but write about furniture in my blog. If I buy a coffee table, I’m sure I’ll want a wonderful sofa too. To be honest, the furniture in the condo I’m currently living in is all very uncool, so moving to a new unit is also an option. Living surrounded by my favorite furniture is what I long for.