flat screen television
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I have been living abroad for almost 12 years now. When I was working as an expatriate, I only watched NHK World Premium because I thought it was not good to watch Japanese TV programs while living abroad. However, since I came to the Philippines again in 2017, I have been watching Japanese TV via the Internet. I can’t watch any FilipinoTV. Japanese terrestrial and BS TV programs are applicable. I think I pay about 3,000 yen a month. If you pay more, you can watch programs such as WOWOW.


When I lived in Japan, I was negative about Japanese TV programs, saying, “Why can’t they just make boring programs like this? But now I realize that I am quite dependent on TV. When I was confined to my house all the time due to the Covid19 pandemic, I was very grateful for TV and Youtube.


One of the greatest advantages of Internet TV is that you can “look back and watch without record” for a week. You can skip the commercials and save time.


There are no major disadvantages, but Internet TV is delivered with a slight delay (about 2 minutes in our house), so you have to be careful with sports broadcasts, as the results are broadcasted a little later. Also, if the Internet is not working properly, the TV broadcast will naturally be interrupted. The Internet situation in the Philippines is not perfect, so it is a bit difficult.


I spend a lot of time watching NHK. From the morning drama “Come Come Everyday” to “Asaichi” and the historical drama “Kamakura-dono no 13”, I look forward to watching them every time. In particular, the morning drama “Come Come Everyday” is a masterpiece. Yale” and “Welcome Back Monet” were also masterpieces, but I think this morning drama is even better than those. “Bratamori” is also an excellent program. I wonder why Tamori-san is so knowledgeable about geopolitics. It’s a big deal.


I’ve attached some old and new commercials of Eri Fukatsu, who plays a great role in Come Come Everyday. I think the old commercials are especially great. It’s been more than 30 years ago. Still excellent.