ニューヨーク(3)/New York(3)

ニューヨーク(2)では、両親と行ったNew Yorkについてブログに書きました。最後に行ったNew Yorkは2019年2月。それは、友達とご一緒させていただきました。全てバラバラな場所から集合。一人は東京から、一人は香港から、一人はお隣フィラデルフィアから、そして私はマニラから。

In New York (2), I blogged about New York, where I went with my parents. The last time I went to New York was in February 2019. It was with friends. We gathered from all different places. One was from Tokyo, one from Hong Kong, one from Philadelphia, and I was from Manila.

共通点は、昔マニラで一緒に過ごしていた友達ということ。所謂New YorkでReunionをさせていただきました。今はそんなことは出来そうも無いから寂しい限りです。2月だったから、当然寒くて、常夏のマニラからの参加で身体が対応できるかな、と心配に思ったのを記憶しています。東京経由だったので、東京でホッカイロをしこたま買ったの覚えています。

What we had in common was that we were friends who used to spend time together in Manila. We had a reunion in New York. I miss because I don’t think I can do that now under this circumstances. It was February, so of course it was cold, and I remember wondering if my body would be able to handle the temperature, because I came from Manila where it was always summer. I bought a lot of pocket warmers in Tokyo because my flight was one stop at Tokyo.


The four of us got together, ate hamburgers, went to Central Park. We really wanted to go to Peter Luger, so we went there. It was more of an event than a meal. I’m sure it was delicious, but my memory of being happy is stronger.

僕はNew Yorkにもっと長くとどまりたかったので、一人でNY散策。フィラデルフィアの友達は職場復帰。二人は南米に足を延ばしマチュピチュへ。最高のRenioinの思い出です。

I wanted to stay in New York longer, so I stayed New York by myself. My friend in Philadelphia went back to work. The two of friends went to South America to visit Machu Picchu. It was the best Reunion memory.

写真はEmpire Stateからの夜景。本当に見事としか言いようが無いですね。

This photo shows the night view from Empire State. It’s truly stunning.


I also took a few other photos of my memories

Empire state of mindは大好きな曲。今から思えば、MVに出てくる場所をとことん攻めるという手もあったなあと後悔。もう一度NYに行く機会あれば、出来る限り訪問し、Jay Zになった気分を味わいたい。

“Empire state of mind” is one of my favorite songs. In hindsight, I regret that I could have tried to visit all the places that appear in the music video. If I have a chance to visit New York again, I want to visit as many places as I can and feel like Jay Z.

New York (2)

New Yorkには2008年には両親とも一緒に行きました。不思議なことに、ナイアガラの滝とかボストン、ワシントンはパッケージツアーが結構な数組まれていますが、New Yorkはそうしたツアーが見つけられなかったように思います。だから私が色々と案内することを買って出ました。

I went to New York with my parents in 2008. There are a lot of package tours for Niagara Falls, Boston and Washington, but I don’t think we could find such a tour for New York. So I decided to show them around.


My father requested me to go to a gospel. I went to a church in Harlem to listen to gospel music before by myself. Needless to say, gospel music is not for tourists, and the people around me never thought I was coming to church for gospel music only, so I felt very sorry and uncomfortable. Therefore this time I decided to go to a concert called “Gospel Brunch”.


I still vividly remember my father saying that when he went to listen to a gospel concert, his melancholy voice almost brought tears to his eyes.


I have so many memories of travel to New York with my parents, listening to Opera ”Un ballo in maschera, Verdi”, Musicals “Phantom of the Opera”, Jazz, eating delicious food, and so much more. I have told my father many times that singers don’t use a microphone in opera, but he still doesn’t believe me.


Surprisingly, my parents were especially happy to ride on a regular bus that was not for sightseeing. They were happy to be able to see the life of ordinary citizens. My parents travel to various cities, but since they often join tours offered by travel agencies, I think they don’t have opportunities to see normal life on a regular bus or train.

写真はブルックリン橋から撮ったマンハッタン。歩いてブルックリン橋からマンハッタンに向かうのは毎回私がNew Yorkに行く際に必ずすることです。

This photo is Manhattan taken from the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking from the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan is the most important thing I do every time I go to New York.

New York(1)

初めてNew Yorkに旅行したのは2002年の9月。2001年9月11日の悲劇が起こったとき、財務部門で投資に携わっていた私は、周りの会話についていけなかった。「僕が前住んでたのは86丁目で上の方だからその辺は平気」とか、「友達はタイムズスクエア辺りに勤めてるけど無事だったよ」とか。

The first time I traveled to New York was in September 2002, when the ”September 11 attack” occurred in 2001, I belonged to Investment Dept. And I couldn’t keep up with the conversations around me. I heard like, “I lived at 86th Street, so that area was okay,” and “My friend worked close to Times Square and he was safe”.

周りの人が全て、New Yorkについて何かしら語っているのに対し、New Yorkに知り合いも居なきゃ、行ったことも無い。どこに何があるのかも知らない。財務部門に居ながら、New Yorkの土地勘が無いって言うのは致命的だなあと落ち込んでいました。そんな理由で翌年にNew Yorkに旅行することに決めました。

All the people around me were talking about New York in some way, but I didn’t have friends in New York, I had no experiences of being there and I didn’t even know where anything was. I was depressed. And I thought that it was fatal for me to know nothing about New York, even though I was in the investment division. For this reason, I decided to take a trip to New York the following year.

今は、New YorkのAvenueとStreetは頭に入っていますが、New Yorkに行くまで全くそんなこと知りませんでした。「百聞は一見に如かず」、これは本当にその通りだと思います。

Now, I already know the Avenues and Streets of New York, but I didn’t know that at all until I went to New York. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I think this is really true.

ガイドブック「歩くニューヨーク」を読みちぎり、New York Loves Youというサイトの口コミを丁寧に読み、「観たいもの」、「やりたいこと」、「ホテル」、「レストラン」、「チケット」、「移動手段」、あれこれ調べまくったのを覚えています。事前準備は旅の楽しみの一つ、というのも実感しました。

I remember reading through the guidebook “Walking in New York,” reading carefully the reviews on the website “New York Loves You” , and doing a lot of research on “things to see,” “things to do,” “hotels,” “restaurants,” “tickets,” “transportation” and this and that. I realized that advance preparation is one of the joys of travel.


At the same time, I read about the many ”rip-offs” in the cabs going from JFK airport to Manhattan, dangers in the subway and other safety precautions, and I think I had a certain amount of anxiety. Since I was traveling alone, I could say that I was free to do as I pleased, but I think I also felt scared.

初のNew Yorkでは、自由の女神とかEmpire State buildingとか主要な観光名所に行きました。ミュージカルもまずは行かなきゃと思い、チケットを買った「レ・ミゼラブル」はいまだに最高のミュージカルだった、と思っています。

In my first visit to New York, I went to the “Statue of Liberty”, “Empire State Building” and other major tourist attractions. I bought a ticket to see “Les Misérables”, even though I was not sure I liked it or not. I really enjoyed “Les Misérables”, I still think it was the best musical I’ve ever seen.

こうして計5回のNew York旅行が始まりました。続く。

This is how I started my total of five trips to New York. To be continued.