バコロドは、ネグロス島の西ネグロス州の州都です。古くからサトウキビ栽培で栄えた歴史があり、City of Smilesとの別名があるようです。私の中では、イロイロ、ドゥマゲッティと並び「住みやすい街」という印象があります。セブは今や英語留学で有名ですが、バコロドでも英語留学をしている人が居るようです。

Bacolod is the capital of the Negros Occidental in Negros Island. It has a long history of flourishing in sugarcane cultivation and is also known as the City of Smiles. In my opinion, it is one of the “Best cities to live” along with Iloilo and Dumaguete. Cebu is now famous for English study abroad programs, and it seems that there are people studying English in Bacolod as well.


I have been to Iloilo and Dumaguete twice each, but have never been to Bacolod, so I had a vague idea that I want to go there.


I had the impression that it was a moderately prosperous city rather than a city with special tourist resources. Bacolod is also famous for its “delicious chicken,” so I planned to eat as much chicken as we could!


The 8:40 a.m. flight was right on time. Bacolod International Airport is surrounded by sugar cane fields and is full of Bacolod-ness. The atmosphere of the airport is wonderful and promising.

中心地まではタクシーで。ここもサトウキビ畑の中をひたすら走ります。本当にサトウキビ畑ばかりですね。フィリピンではどこでもサトウキビ畑が作れる筈なんですが、どうしてバコロドはここまでサトウキビ畑ばかりなんでしょうか。スケールメリットがあるのかな? 米など他の農産物よりも収益性が高いのかな?と考えます。

Take a taxi to the center of the city. We will be driving through sugarcane fields. There really are only sugarcane fields. Sugarcane can be grown anywhere in the Philippines, but why are there so many sugarcane fields in Bacolod? Is there an economy of scale? Is it more profitable than other agricultural products such as rice?


I planned to stay at an Airbnb condo for one night, but since I couldn’t check in yet, I spent some time in the center of the city. I had an early lunch of chicken, of course, beer is a must. After that, I just walked around to get a feel for the city. I drank beer, the weather was sunny, and I were very sweaty, but it felt good.


As you walk, you will come across churches, city halls, and other tourist attractions. I walked and walked anyway and arrived at the condo where I stayed. After resting a little, it was time for dinner. Bacolod is close to the sea, so the seafood looks delicious.


Grouper, chicken and beer, a very satisfying dinner. After dinner, we ended the first day with a few drinks at a place where young people gather. I drank a lot of beer, by the way.


I had no particular plans for the second day. Early lunch at a restaurant near the condo. Of course, it was chicken. I usually eat only chicken thighs, but the chicken breast was also delicious. On the second day, I kept walking around.

The Ruinsは私が思うに、バコロド最大の観光名所。車を使わなくては行けないのでThe Ruinsには車で。今回の旅行で唯一、入場料を支払いました。P120 は大変お値打ちだと思います。本当はもっと大きな大邸宅だったそうですが、戦争でかなり焼けてしまったようです。

The Ruins is, in my opinion, the biggest tourist attraction in Bacolod. I have to use a car to get there, so I used a Grab taxi to The Ruins. It was the only place on my trip where I paid an admission fee of P120, which I think is a very good value. I heard that it was actually a bigger mansion, but it was burnt down during the World War Ⅱ


A colleague informed me that I should try a beef soup called Cansi, so I tried Cansi for dinner. It seems to be characterized by large bones. It was a very tasty soup.

一泊二日のバコロドの旅は無事に終了。短い滞在でCity of Smilesを実感できなかったのは残念でしたが、来てみたかったバコロドを満喫することが出来ました。もう一回訪問したいですね。コンドミニアムが多数建設中でしたから次回行った際には景色が変わってしまっているかもしれませんね。

Two-day and one-night trip to Bacolod ended successfully. It was a pity that I could not feel the City of Smiles during my short stay, but I was able to enjoy Bacolod to the fullest. I would like to visit again. There were many condominiums under construction, so the scenery may have changed the next time I visit.


ドゥマゲッティ旅行/Travel to Dumaguete(1)


Thursday, April 14 and Friday, April 15 are national holidays in the Philippines. I traveled to Dumaguete for 3 days and 2 nights from April 14th to April 16th. In fact, we were based in Dumaguete and went to nearby Apo Island and the southern part of Cebu. It had been a really long time since I had traveled domestically, it was truly a memorable trip.

マニラからドゥマゲッティまでは直行便が飛んでいます。空港から今回宿泊したSea Dream Resortまで車で。初日は天気も悪く、ホテルでのんびりした後日本人の方が経営している焼肉白山へ。評判通りの名店でした。私は特にタンが美味しいと思いました。

There are direct flights from Manila to Dumaguete. From the airport, we drove to Sea Dream Resort, where we stayed this time. The weather was bad on the first day, so after relaxing at the hotel, we went to Yakiniku Hakusan, a restaurant run by a Japanese. The restaurant was as good as its reputation. I especially enjoyed the beef tongue.


The main event on the second day is snorkeling at Apo Island. The bunker boat ride to Apo Island takes about 30 minutes. The bunker boat has a pleasant breeze, comfortable speed, rocking, and noise, all of which seem to tickle the traveler’s fancy. I was relieved to hear the same opinion from my companion.


I wondered if sea turtles really existed in such a shallow area, but my fears were unfounded, as I was able to see a sea turtle of about 1 meter in length swimming gracefully.


After snorkeling, we had fish dishes and beer. The fish was big and the taste was slightly salty. The fish was really good for bear. After we were satisfied with our meal, we went for a walk around Apo Island. I was soothed by the simple scenery.


Many people were on the boat on the return trip, and socializing expanded. We were all impressed by how friendly Filipinos really are, and our trip to Apo Island came to an end.

Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club

本日は、Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Clubを紹介します。マカティというマニラ首都圏の中心から約185キロ北西に進み、Subicの先にある、かなり遠くのゴルフ場です。朝4時に車で出発。6:40に到着しました。

Today I would like to introduce you to Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club. This is a rather remote golf course located about 185 kilometers northwest of Makati, the center of Metro Manila, at the end of Subic. We left by car at 4:00 a.m and arrived at 6:40 a.m.


I have always wanted to visit this golf course. The clubhouse is full of luxury. The course is built on a mountain by the sea, and the scenery is superb. I do not know all the golf courses in the Philippines, but I think it has the most beautiful scenery, the grass is in excellent condition, and the atmosphere of the clubhouse is excellent. In other words, I think it is at an unsurpassed level. What is even more wonderful is that it has a large area of land and has a wealth of attractions other than just golf. It would be a shame to just play golf and leave.


I think the reason membership prices are not that high yet is because it is further away from Subic and not that accessible from the city center.


The golf course, which makes good use of the natural terrain, is also wonderful. It was a new experience for me to play golf with a view of the ocean, which I have never experienced before in the Philippines. The ups and downs are very steep, so I had an impression that it was difficult to get a sense of accurate distance. The wind was not so strong that day, but I think it is also difficult because it is along the ocean. There are some long distances between holes, and I can’t manage without using a cart.


I am very satisfied with the golf course and would like to stay the night before next time. A day trip was a waste.

マキリン山/Mt. Makiling

本日は、Ayala Greenfield Golf Clubというところでゴルフする機会がありました。高速を飛ばして1時間くらいのゴルフ場で、大変美しいゴルフ場です。標高が高いためか、少し涼しいです。

Today, I had a chance to play golf at Ayala Greenfield Golf Club. It is a beautiful golf course about an hour’s drive on the highway. It’s a beautiful golf course and a little cooler because of the high altitude.


What is most amazing is the view. You can see the divine Mt. Makiling from very close up, right in front of you. Most of the time there was cloud cover, but for a brief moment, we were able to the peak of the mountain. The clouds were absolutely amazing, and I took some pictures while playing golf.


Mount Makiling is located in the provinces of Laguna and Batangas, near Metro Manila, at an altitude of 1,090 meters. It is considered a inactive volcano. There are no records of eruptions, but there is a geothermal power plant nearby, so it has the characteristics of a volcano.

登山も可能ということですので、一度は登山に出掛けてみたいです。Bird Watchingにも適しているようです。熱帯雨林の山は今まで登ったこと無いので、その植物や動物には興味津々です。ただ、熱帯雨林の山ならではの危険もありそうですから、十分に気を付けないといけませんね。

I heard that mountain climbing is also possible, so I would like to go climbing at least once. It also seems to be suitable for bird watching. I’ve never climbed a mountain in the rainforest before, so I’m also curious to see the plants and animals. However, it seems that there are dangers unique to rainforest mountains, so we have to be very careful.

Convenience Store

photo of supermarket
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com


I eat bread for breakfast, and I buy my bread at a nearby convenience store. The price has risen recently and one loaf costs 74 pesos (about 160 yen), so I think I am eating very expensive bread in the Philippines. The president is my friend, so I have to support him.


I have decided to pay for my purchases from my saved coins, so I have been counting and preparing my coins from the beginning. This morning, I went to a nearby convenience store to buy my favorite bread, but they didn’t have any, probably because they were sold out. I was a little disappointed, because I even counted the coins and prepared them.


I thought about buying some other bread, but decided to walk to another convenience store. When I think about it, it’s so convenient to have three or four convenience stores within walking distance of each other. I guess there are people in the world who have to walk long distances every day to carry water. Compared to that, it’s nothing.


I think that once people get used to the convenience of life, they tend to take it for granted. I guess that’s just the way it is, but this morning’s incident made me think that we shouldn’t forget to be grateful for the convenience of our world.

フィリピン株式市場2022年1月/Philippine Stock Market as of Jan. 31 2022


The following table shows the market capitalization and stock price movements of each stock at the end of January.


Looking at the major stocks in the Philippines, it looks like they are generally up from the end of last year. There are a good number of stocks that have risen or fallen by more than 10% since the end of December last year, so you could say it was a month of intense movement. We believe that the situation of Omicron variance deteriorated rapidly from the end of last year to mid-January, and then calmed down from the end of the month, which was reflected in the stock prices.

2月にはマニラ首都圏はじめとしての地域でコロナの防疫規制が緩和されました。2月10日からは一定の制限付きとはなりますが、観光客も受け入れます。Bloomberry Resortsなどは観光客受け入れによる収益増が見込めると良いですね。

In February, quarantine restrictions on Covid19 were eased in Metro Manila and other areas, and from February 10, tourists will be allowed in, albeit with certain restrictions. I hope that Bloomberry Resorts and other resort related stocks will be able to increase their profits by accepting tourists.

何度眺めても、フィリピンの株式市場の主要銘柄の業種の偏りが気になりますね。Holding Companyという財閥系持株会社、不動産、銀行、小売り、通信、発電といった業種が多く、自動車や電機といった製造業が見当たらないところにフィリピンの産業が特異な成長の仕方をしているように思います。

Whenever I look at the Philippine stock market, I am always bothered by the uneven distribution of major stocks in industries such as holding companies, real estate, banking, retail, telecommunications, and power generation, and the lack of manufacturing industries such as automobiles and electronics. I think the Philippine industry has a unique way of growing.


Also, the fact that all the conglomerates are at the top of the list gives me a sense of strange.


I think the government could take a more serious look at the fact that the manufacturing industry is supported by companies from other countries.


この表はPSEiというフィリピンを代表する30銘柄に加え、除外になった銘柄も含まれています。時価総額、株価はPSE EdgeというWebsiteから情報を入手していますが、手作業での作表であり、間違いなどあるかも知れません。あくまでご参考程度にご覧ください。

This table includes the 30 leading Philippine stocks called PSEi as well as some stocks that were excluded. The market capitalization and stock prices are obtained from the PSE Edge website, but the table was created manually and may contain errors. Please refer to it only for your reference.

No Coffee No Life


I think I drink at least two cups of coffee a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I don’t drink it to avoid sleepy, I drink it just to enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee. Some people say that coffee helps them prevent from sleep, but it doesn’t have that effect on me at all. Sometimes I wonder if my body is not functioning very properly.


You want to taste high quality coffee with elegance, don’t you? When I was living in Tokyo, I remember buying beans from stores that roasted by themselves. I think I was most fond of Yanaka Coffee in Higashi-Ginza.


Now, in the Philippines, where I am currently living, “Coffee Tonya” from Yokohama has opened a shop in Makati, selling green coffee beans from all over the world, and they roast them after you order. While waiting for the coffee to be roasted, you can enjoy the coffee for free, which makes you feel like you are getting a great deal. I don’t know if this is the best coffee shop in Manila or the Philippines, but I think it’s one that I would recommend to anyone who cares about coffee. The photo shows the inside of the store.


You can choose from 8 roast depths and 17 grind levels. Of course, if you have a coffee mill, you can also choose not to grind. I don’t think there are many stores in the Philippines that sell coffee beans in such a genuine manner.


To be honest, I don’t have a good enough sense of taste to recognize the differences in coffee beans depending on their price. At the store, they indicate the differences in acidity, sweetness, and other characteristics of each bean, but I don’t have the palate to distinguish the differences. However, I do know that roasting and grinding can make a big difference in the quality of the coffee. Also, if the brewing process is messy, you will not be satisfied with the coffee no matter how you try. I think the most important thing is to brew it with care and attention.


It is strange that blogging about coffee in this way makes me want to drink coffee irresistibly. Coffee goes well with sweets and nuts, but let’s try drinking coffee with cheese. I also love tea, but am I the only one who thinks that sencha and black tea don’t have as many options for “accompaniments” as coffee does?

フィリピン株式市場2021年12月末/Philippine Stock Market as of Dec. 2021


At the end of each month, I keep a record of the stock prices and market capitalization of Philippine stocks as a reminder, so please bear with me if this first blog of 2022 seems rather bleak. First of all, please see the table below.

まず、時価総額ですが、最大のSM Investmentsでも、1兆ペソ強(1ペソは約2.25円、約0.02ドルです)とやや物足りない印象です。下表はPSEiというフィリピンを代表する30銘柄(2銘柄は2021年中の入替なのでそのまま残しています)ですが、下位銘柄は1,000億ペソにも満たないような銘柄も入っています。株式市場が冴えない、と言われている日本株式市場ですが、東証コア30銘柄についてみれば、最小のアステラス製薬でも3.4兆円程度の時価総額があります。これはフィリピン最大のSM Investmentsよりも大きいです。ちなみに日本の時価総額が最大の銘柄はトヨタ自動車で約34兆円です。世界最大の時価総額のアップルは300兆円を超えています。規模が違いますね。

First topic is the market capitalization. One of SM Investments, the largest, is just over 1 trillion pesos (1 peso is about 2.25 yen, or about $0.02), which is somewhat insufficient. The table below shows the 30 stocks that represent the PSEi in the Philippines (two stocks was replaced in 2021, so I left in the table), and some of the lower-ranking stocks are worth less than 100 billion pesos. The Japanese stock market is said to be lackluster, but even the smallest of the 30 core stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Astellas, has a market capitalization of about 3.4 trillion yen. This is larger than SM Investments, the largest company in the Philippines. The largest Japanese stock by market capitalization is Toyota Motor Corporation at about 34 trillion yen. Apple, the world’s largest company by market capitalization, has a market capitalization of over 300 trillion yen. The scale is different, isn’t it?

株価推移を見ると、コロナ禍が始まる2019年末よりも現時点の株価が高い銘柄は2021年度の株価も比較的好調だったと言えると思います。GlobeやPLDTといった通信株はその典型です。ICTSIは港湾会社ですが、株価は好調に推移しています。この会社は笹生優花選手のメインスポンサーです。発電のAC Energyの株価が2019年対比で大きく上昇していますが、その他の発電会社はそこまで大きく上昇していません。AC Energyは再生エネルギーに注力することを宣言していますが、そうした取り組みが評価されているのでしょうか。少し買われ過ぎでは無いかと思うので調査する必要があると思います。

In terms of share price trends, I would say that stocks that are currently higher than the end of 2019, when the Covid19 pandemic begins, have had relatively strong share prices in 2021., Telecom stocks such as Globe and PLDT are prime examples. ICTSI is a port company, its share price is doing well. It is the main sponsor of Yuka Saso. AC Energy, a power generation company, is up sharply versus 2019, while other power generation companies are not up as much, perhaps because of its declared focus on renewable energy. I think AC Energy is a bit overbought and needs to be investigated.

調子があまり良く無いのは不動産会社ですね。フィリピンではREIT(Real Estate Investment Trust, 不動産投資信託)がこれまでありませんでしたが、2020年8月のAREIT(Ayala LandのREIT)上場を皮切りに次々とREITが組成され、上場されています。REITを上場すると元々の不動産会社の時価総額が落ちてしまう理屈だよなと思っていますが、勉強不足でその辺良く分かっておりません。

The real estate companies are not doing so well. In the Philippines, there have been no REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) in the past, but starting with the listing of AREIT (Ayala Land’s REIT) in August 2020, REITs are being formed and listed one after another. I think it’s a theory that when REITs are listed, the market capitalization of the original real estate company falls, but I don’t know much about it due to lack of study.


I am hopeful that the Philippine stock market will rise significantly in 2022.


上記数値は筆者がPSE Edgeサイトから手作業で作成しております。コメントもその数値に則っておりますが、正確性については何ら保証するものではありません。

The above figures have been prepared manually by the author from the PSE Edge website. Comments are based on these figures, I do not guarantee their accuracy.

フィリピン株式市場2021年11月末/Philippines Stock Market as of Nov. 2021

あまり注目されることが無いことは存じておりますが、月末にはフィリピン株式市場を振り返ることにしています。11月30日は祝日(Bonifacio Day)なので、11月29日のデータを記載しています。

I know it doesn’t get a lot of attention, but at the end of the month I try to look back at the Philippine stock market. As November 30 is a national holiday (Bonifacio Day), I have included data for November 29.


There is no significant movement, but the overall trend seems to have been upward as the Covid19 pandemic situation has calmed down considerably. The PSEi, which consists of 30 stocks, rose slightly to 6952.88 at the end of September, 7054.70 at the end of October, and 7200.88 at the end of November.


On the other hand, as I write this today (Dec. 1), PSEi has fallen sharply (6947.06), probably due to the decline in the U.S. stock market, and has returned to the level at the end of September in one day.


Stocks highlighted in green are those that have risen 20% or more from the end of September, while companies highlighted in orange are those that have fallen 20% or more from the end of September.


Although rising stock prices are not the only good thing, it is true that the stock market is a kind of barometer for the state of the economy and a leading indicator. I would like to see the stock pick up after starting December with a big drop.


A complaint. The Philippine stock market still has shortened trading hours from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Maybe longer is not better, but I think they keep shortening the trading hours too much because of the corona disaster. I feel a lack of motivation on the part of market participants. The Philippine stock market does not have a strong presence in the global market. As a market participant, I would like to see the Philippine stock market flourish with the prestige of the country.


データは私が手作業でPSE Edgeというサイトから作成しています。正確性を保証できかねます。言うまでも無く、私は皆さまにフィリピン株式投資を薦めていることもその逆もございません。

The data is manually generated by me from a website called PSE Edge. I cannot guarantee its accuracy. Needless to say, I am not recommending you to invest in Philippine stocks or vice versa.



Jollibee is the most famous fast food in the Philippines. I think it is also famous for the fact that McDonald’s can’t take the top spot as a fast food in the Philippines. An overseas Chinese named Tony Tan Caktiong started this chain restaurant.


When you make a birdie in golf, it is common practice to add 100 pesos (just over 200 yen) to the tip for the caddy. With this, the caddy goes to Jollibee. That’s why birdies are sometimes referred to as jollibees. Totally off topic, but sometimes the bunker is called Boracay (one of the best beach resorts in the Philippines).


They also sell hamburgers, but I think their main products are chicken set meals rather than a hamburger store. Chicken and rice is the main set meal, but there is also a chicken and spaghetti set meal. There are many variations, such as adding soup or dessert. I also go there sometimes, but they don’t sell coffee (maybe some stores do), so I wish they would sell hot coffee.

ジョリビーはそれ以外にもChowkingとかフィリピンお馴染のファーストフードを展開しています。Chowkingの中華(正直好きではありません)、Greenwichのピザ(そこそこ美味しいと思います)、Red Ribbonのケーキ(誕生日のお祝いなど重宝しています)、などなど、本当になじみ深いチェーンを展開しています。会社のディスクロージャー資料の抜粋を以下に記載します。

Jollibee also operates Chowking and other familiar fast food chains in the Philippines, such as Chowking’s Chinese (which I honestly don’t like), Greenwich’s pizza (which I think is pretty good), and Red Ribbon’s cakes (which I use for birthday celebrations). ), Greenwich’s pizza (I think it’s pretty good), Red Ribbon’s cake (I use it for birthday celebrations, etc.), and so on. The following is an excerpt from the company’s disclosure document.

以下ディスクロージャーより抜粋/Excerpt from the company’s disclosure document

Jollibee Foods Corporation(JFC)は、1978年1月11日に設立され、「Jollibee」、「Chowking」、「Greenwich」、「Red Ribbon」、「Mang Inasal」、「Yong He King」、「Hong Zhuang Yuan」、「Burger King」、「Highlands Coffee」、「PHO24「Hard Rock Cafe」, 「Dunkin’ Donuts」、「Smashburger」、「Tim Ho Wan」、「Tortas Frontera」「 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf」などの商品名で、クイック・サービス・レストラン(QSR)を開発、運営、フランチャイズしています。

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) was incorporated on January 11, 1978. The Company’s principal business is the development, operation and franchising of quick service restaurants (QSRs) under the trade names “Jollibee”, “Chowking”, “Greenwich”, “Red Ribbon”, “Mang Inasal”, “Yong He King”, “Hong Zhuang Yuan”,”Burger King”, “Highlands Coffee”, “PHO24”, “Hard Rock Caf‚”, “Dunkin’ Donuts”, “Smashburger”, “Tim Ho Wan”, “Tortas Frontera”, “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf” and “Panda Express”.


By the end of 2020, there were 1,184 Jollibee stores nationwide, of which 711 were franchised and 473 were Company-owned. On international operations, Jollibee had 294 stores with 46 stores in the US, 14 in Canada, one in Guam, two in Italy, three in United Kingdom, 141 in Vietnam, 18 in Brunei, 10 in Hong Kong, 11 in Singapore, one in Macau, one in Malaysia and 46 in the Middle East.

抜粋終わり/End of Excerpt


As for overseas expansion, they are first targeting Filipinos who are active around the world. They have been talking about expanding overseas to Japan for a long time, but so far it doesn’t seem to be happening, which is a shame. I was so happy when I found Jolliebee in New York that I took a picture of it.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf は鳴り物入りで日本進出したのを覚えていますが、今は風前の灯のようですね。現在、このアメリカのロスを本拠とするチェーンはJollibeeの傘下に入っているようです。フィリピンでもたまに行きますし、シンガポールでもお世話になっていました。

I remember when The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf made a splash in Japan, but now it seems to be winding down. The L.A.-based chain now is under the umbrella of Jollibee. I go there occasionally in the Philippines, and was also a customer in Singapore.


I pray that the Covid19 pandemic will be resolved and that each Jollibee restaurant will be filled with the smiles of customers.

フィリピン株式市場2021年10月末/Philippine Stock Market as of Oct. 2021

stock exchange board
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


At the end of each month, I record the stock price movements of the Philippine stock market. Most of you may not be interested in this, but it is meaningful to accumulate data. If the market is large, such as the U.S. stock market, it is easy to get historical records, but it is not so easy for the Philippine stock market.

9月末の株価に対して10%以上上昇した銘柄は緑で、10%以上下落した銘柄はオレンジでハイライトしています。7銘柄が10%以上上昇しています。銀行、ファーストフード、カジノは、コロナ禍が落ち着きを取り戻しつつあること、その期待で上昇したものと思われます。GT Capital Holdingsはピンと来ないかも知れませんが、フィリピンでのトヨタ(Toyota Motor Philippines)の51%株主です。コロナ禍で大きく落ち込んだ車の売り上げが回復することを期待している可能性もありますね。

Stocks that rose more than 10% over the end of September are highlighted in green and those that fell more than 10% are highlighted in orange. 7 stocks rose more than 10%. Banks, fast food, and casinos probably rose on the expectation that the Covid19 pandemic is settling down. GT Capital Holdings may not sound familiar. In fact, GT Capital Holdings is a 51% shareholder of Toyota Motor Philippines. It is possible that they are expecting a recovery in car sales after the Covid19 pandemic.


On the other hand, the two stocks that have fallen seem to be a reaction to the rapid rise in prices and profit-taking. I haven’t heard of any particular bad news that caused them to sell off.


There are 32 stocks listed here, including the 30 stocks that make up the current PSEi and the two stocks that were excluded in August 2021. Many of them are in the real estate and banking sectors, not in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and IT sectors. I think the reason why many of the stocks are far from the stock price level at the end of 2019, when before Covid19 pandemic. There are many companies that are “different from the current trend”.


With only a couple of months left in 2021, I wonder what November will bring. Although there are some uncertainties, such as Evergrande Group in China, I am hoping for a rise in stock prices. First of all, I hope that the Covid19 pandemic will be resolved and economic activities will be brisk. At the same time, I hope that many energetic companies will emerge in the Philippines that can keep up with the current trends.


上記のデータは筆者がPSE Edgeから各銘柄手作業でデータ作成しております。間違いが生じている可能性があります。正確性につき何の保証もございません。

The above data was created manually by the author from PSE Edge. There is a possibility of errors. No guarantee of accuracy is given.


昨日は、棚田についてブログに書きましたが、今日はその続きです。棺が岩肌に吊るされている観光地「Hanging Coffines」を訪れたりしながら、メインのスマギン洞窟へ。鍾乳洞は迫力満点、いつもの通り、事前情報を詳細には調べていなかったので期待を大きく上回るものでした。今から考えても冒険そのものでした。全く無事だったから良かったのですが、万が一事故でもあったら、会社から大目玉を喰らうようなレベルの探検だったように記憶しています。

Yesterday, I blogged about the rice terraces, and today is a continuation of that. While visiting Hanging Coffins, a tourist attraction where coffins are hung from the rock face, we went to the main Sumaging Cave. The cave was very powerful, and as usual, greatly exceeded my expectations as I hadn’t researched the information in detail beforehand. In hindsight, it was an adventure itself. I’m glad that we were completely safe, if there had been accidents, the company would seriously criticize our activities.


The level is such that anyone can enjoy it until halfway. I’m also wearing slippers and swallowing my way down. We were asked if we wanted to quit at the normal route or try the more difficult route. Of course, we said yes. Y and I were excited, but so were the two drivers. The challenge route is a tour of limestone caves where we carry only a minimal amount of luggage and climb up and down the rocks using ropes and putting your feet on the guide’s shoulders. You will notice that you are barefoot and naked on the challenge route. This is an expedition that would not be possible without trust in the guide. The guide leads us safely to the cave with a lamp in his hand. I am still filled with gratitude. I wonder if he is still doing well.


At the end of the challenging route, we found a magnificent limestone cave. I’m sure there are many more beautiful limestone caves in the world. I will always remember the cave as a place where I struggled and chickened out to get there. I am in awe of the beauty that nature has created over a long period of time.


I would recommend the limestone caves until the challenging route. However, the caves are closed to visitors when it rains heavily. It’s not a place that can be enjoyed casually at any time, so please do your research carefully before visiting. Don’t overdo it. Also, you will get wet, so please bring a change of clothes.


After visiting the limestone caves in Sagada, we had a lunch and then drove back to Banaue along the same road. Honestly, we wanted to go back via another route, but due to time constraints, we went back the same way, which was the case in 2013, but now, with the extension of the highway, it seems to be faster to come back via Baguio. I’ve never been to Baguio, but it is a very famous summer resort. I think it would be fun to visit Baguio as well.


The road conditions in the Philippines have improved significantly over the past decade. I could write a blog about the improvement of road conditions in the Philippines.

棚田/Rice Terrace


The rice terraces of the Philippines were registered as a World Heritage Site in 1995 as the “Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras”. Cordillera means mountain range in Spanish. The Ifugao, a mountain tribe living in this area, have built and protected the rice terraces for 2,000 years almost entirely by human power. The total length of the rice terraces is said to be 20,000 kilometers. Some people call it the “Stairway to Heaven” or the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. I can’t help but be in awe of the wisdom, effort, and persistence of the people who have created and protected these Rice Terraces.


A number of rice terraces fell into disrepair due to the lack of successors as people modernized their lives and the impact of tourism. In 2001, the area was placed on the World Heritage in Danger. With the support of many people including Japanese, the site was restored from the World Heritage in Danger in 2012. The terraced rice paddies have taken 2,000 years to build and protect, however it is easy to imagine that it will not take long for them to fall into disrepair.


My visit to the rice terraces in the Philippines was in April 2013. It takes about 9 hours by car from Makati to Banaue, famous for its rice terraces. I visited there with my friend Y from work. Because of the long travel time by car, we rented a large, comfortable car and set off with two drivers in place. Even so, the cost was not too much, which is one of the good things about the Philippines.

これ以上ない早朝にマカティを出発、Banaueを目指します。途中までは高速道路を使いましたが、その後は山道主体の道路だったと記憶しています。途中、バレテ峠で戦没者慰霊碑に手を合わせました。そんなことをしながら8時間程度で目的ホテルに到着。Y君が選んでくれたBanaue Hotelは名前の通り、Banaueを代表するホテル。フィリピンの田舎らしい雰囲気でなかなか良いホテルだったと思います。

We left Makati very early in the morning and headed for Banaue. We used the highway on the way, but after that the road was mainly mountainous. On the way, I prayed at the war memorial at Balete Pass. It took us about 8 hours to arrive at our destination hotel, the Banaue Hotel, which Mr. Y chose for us, and as the name suggests, it is a representative hotel in Banaue. It was a nice hotel with a typical Philippine country atmosphere.


After taking a break, we went for a walk around the area. Not only the rice terrace, but the scenery with rice paddies makes me feel nostalgic. I think it is because of this feeling that many of my monochrome photos remain.


We also went to a small but informative museum about the rice terraces. It seemed that we could take pictures of the Ifugao people in their traditional costumes. I always think that the price of such photos is unreasonably high, so I don’t take them, but now I think that I should have taken photos since it is not a place I can visit often.

翌朝はホテルをチェックアウトし、棚田が見渡せる展望台から写真を撮り、棚田の写真を撮りながら山岳ルートをサガダという観光地に向かいました。ほとんど車も走っていない山岳部を懐メロを聴きながらのドライブは楽しかったです。冒頭の写真は「Bay-Yo Rice Terraces View Point」から撮ったものです。私はここの棚田が一番好きな光景かな、と思います。

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel, took pictures from the observatory overlooking the rice terrace, and headed along the mountain route to a tourist spot called Sagada while taking pictures of the rice terraces. It was fun to drive through the mountainous areas where there were hardly any cars on the road, listening to nostalgic melodies. The photo at the beginning was taken from the Bay-Yo Rice Terraces View Point. I think the rice terraces here are my favorite scenery.


On reflection, most of my trips end with “I’ve been here, I’ve seen it”. If I had tried to understand more in-depth things such as what the main points are in creating and preserving rice terrae, how irrigation is done, and whether there have been any changes due to technological advances, I would have been able to see things differently. I would like to go back, but the disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time because it is only by land. It is definitely a tourist destination worth visiting.



I’ve blogged before about my parents visiting me in the Philippines, staying at the Mactan Shangri-la in Cebu (Mactan Island to be exact) and taking a day trip to Bohol Island. On the island of Luzon (the largest island in the Philippines where Manila is located), we enjoyed a day trip to go river rafting. I will write about that time in my blog. It was about 10 years ago, so I don’t know the exact situation now, but it seems to be largely unchanged.


Pagsanjan is located in Laguna. You have to take the highway to get there, but once you get off the highway, you’ll see the typical Philippine countryside. I think it took about two hours to get there from my condo.


Just as we were about to arrive at our destination, a tout on a motorcycle kept calling out to our driver. My parents were very surprised at the unusual atmosphere, including the risk of traffic accidents. Of course, there is nothing good with following such touts. We could have applied for a tour from a travel agency, but since we had chosen a trustworthy boat company beforehand, we didn’t pay attention to the touts and went to the company that offered the boat.


Helmets on and life jackets on, we were all set. We boarded the boat, which was very thin and unbalanced. We headed up the river towards the waterfall. A little further up the river, we were greeted with a beautiful view of trees on both sides of the river. The water was not so clean. I don’t know if it was because after rain or not.


We arrived at the waterfall and took a break there. The boatmen ate something. We could have changed to a raft to go to the bottom of the waterfall, but we didn’t do that. The boatmen emphasized “I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m hungry,” and although my father is basically kind, I remember he was disappointed to see their intentional attitude.


Pagsanjan is quite a scenic and thrilling place to go up and down the river. It’s just a pity that there are so many touts and deliberate boatmen. I would recommend this place as a day trip from Manila.



Moalboal is a very popular tourist destination in Cebu. Cebu Island is long from north to south, Moalboal is located in the southwest from the urban area of Cebu. My trip to Moalboal in March 2020 was a hectic day trip, and I haven’t been able to travel since then, that is why I guess it was my last trip.


I had to leave earlier than the hotel’s breakfast time, so the hotel made me a breakfast box. Thank goodness for this service. From the hotel, I took a cab to the south bus terminal, and at the bus station, I took a bus bound for BUTO to Moalboal, which takes about three hours. I have to be careful because Moalboal is not the last stop, but well, the bus passengers were obviously heading for sightseeing in Moalboal, so I decided to get off the bus where many people get off.


Travel hours of the bus is a long one, so there is a bathroom break, and I remember the fare was less than 300 yen, even though it was a 3-hour trip. The low cost of transportation is an attraction of the Philippines.


As we crossed the mountain to Moalboal, we could enjoy the mountain scenery from the bus. I managed to arrive at the center of Moalboal. I think I could have gotten off the bus without making a mistake. More people, more tricycles. The number of stores also increases and it becomes more crowded.


Diving is one of main attractions in Moalboal, but since I didn’t have enough time, I decided to enjoy Kawasan Falls and island hopping. The entrance to Kawasan Falls is not within walking distance, so I took a tricycle. The price is negotiable, foreigners like me would probably compromise with a higher price than usual, so I guess the driver looked me as a good customer.


I walked from the entrance of Kawasan Waterfall, the clear water flowing beside the trail gave me a cool feeling as if I were bathing in the forest. The water in the basin of the waterfall is clean, and there are many people playing in the water. The trail leads to the upper reaches of the waterfall, where smaller waterfalls also appear. Anyway, it was very satisfying to walk along the mountain path while looking at the clear water on both sides, as it is not often that we can do so.


I returned to the city by tricycle, had lunch, and then enjoyed island hopping. I visited the island you can see in the picture. I heard that we can also enjoy snorkeling to see schools of sardines, but as I’m not very good at snorkeling, I didn’t do that and just went around on the boat. It’s a shame that drone is prohibited in the area, but we have to follow the rules. Of course.


On the way back, I took a bus to Cebu City. I had already checked out, so I picked up my checked luggage and went straight to the airport. It was a very hectic visit to Moalboal. I learned that Kawasan Falls is amazing and the ocean is wonderful. It was a pity that the weather was not so good.


Next time I want to try diving so I can see the schools of sardines with my own eyes. The seas of the Philippines are truly rich and diverse. It’s just wonderful.

カモテス諸島/Camotes Islands


I don’t get to go to Cebu very often, and haven’t been there since March 2020, and I think only once in 2019. Therefore, whenever I go to Cebu, I always want to go to various places.


Cebu Island has an area of 4,468 km2, which is about the same as the area of Kyoto Prefecture or Yamanashi Prefecture (although it may be hard to imagine). It is long and narrow from north to south, and there are various resorts along the coast of Cebu.


Mactan Island, where the airport is located, has first-class resort hotels such as Shangri-la. I once blogged about Malapascua Island, which is accessible from the northern part of Cebu, but I think it is an island blessed with no shortage of other tourist resources, such as Oslob, famous for whale sharks (I have never been there), and Moalboal, famous for its schools of sardines (visited in 2020).


Of course, there are many things to see and do on Cebu Island itself. There are business districts and large shopping malls. I think Cebu is the most popular place for Japanese and Koreans to study English. I think I saw a lot of young Japanese people in Cebu, I think they were foreign students.


Today, I would like to introduce the Camotes Islands, which are located between Cebu and Leyte. It was a one-day trip, so all I can say is that I went there. I think it’s a place that Japanese people don’t visit very often.

カモテス諸島には行くには複数の行き方があるようですが、最も一般的なのは、ダナオ経由だと思います。ホテルからセブ島を北上し、ダナオというフェリー乗り場までタクシーで1時間くらい走ります。ダナオからはこれ以上ゆっくり進む船があるのだろうか、というようなフェリーで約1時間半かけてカモテス諸島のPacijan Islandに到着します。船は1日に4往復しか走っていないようで、その日のうちに飛行機に乗らなきゃいけないので、帰りの船のチケットをまず買いました。島の移動手段はバイク。バイクの後ろにまたがって、島を案内してもらいました。

There are multiple ways to get to Camotes Islands, I think the most common is via Danao. From the hotel, I took a taxi to north on Cebu Island for about an hour to a ferry port. From Danao ferry port, it takes about an hour and a half to arrive at Pacijan Island in the Camotes Islands by a ferry that makes me wonder if there are any boats that go any slower. The ferry seems to run only four round trips a day, and I had to catch a flight that day, so I bought a ticket for the return boat first. The way to get around the island is by motorcycle. I rode on the back of a motorcycle and were guided around the island.

「ゆっくり走ってくれ」と言ってもすぐに高速走行されて怖い思いをしましたが、Pacijan Islandと橋で繋がっているPoro Islandまで行き、これ以上なくのどかな風景を楽しみました。フィリピンにはレベルの高い観光資源が沢山あると思います。しかしながらアクセスがあまり良くないからスポットが当たらない場所が多いように思います。アクセスが良くなって観光客が押し寄せると一時期のボラカイのように海が汚れてしまったりするのかも知れません。カモテス諸島はそんなことを思わせる島でした。

Even though I told the driver to “drive slowly”, he soon drove so fast that it was scary, but I made it to Poro Island, which is connected to Pacijan Island by a bridge, and enjoyed the most peaceful scenery. I think there are a lot of high quality tourist resources in the Philippines. However, I think there are many places that do not get the spotlight because access is not very good. As accessibility improves and tourists flock to the islands, the sea may become polluted like Boracay at one time. The Camotes Islands made me think of such things.


From the center of Cebu, I took a cab to the ferry terminal, but there were no cabs going from the ferry terminal to the center of Cebu. I thought about chartering a car, but I decided to go back to the center of Cebu using a jeepney, which is used by ordinary people in the Philippines.


All of these things were fun. It was the kind of island where I want to spend my time drinking beer and reading a book.

Club Paradise/Green Destinations Top100

8月12日のブログで取り上げた「クラブパラダイス」が、2021 Green Destinations Top 100という賞を獲得したとのこと。おめでとうございます。一度訪問させていただいた人間として、フィリピンに住む人間としても嬉しい誇らしい限り。クラブパラダイスはフィリピンのパラワン島の北東に位置する1島リゾートです。下のブログも参考にしてください。私も間違いなく再訪します。

“Club Paradise”, which I wrote about in my blog on August 12, has won the 2021 Green Destinations Top 100 award. Congratulations! As a guest of Club Paradise before and a person living in the Philippines, I’m happy and proud. Club Paradise is a one-island resort located in the northeast of Palawan Island in the Philippines. Please refer to the blog below. I will definitely revisit.

クラブ・パラダイス/Club Paradise – Freer than Bird/鳥よりも自由

この賞は、オランダにある”Green Destination”という非営利団体が毎年100の環境保全などに優れたプロジェクトに授与している賞です。フィリピンからは「クラブパラダイス」が唯一の受賞。クラブパラダイスは自分たちのリゾートから出ている色々な種類のゴミを再利用する(※)とともに、ゴミが出ないようにリゾートの仕組みを変化させた(※※)ことが評価され、受賞に至りました。より詳細かつ正確な情報は下のリンクをご参照ください。



This award is given by the Green Destination, a non-profit organization in the Netherlands, to 100 projects each year that are outstanding in environmental conservation. Club Paradise is the only project from the Philippines to receive this award. Club Paradise won the award for its efforts to recycle various types of trash from its resort(*), as well as for changing the structure of the resort to prevent trash from being generated(**). For more detailed and accurate information, please refer to the link below.

(*)Reuse food as fertilizer, etc. Reuse plastic, glass, wood, and other waste as construction materials, etc.

(**)Change small portions of shampoo to large refillable bottles etc, change from providing water in PET bottles to paper cups, etc.

Club-Paradise-Palawan-Philippines-Paradise-in-Palawan-Philippines-Turning-Waste-to-Wonderful..pdf (greendestinations.org)

この賞がどのほど権威のあるものか私は分かっていません。が、こうした素晴らしい取り組みを知るきっかけになったことは良いことです。ゴミを減らすことが良いことだとみんな知っています。ただ、それが簡単でないことも事実です。地球環境を少しでも良く保ちたいという思う人を応援したいです。多分ですが、クラブパラダイス以外のDiscovery Resorts and Hotelsも同様の精神で環境に優しい経営をしているんだと思います。クラブパラダイス以外にもボラカイ、サマールのリゾートやマカティ、オルティガスといった都心の宿泊施設もあるようなので下記リンクを参照ください。Discovery Primea Makatiは家からも近く、レストランは利用しています。

I don’t know how prestigious this award is, but it’s good to know about these great efforts. We all know that reducing waste is a good thing. However, it is not easy to do. I want to support people who want to keep the global environment as good as possible. Probably, other than Club Paradise, Discovery Resorts and Hotels are also running their business in the same spirit of being environmentally friendly. In addition to Club Paradise, there are other resorts in Boracay and Samar, and accommodations in the city center such as Makati and Ortigas. Discovery Primea Makati is close to my residence and I use restaurants there.

Resorts and Hotels in the Philippines | Discovery Resorts and Hotels (discoveryhotels-resorts.com)

2021 Green Destinations Top 100には、日本から世界最多の12のプロジェクトが選ばれています。「長良川流域」も選ばれており、岐阜県出身の私としては非常に嬉しいです。ただ、何とも情けないことに一度も長良川の鵜飼を見ていません。岐阜県出身者としてこれは観ておかねばなりませんね。

Twelve projects from Japan, the largest number in the world, have been selected for the 2021 Green Destinations Top 100. As a native of Gifu Prefecture, I am very happy that the “Nagara River Basin” was selected. To my shame, I have never seen a cormorant fishing(Ukai) in Nagara River. As a native of Gifu Prefecture, I have to see it.


For a list of the 100 projects, please refer to the link below. I hope that these activities (including those that did not win awards) will lead to the maintenance and improvement of the global environment. I also hope that the Covid19 pandemic will be resolved soon so that we can go where we want to go freely and safely to see for ourselves.

Top 100 Destinations – Green Destinations

ギマラス島/Guimaras Island


This time I will introduce Guimaras Island, close to Iloilo. I took a bunker boat from the port of Iloilo. Boats were constantly coming and going, showing the strong connection between Iloilo and Guimaras Island. I don’t remember the price of the boat, but I think it was negligible. 15 or 20 minutes to the island.

ギマラス島はマンゴーが有名で、”Mango Capital of the Philippines”と呼ばれている。確かに島には多くのマンゴーの木があり、白い袋を被せるなど、手間暇かけてマンゴーを栽培している光景あり。お土産売り場はドライマンゴーとかマンゴーに関するものが沢山。

Guimaras Island is famous for its mangoes and is called the “Mango Capital of the Philippines”. Indeed, there are a lot of mango trees on the island, and you can see the mangoes being covered with white bags. The souvenir shops are full of dried mangoes and other mango-related items.


There are no taxies on Guimaras Island. Jeepneys and tricycles, which are motorcycles with auxiliary wheels for carrying people, are the mainstream. Tricycles maybe safer than riding on the back of a motorcycle. This is a vehicle that you won’t see in Japan. In the Philippines, areas where taxies are available are quite urban. In areas where there are no cabs, jeepneys and tricycles are used as a means of transportation for the common people. For example, if you drive around Manila for an hour, you won’t find a cab in the area.

ギマラス島のマングローブも素晴らしい。私が泊まったホテル”Villa Igang“は、もマングローブ林の近くにあり、豊かなマングローブ林を散歩できたりします。ホテルに行くまでに入場料を取られるのですが、大規模な公園にしたかったように思う。ほとんどの施設は朽ちてしまっており、その計画は上手く行かなかった模様。

The mangroves on Guimaras Island are also wonderful. “Villa Igang” the hotel I stayed at is also located near a mangrove forest, and you can take a walk through the lush mangrove forest. They charge an entrance fee to get to the hotel. I think they wanted to make it a large park. That plan didn’t seem to work out as most of the facilities are in decay.


In the Philippines, it seems that island hopping can be enjoyed anywhere in the tourist areas along the sea. When I went to Guimaras Island, the waves were so high that I could only enjoy island hopping for a short time. I would like to enjoy it to the fullest next time. The coastline of Guimaras Island is like a rias coast, with many intricate shapes.


I’ve never taken the time to visit Guimaras Island, so I’d like to take my time touring the island. The roads are well maintained, so I would like to enjoy cycling. I haven’t even eaten a mango since I didn’t visit during the mango season. I have to eat mangoes next time.


I hope things will return to normal soon so we can enjoy travel. Guimaras Island is sure to be revisited.



This time, I would like to introduce the city of Iloilo in the Philippines. It may not be very well known, but it is an attractive city as follows. Iloilo is a major city in the Philippines located on the island of Panay, belonging to the Visayas (*) like Cebu. As you can see on the map, it is close to Cebu.

※フィリピンの地域区分は「ルソン島」「ビサヤ諸島」「ミンダナオ島」の3区分に分けるのが大区分。17地方、81州と細かくなっていく。因みにイロイロは17地方区分「Western Visayas (Region Ⅵ)」の地方都。

(*) Philippines consists of ”Luzon” “Visayas” and “Mindanao”, and also divided into 17 regions and 81 provinces. Iloilo is the capital of Western Visayas (Region VI).


Historically, it flourished before the Spanish colonization and is an important center for agricultural products such as sugar, coconuts, bananas, and mangoes. There are some fine churches and buildings that remind us of the history. The Chinatown near the port also has an atmosphere.

イロイロには立派な国際空港があり、JICAや日本のゼネコンが建設に携わったと聞く。残念ながら日本からの直行便は無いので、マニラからアクセスとなる。空港から市街への道路も整備されている。道路沿いには大きなショッピングセンターも。2015年にフィリピンがホストを務めたAPECではイロイロのConvention Centerにて主要会議を一部行ったが、その開催が空港や道路の整備に大きく影響したと思う。

Iloilo has a magnificent international airport, and I heard that JICA and Japanese general contractors were involved in its construction. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Japan, so you have to get there from Manila. The road from the airport to the city is wonderful. The Philippines hosted APEC in 2015, and some of the major meetings were held at the Convention Center in Iloilo, which I think had a big impact on the development of the airport and roads.

イロイロは、Andrew Tan氏率いるMegaworldが開発を行っている。コンベンションセンター周辺には大規模な商業施設があり、まだまだ開発途上。写真のとおり、この一帯は別世界。びっくりしました。

Iloilo is being developed by Megaworld, led by Andrew Tan. The area around the convention center is still under development with large scale commercial facilities. As you can see in the picture, this whole area is a different world. Amazing.

大学も多く、BPO(Business Process Outsource)が盛んになりそうだ。BPOはフィリピンの一大産業となっており、誰もが知っているグローバル企業の事務処理拠点やコールセンターがフィリピンに多く存在する。人件費の安さ、英語力を活かしたフィリピンの重要第三次産業。

There are many universities in Iloilo, and BPO (Business Process Outsource) is likely to flourish. BPO has become a major industry in the Philippines, and many of the administrative processing bases and call centers of well known global companies exist in the Philippines. It is an important industry in the Philippines, taking advantage of low labor costs and English language skills.


The old town was like a historic city in the Philippines, crowded but somehow relaxed. Iloilo is also known as the “City of Love,” and I remember that a colleague from Iloilo was very proud to be from Iloilo. I heard that Iloilo was once chosen as the No. 1 city to live in. I heard that the city is also very safe. Cebu is famous for English language study for Japanese, but it seems that more and more Japanese are coming to Iloilo for English language study. Of course, now is very difficult for them to come to the Philippines due to Covid19 pandemic.


I have only been there twice, but it is a candidate for a city I would like to live in. Since there are restrictions on foreigners not being able to buy land, I need to focus on living in a condominium, I am concerned that the prices are quite high, probably because there are so few condos. If I can rent a house with land at a reasonable price, that might be a better option.


Next time, I will introduce Guimaras Island close to Iloilo cily.

セブとボホール/Cebu & Bohol


I’ve lived in the Philippines for a total of nine and a half years: five years from July 2008 to July 2013, and from April 2017 to the present. My parents came to visit me in the Philippines only once. I don’t remember for sure, but it was probably in 2011 or something. So that was already 10 years ago. I thought that Manila alone was not enough to convey the charm of the Philippines, so I went to Cebu and also visited the nearby island of Bohol.

マニラからセブまでは約1時間のフライト。午後のフライトだったと記憶している。セブの空港はセブ島にあると思っているかもしれないが、正確にはマクタン島にある。よってMactan-Cebu International Airportというのが正確名称。

It was about an hour flight from Manila to Cebu. I remember it was an afternoon flight. You may think that the airport in Cebu is located on Cebu Island, but it is actually located on Mactan Island. Therefore, Mactan-Cebu International Airport is the correct name.


I thought the hotel was important for a resort, so the Mactan Shangri-la seemed attractive to me. Since there were three of us, my parents and I had the option of renting two rooms, but I decided to rent a suite and stay together.


Arrived at the airport and looked for the Shangri-La car. We were greeted reverently and arrived at the hotel. I had booked a room in the main building, but I thought it might be a mistake since I was headed to the annex, but the hotel was kind enough to upgrade us. Surprises like this greatly improve my impression of Mactan Shangri-La. Thank you Mactan Shangri-la!!


We spent the day leisurely walking around the hotel. We didn’t go to the city and had meals in the hotel. Many Filipinos are really good singers, and they are wonderful when it comes to music, the singers and bands that come to such a prestigious hotel are of a high level, and I think my parents enjoyed it a lot.


That’s how day one ended.


Day 2, we went to Bohol Island. To get to Bohol Island, we used a car from hotel to the boarding point on Cebu Island. I remember arriving at Bohol Island in about an hour by jet boat from there. In Bohol, we arranged for a car to take us to see Tasha (a small monkey) and Chocolate Hill. Once we get into the island by car, it’s a peaceful Philippine landscape.


After a short drive, we arrived at a protected area where we could observe Tasha. They are very sensitive animals, so flash is strictly prohibited. They don’t move around much, but it was hard to take a good picture of them. There are many mysteries as to why they are only found in Bohol.


The Loboc River Cruise with lunch is another famous sightseeing activity, but we didn’t take part in it. After eating, we went to the Chocolate Hills. In hindsight, we should have taken the Loboc River Cruise. I guess we didn’t have time.


The Chocolate Hills are a forest of small hills ranging from 40 to 120 meters in height. When the grass on the hills withers and turns brown, it looks like chocolate, hence the name Chocolate Hills. When we visited, the hills were green, which means maccha chocolate. The formation of the hills is still unknown, and Bohol Island is full of mysteries.


We didn’t go there, but Bohol Island has some famous beaches. Panglao Island has Alona Beach and many world-class resort hotels. Diving spots are also nearby. Balicasag is famous place where I’ve never been there and want to go.


After exploring Bohol with a rented car, we took a boat back to Cebu Island. On the way there, I could easily get a cab from hotel to the boarding point, but on the way back, we had a hard time arranging a cab from the disembarkation point to hotel. We had dinner at the hotel and that was the end of our trip to Bohol.


The next day, we went snorkeling at the hotel’s private beach and checked out. I highly recommend the Mactan Shangri-la. I think there were a lot of Japanese tourists at that time.