音楽、映画、本/Music, Movie, Book


There are not many pieces of music that I listen to only once and be done with it. Unless it doesn’t suit me very well. I don’t listen to music that doesn’t seem to fit me. There have been many songs that I thought “I don’t like this new song,” but as I listened to them, I came to like them more and more. In fact, I think there are more songs that I still like than songs that I initially thought were not so good.

映画は私の場合、ほとんどが一度観たらそれっきりになってしまっている。ただ、「New Cinema Paradise」とか「アパートの鍵貸します」とか「カサブランカ」「ローマの休日」「街の灯」「キッド」「雨に唄えば」といった大好きな作品は何度も観ている。こうして書いていてももう一度観たい、何度も観たいと思える。結果が分かっていても。もう一回観ることで新たな発見や素晴らしさの再発見があるように思う。無くても観ている間は楽しめる。

In my case, most of the movies I watch once and never see them again. However, I have seen many of my favorite films such as “New Cinema Paradise,” “The Apartment,” “Casablanca,” “Roman Holiday,” “City Lights,” “The Kid,” and “Singing in the Rain” many times. Even as I write this, I can’t help but want to see them again and again. Even if I know the outcome. I think there are new discoveries and rediscoveries of greatness to be made by watching them again. Even if I don’t find out new things, I can simply enjoy it while watching it.


Watching TV dramas, I have been feeling this way a lot lately. I don’t understand “what the producers want”, “what they want to convey to the viewers”, “what the actors want”, etc. just by watching them once. I have only followed the synopsis.


Movies and TV dramas that are considered masterpieces often have a lot of hidden foreshadowing that comes to life towards the end. That’s why I like to watch immortal masterpieces like “Kitanokunikara” and “Jin” over and over again.


Well, what about books? I don’t think there are many books that I read over and over again. I think most of them are books that I thought I had to read when I was a student, and then I finished them and was satisfied with them. I wonder how much I understand what the author is trying to say. There are many books that I don’t even remember the contents. There are many great books in the world, but I don’t think there are any great books that we can be satisfied with having read once.


So, when I temporarily returned to Japan, I dared to buy and read the first book, Kinkakuji by Yukio Mishima. It is a quintessential masterpiece. I was drawn into reading it. However, after reading it once, I must not have understood the metaphorical meaning of the description. By reading it again and again while my memory is still vivid, I will try to experience the same feeling I get from reading a book as I do from listening to music over and over again.


From now on, my reading will be to reread the books that I have already read on my bookshelf.


I’m starting to get excited.