Nagoya is one of the major cities in Japan. It is sometimes referred to as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, but in terms of population alone, it is the fourth largest city in Japan.


Here’s an excerpt of the population from Wikipedia

1.東京(927万人)、2. 横浜(327万人)、3.大阪(269万人)、4.名古屋(229万人)、5.札幌(195万人)、6.福岡(153万人)、7.神戸(153万人)、7.川崎(147万人)、8.京都(147万人)、9.さいたま市(126万人)、10.広島市(119万人)

1.Tokyo(9.27M)、2. Yokohama(3.27M)、3.Osaka(2.69M)、4.Nagoya(2.29M)、5.Sapporo(1.95M)、6.Fukuoka(1.53M)、7.Kobe(1.53M)、7.Kawasaki(1.47M)、8.Kyoto(1.47M)、9.Saitama(1.26M)、10.Hiroshima(1.19M)


Sapporo will soon be one of the cities with 2 million people. Yokohama is too close to Tokyo, and it doesn’t compete in terms of population (that’s what I think), and it’s kind of unique.


I grew up in Gifu Prefecture on the border of Aichi Prefecture, so I go to Nagoya for shopping. I never go out to Gifu City. Even when I was back in Japan temporarily this time, I went to Nagoya for shopping and musicals. In the past, there was almost nothing around Nagoya and I used to go to Sakae for shopping, but after the JR Central Tower was built in 1999 and Takashimaya and Tokyu Hands were opened, I stopped going to Sakae. The area around Nagoya Station became really magnificent.


The Nagoya Mode Gakuen building is also very cool. The Dainagoya Building has also been reborn.


I am really indebted to Nagoya, but I don’t think it has a very good reputation in Japan. I don’t know why. I think it’s a nice place. We can go abroad from the Centrair airport.


It’s a little frustrating to have to wait in long lines to try the specialties. I understand that it’s a good opportunity, but it’s not easy to eat “Hitsu-mabushi”(Eel dishes) or “Miso-nikomi Udon”(Noodles boiled by Miso soup). It’s a shame. It’s not limited to Nagoya, though.


If you ask me what I really want to eat when I get back to Japan, I would say “Eel”. I think a lot of Japanese people living abroad would answer the same. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, and other typical Japanese dishes are available in high quality in major cities around the world. As for eel, to be honest, I have never had satisfactory eel overseas. I highly recommend eel to people from overseas who are visiting Japan. It is expensive, though.


I wanted to go to Nagoya for eel, but it seemed to be quite difficult, so I ate eel near my parents’ house. I was satisfied.