This is a picture I took with a drone a long time ago.

もともとこのブログにはDroneで撮った写真などもどんどん披露する予定でした。最近、ドローンで撮りたいような場所に行く機会があったので、久しぶりにドローンで撮影するぞ、と充電等準備をしました。Wi-Fi経由でのドローン-コントローラー-DJI Go 4アプリの接続を試していた時に事件が起こりました。

Originally, I had planned to showcase more and more photos taken with the Drone on this blog. Recently, I had a chance to go to a place where I wanted to take pictures with the drone, so I prepared to take pictures with the drone for the first time in a while, and while I was trying to connect the drone – controller – DJI Go 4 app via Wi-Fi, an incident occurred.

スマホにインストールしてあるDJI Go 4が起動しません。どうやらアプリに不具合があるようです。ドローン自体は全く問題無い(はず)ですなのですが、このアプリが立ち上がらないと全く飛ばすことが出来ないんです。

The ”DJI Go 4” installed on my phone will not start. It appears that there is a problem with the app. The drone itself is perfectly fine (it should be), but if this app doesn’t start up, I can’t fly it at all.


I have tried uninstalling the app once and reinstalling it, but this does not resolve the issue.


April 14 and April 15 are holidays in the Philippines, so I will be traveling around the country. There will be opportunities for drones to play an active role. I just hope DJI, the number one drone company in the world, will solve this problem as soon as possible. It is possible that I am misunderstanding something. Any advice by those in the know would be appreciated.


ドローン/Drone (1)


I bought a drone in August 2018 and photographed this and that, but lately I haven’t been able to go anywhere and my drone has been less active. I already used some of the photos for my blog, but I will share some of my memorable drone shots.

因みに私が使っているドローンは、DJI Sparkという機種ですが、こんな感じです。日本では届け出が必要な重量ですが、フィリピンではそうした必要はありません。

The drone I’m using is a DJI Spark, and it looks like this. In Japan, you need to report/register for usage, but in the Philippines, I don’t need to do so.


This is a landscape of Kalanggaman Island. It’s one of my most memorable drone shots, and it’s a Google “photo with style applied”. It seems kind of bogus, but it still looks good, doesn’t it?


I also love to photograph the Canlubang Golf Course, which I love. I think this tropical golf course is ideal for drone photography.


Guyam Island is always a must-visit when island-hopping from Siargao Island, and its splendor stands out when photographed from above with a drone.


This is Malapascua Island, and it’s great to see so many bunker boats moored there, symbolizing the bustle of the place. This is another photo that I applied Google style. The colors are emphasized, aren’t they?

マニラから車で2時間程度で到着するアニラオには沢山のダイブショップがあります。一度紹介した、Villa MagdalenaとLa Chevrerieの風景もドローン撮影に適してますでしょ?

There are many dive shops in Anilao, just a two-hour drive from Manila. The scenery of Anilao Villa Magdalena and La Chevrerie, which I introduced once, is also suitable for drone photography, right?


I hope the days when my drones is active will come back soon. My drone is working well, but it is not stable in strong wind. It needs an environment with no wind or light wind up to about 5 mph. Also, the battery will run out of power in 10 minutes. If I want to be more particular about my drone photography, I would like to replace it with a high-end model that is more resistant to wind and can last much longer in a single flight.



According to Wikipedia, mangrove is “a general term for tall evergreen trees and shrubs that form plant communities and forests in salt marshes of estuaries and brackish waters in tropical and subtropical regions”. It is not the name of a tree, but a general term. Individually, there are about 70 to 100 species.



Mangrove forests have a large carbon storage capacity, which in other words means that they take in a lot of carbon dioxide and store it as carbon. Increasing and preserving mangrove forests will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and halt the progress of global warming. Mangroves are also effective in mitigating the effects of tsunamis and tidal waves, and are deeply involved in the ecosystem of the surrounding area, nurturing the lives of various animals.


Since mangroves have many benefits, many Japanese companies are implementing mangrove planting as part of their CSR activities. I believe that companies and governments in other countries are also focusing on such things.


These photos show the stunning mangroves at Guimaras Island, which is famous for mangoes.


In order to slow down the pace of global warming, I would like to make every effort in various ways to help with mangrove planting.



I think coconuts grow everywhere in tropical countries. They even grow in Japan. However, the Philippines has a special devotion to coconuts, and I think that devotion is stronger than in other countries.


Surprisingly, there is a specialized ministry called the Philippine Coconut Authority, I am not sure their function, I will check by next time. And there is also a state-owned bank called UCPB or United Coconut Planters Bank. Therefore the Philippines and coconuts are inextricably linked.


Well, I was wondering how many coconut trees grow in the Philippines, and I was thinking that there must be far more than the population (about 100 million), when I came across the website of the Philippine Coconut Authority, which states that there are 347 million coconut trees that bear fruit. I don’t know how they actually count them, or if it’s really accurate. However it’s three times the population, so I guess it’s something like that.


There are golf courses that have coconut trees . My beloved Canlubang Golf Club is one of them. Coconut trees are not the only tropical trees, but when I play golf surrounded by so many coconuts, I feel grateful that I am playing golf in a tropical country.


If you’ve ever hit a coconut tree with a golf ball, you know that if it hits the trunk, it will fly everywhere far away, and if it hits a leaf, it will either fall right down or get sucked into the leaf. There is no luck in getting through. It is a perfect defense of leaves. You can see that the downward-facing leaves are not pointing downward by gravity without force, but the coconut leaves are intentionally growing downward. It’s not hanging loose.


I love coconut juice and coconut meat, even though I used to not like it much.


It has a unique trunk that grows tall and skinny and magnificent leaves. It is the best.

マラパスクア島/Malapascua Island


Malapascua Island is located in the northern part of Cebu. Depending on how congested the traffic is, it may take about four hours by car from Cebu Mactan Airport to reach the boat terminal. After about a 40-minute boat ride, we can arrive at Malapascua Island.

マラパスクア島はスクーバダイビングをする人にはとても有名です。ほとんどのダイバーはニタリをみるためにマラパスクア島を訪れます。ニタリを観るダイビングは”Monad Shoal”というダイビングスポットですが、色々と独特です。まだ暗闇の朝5時過ぎ(寝坊は絶対に出来ません)にボートに乗り込み、30メートル程度の深さのところでロープに捕まり、正座の姿勢でニタリが来るのを待ちます。

Malapascua Island is very famous among scuba divers. Most divers come to Malapascua Island to see the Thresher Shark. The dive site where you can see them is called “Monad Shoal”, and it is unique in many ways. You get on the boat after 5:00 in the morning when it is still dark (you are never allowed overslept), get caught on a rope at a depth of about 30 meters, and wait in an upright position for thresher sharks to come.


We also tried to dive for hammer sharks, but we didn’t see any. The excitement of waiting for the hammer sharks in the deep water with not much light is indescribable. The Russian women who dived with us were so excited and shouting “I saw them, there were,”. We felt so defeated because we couldn’t see it. I have yet to see a hammer shark.


Picture was taken at Malapascua Island and video of elegant thresher sharks

クラブ・パラダイス/Club Paradise

フィリピン観光の魅力と言えば、海の美しさが外せないと思います。本日紹介するクラブ・パラダイスはパラワン島の北に位置するブスアンガ空港からほど近い、Dimaquiat Islandにある高級リゾートです。下の写真をご覧いただけば分かる通り海の美しさは目を見張るものがあります。ブスアンガ空港はコロン島に行く方も使う空港です。また、クラブパラダイスからもコロン島を訪問するツアーに申し込めます。

When it comes to tourism in the Philippines, I think the beauty of the ocean cannot be overlooked. The Club Paradise I’m going to introduce today is a luxury resort located on Dimaquiat Island, not far from Busuanga Airport in the north of Palawan Island. As you can see from the photos below, the beauty of the ocean is stunning. Busuanga Airport is also used by people going to Coron Island. You can also sign up for a tour to visit Coron Island from Club Paradise.


Unfortunately, my last stay was very short, only two days and one night, so I think I didn’t fully enjoy stay at Club Paradise. I remember Club Paradise operated by Discovery Group, which manages luxury resorts, was the one of the best in terms of accommodations, restaurants, island hopping, and transportation to and from the airport.


I have voucher that can be used until the end of 2022, so I would love to revisit when the covid19 pandemic calms down. Last time, I think my drone photography skills were inexperienced, probably because I had just bought it. Next time, I would like to take drone photos and videos that fully express the charms of Club Paradise.


I post some photos and videos.

マニラからダイビング/Diving from Manila


I was grown up in Gifu Prefecture, where there is no ocean, and I never thought I would experience diving. Of course, I knew about diving, but I thought it was a hobby that only a few rich people were allowed to do. The world is unpredictable, even for my future.


The reason I started diving was a simple invitation from Mr. M, a good friend of mine at the time I worked for non-life insurance company in Manila, “I’m going to get my diving license with President T of Company A and Financial Officer I of Company B. Would you like to join us? “. Both Company A and Company B were very important clients, so without a moment’s hesitation, I replied, “Yes, By all means! “


My motives may have been impure, but I believe that being able to enjoy diving casually is a privilege of being stationed in Manila. That’s why I recommend diving to many people.


Due to the nature of diving, it is not allowed to fly for 24 hours after diving. Therefore, if you go diving by airplane, you will have to spend at least two days. Considering the major cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, you have to fly to get to the dive sites.


Manila, on the other hand, has a diving spot called Anilao Batangas, about a two-hour drive away from Manila, where you can enjoy one-day diving. It’s a great diving spot, even though I don’t know all the diving spots in the world.


Although it is not possible to come and go freely at this moment, I think it is a great option to come to the Philippines to get a diving license. In fact, I think a lot of people are doing so. There are also dive shop run by Japanese, so I don’t think there will be any language problems.


Pictures are taken at Anilao/Batangas

プエルト・ガレラ/Puerto Galera


The divers living in Manila/NCR most probably have been to Batangas Anilao. I think I’ve done more than half of my dives in Anilao, even though I don’t keep accurate records of dives I’ve done.


There is a place where divers gather, Puerto Galera at Mindoro Island, about an hour boat ride from Batangas. I think a lot of divers have been to Puerto Galera and enjoyed diving there. Of course, it is also a place that non-divers can enjoy, and I remember that when I first went to Puerto Galera, it was not for diving.


The scenery of Sabang Beach approaching by bunker boat and the lodges nestled into the mountainside made us always excited. I don’t know about now, but before the Covid19 pandemic, there welcomed all kinds of tourists, including Westerners, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and of course Filipino.


I wish I had taken more pictures, I post some of them.

フィリピンのゴルフ場/Golf Courses in the Philippines


I don’t know exactly how many golf courses there are in the Philippines, but I’d say there are about 100. I’ve been living in the Philippines for more than 9 years and I think I’ve been to about 25 golf courses. (I haven’t kept a good record, nor have I counted seriously)


I think I was over 35 years old when I played golf for the first time, because I had a feeling that golf was a sport for the upper class and that I had nothing to do with it. In retrospect, it would have been better if I had started earlier.


I remember that I have played golf in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, and Guam. I enjoyed golf in all of these countries, but I still think that the golf course in the Philippines, where I live now, is wonderful. After all, I never get tired of golf courses that utilize natural canyons. Artificial ponds, bunkers, and fast greens can make the course more difficult, but I think golf should be a battle against nature.


Below is a photo of my beloved Canlubang Golf Course in the Philippines, taken with a drone. I’m proud of myself for taking a great picture.

フィリピン・シャルガオ島/Philipines Siargao Island


Until just several years ago, the number of islands in the Philippines was said to be 7107. But now it seems that 7641 is the official number of islands.

島の定義は下記の通りです。The definition of Island is as below.

  • 自然に形成された陸地であること。 It is a naturally formed land.
  • 水に囲まれていること。      Being surrounded by water.
  • 高潮時に水没しないこと。     Do not submerge in water during high tides.


I think it’s hard to get an accurate grasp and count of the islands, especially the smaller ones.


Well, there are many attractive islands in the Philippines. Kalanggaman Island, which I introduced before, is wonderful, and also I think Siargao Island, which I introduce today, is an island that condenses the charm of the Philippines.

一度しか行っておらず、偉そうなことは言えないのですが、サーフィンの聖地でもある海もさることながら、無数に生えるココナツ、川や滝、魅力満載です。シャルガオ島からアイランドホッピングもお勧めです。下の写真はGuyam Islandをドローンで撮りました。本当に小さな島ですが、本を読むのに最適な島だなと思いました。

I’ve only been there once, so I can’t speak fully, but it’s apparently full of charm, with its countless coconuts, rivers and waterfalls, as well as the sea, which is a sacred place for surfing. Island hopping from Siarlgao Island is also recommended. The photo below shows Guyam Island by drone. It’s a really small island, I thought it was the perfect island to read a book.


When the Covid19 pandemic is somewhat under control and I can travel freely, I would like to revisit without hesitation.

前回は、Siargao Bleuというかなり高級なホテルに泊まりました。その時には1泊約2万円くらいだったのですが、それだけの価値はあると思います。

Last time, I stayed at Siargao Bleu Resort, a rather expensive hotel. It cost about USD200 per night, I think it was worth it.

Siargao Bleu Resort


Next time, I want to bring my bike and go around the island.

Cloud 9

カランガマン島/Kalanggaman Island


I visited Kalanngaman Island twice, I really like this deserted island.


If you want to go Kalanggaman Island only, you can access from Leyte Island, however, when I visited Kalanggaman Island, I approached from Malapascua Island which is famous for Scuba Diving, located in north of Cebu.


Even though there are a lot of wonderful islands in the Philippines, Kalanggaman Island is apparently one the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.