Hard Rock Cafe 一目惚れ/Love at first sight

これは、つい最近購入したHard Rock Cafe MakatiのTシャツ。なんでわざわざブログで取り上げたか、というと、最初に見てから購入するまで2年間が経っていたから。

This is a Hard Rock Cafe Makati T-shirt that I recently purchased. The reason why I took the effort to post it on my blog is because it had been two years since I first saw it until I bought it.

マカティのHard Rock Cafeはもともと少し違った場所で営業をしていましたが、一旦閉店。再開したのは多分、2019年だったと思います。その時に、このTシャツいいなあ、と思ったのは2020年初だったのではないでしょうか。写真ではみにくいかも知れませんが、MAKATIという字でフィリピンの国旗が描かれています。

Hard Rock Cafe in Makati was originally operating in a slightly different location, but closed for a while. I think it was probably in 2019 when it reopened. Maybe It was probably in early 2020 when I thought, “I like this T-shirt”. It may be hard to see in the picture, but it has the Philippine flag with the word MAKATI on it.

タイトルの通り一目ぼれでしたが、PHP1800(約4000円)という値段がどういう訳だか私の購入を躊躇させました。そんなことをしていたら、コロナ禍により、折角再開したHard Rock Cafe Makatiは閉店。たまに店の前を通りかかる際には、扉には厳重な鍵がかけられ、この興味深いTシャツはそのままの場所に陳列されていました。

As the title says, I fell in love with it at first sight, but the price of PHP1800 (about 4000 yen) somehow made me hesitate to buy it. While I was doing that, Hard Rock Cafe Makati, which had just reopened , was closed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Every once in a while, I would pass by the store and the doors would be locked tightly and this interesting t-shirt was displayed in the same place.


I was prepared for the store to be closed and regretted that I should have bought what I wanted without hesitation. The Covid19 pandemic in the Philippines has now settled down, and when I passed by the store with some expectations, to my surprise, it reopened. I bought this without hesitation. The price had gone up a bit, but I didn’t mind at all.

Hard Rock Cafeは観光地に行くと、帽子やらTシャツやら買ってしまいます。値段は高いのですが、デザインが洒落ていて、モノも丈夫です。最近は収集を辞めてしまいましたが、旅先ではStarbacksのマグカップを集めていました。こうした戦略はとても賢いブランド戦略だと思います。世界にはHard Rock CafeとかStarbacksの商品を収集している人が沢山居ると思います。

I buy caps and T-shirts from Hard Rock Cafe when I visit tourist spots. The prices are high, but the designs are stylish and the products are durable. I stopped collecting them recently, but I used to collect Starbacks mugs when I was traveling. I think such a strategy is a very smart brand strategy. I’m sure there are many people in the world who collect Hard Rock Cafe and Starbacks products.