New York(1)

初めてNew Yorkに旅行したのは2002年の9月。2001年9月11日の悲劇が起こったとき、財務部門で投資に携わっていた私は、周りの会話についていけなかった。「僕が前住んでたのは86丁目で上の方だからその辺は平気」とか、「友達はタイムズスクエア辺りに勤めてるけど無事だったよ」とか。

The first time I traveled to New York was in September 2002, when the ”September 11 attack” occurred in 2001, I belonged to Investment Dept. And I couldn’t keep up with the conversations around me. I heard like, “I lived at 86th Street, so that area was okay,” and “My friend worked close to Times Square and he was safe”.

周りの人が全て、New Yorkについて何かしら語っているのに対し、New Yorkに知り合いも居なきゃ、行ったことも無い。どこに何があるのかも知らない。財務部門に居ながら、New Yorkの土地勘が無いって言うのは致命的だなあと落ち込んでいました。そんな理由で翌年にNew Yorkに旅行することに決めました。

All the people around me were talking about New York in some way, but I didn’t have friends in New York, I had no experiences of being there and I didn’t even know where anything was. I was depressed. And I thought that it was fatal for me to know nothing about New York, even though I was in the investment division. For this reason, I decided to take a trip to New York the following year.

今は、New YorkのAvenueとStreetは頭に入っていますが、New Yorkに行くまで全くそんなこと知りませんでした。「百聞は一見に如かず」、これは本当にその通りだと思います。

Now, I already know the Avenues and Streets of New York, but I didn’t know that at all until I went to New York. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I think this is really true.

ガイドブック「歩くニューヨーク」を読みちぎり、New York Loves Youというサイトの口コミを丁寧に読み、「観たいもの」、「やりたいこと」、「ホテル」、「レストラン」、「チケット」、「移動手段」、あれこれ調べまくったのを覚えています。事前準備は旅の楽しみの一つ、というのも実感しました。

I remember reading through the guidebook “Walking in New York,” reading carefully the reviews on the website “New York Loves You” , and doing a lot of research on “things to see,” “things to do,” “hotels,” “restaurants,” “tickets,” “transportation” and this and that. I realized that advance preparation is one of the joys of travel.


At the same time, I read about the many ”rip-offs” in the cabs going from JFK airport to Manhattan, dangers in the subway and other safety precautions, and I think I had a certain amount of anxiety. Since I was traveling alone, I could say that I was free to do as I pleased, but I think I also felt scared.

初のNew Yorkでは、自由の女神とかEmpire State buildingとか主要な観光名所に行きました。ミュージカルもまずは行かなきゃと思い、チケットを買った「レ・ミゼラブル」はいまだに最高のミュージカルだった、と思っています。

In my first visit to New York, I went to the “Statue of Liberty”, “Empire State Building” and other major tourist attractions. I bought a ticket to see “Les Misérables”, even though I was not sure I liked it or not. I really enjoyed “Les Misérables”, I still think it was the best musical I’ve ever seen.

こうして計5回のNew York旅行が始まりました。続く。

This is how I started my total of five trips to New York. To be continued.