New York (2)

New Yorkには2008年には両親とも一緒に行きました。不思議なことに、ナイアガラの滝とかボストン、ワシントンはパッケージツアーが結構な数組まれていますが、New Yorkはそうしたツアーが見つけられなかったように思います。だから私が色々と案内することを買って出ました。

I went to New York with my parents in 2008. There are a lot of package tours for Niagara Falls, Boston and Washington, but I don’t think we could find such a tour for New York. So I decided to show them around.


My father requested me to go to a gospel. I went to a church in Harlem to listen to gospel music before by myself. Needless to say, gospel music is not for tourists, and the people around me never thought I was coming to church for gospel music only, so I felt very sorry and uncomfortable. Therefore this time I decided to go to a concert called “Gospel Brunch”.


I still vividly remember my father saying that when he went to listen to a gospel concert, his melancholy voice almost brought tears to his eyes.


I have so many memories of travel to New York with my parents, listening to Opera ”Un ballo in maschera, Verdi”, Musicals “Phantom of the Opera”, Jazz, eating delicious food, and so much more. I have told my father many times that singers don’t use a microphone in opera, but he still doesn’t believe me.


Surprisingly, my parents were especially happy to ride on a regular bus that was not for sightseeing. They were happy to be able to see the life of ordinary citizens. My parents travel to various cities, but since they often join tours offered by travel agencies, I think they don’t have opportunities to see normal life on a regular bus or train.

写真はブルックリン橋から撮ったマンハッタン。歩いてブルックリン橋からマンハッタンに向かうのは毎回私がNew Yorkに行く際に必ずすることです。

This photo is Manhattan taken from the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking from the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan is the most important thing I do every time I go to New York.