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As I have written many times, the accuracy of translations such as DeepL is getting better and better, and will continue to get better and better. In addition to reading and writing translation, I believe that the accuracy of simultaneous interpretation machines such as Pocket Talk will also increase in the future. Then, when we travel abroad, we will be able to communicate what we really want to know and what we want to say to the locals without language barriers. I believe that language barriers around the world are getting thinner and thinner.


I have great respect for the profession of simultaneous interpretation, but AI is also evolving. Once AI learns simultaneous interpretation, it will be more accurate and less tiring than humans. The value of simultaneous interpretation as a special skill may be relatively diminished.


However, this seems to be limited to business, which requires accuracy, and basic communication, such as travel. No matter how advanced simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous interpretation machines become, I cannot imagine expressing the fun of “comedy” in multiple languages. Japanese rakugo and manzai are interesting only because they are in Japanese, so I do not think it is still funny in English, German, or Chinese. On rare occasions, I see rakugo performed in English, and there is no need for Japanese rakugo performers to force themselves to speak in English.


I have a vague idea that Japanese comedy is at the top level in the world, but I don’t know how to judge the level of comedy in the world. I think that people all over the world think that their own country’s comedy is interesting, just as they think that their country’s food is delicious. It is a pity that the high level of Japanese comedy, such as manzai and comedy, cannot be competed like in the world championships.


I thought of this when I watched the recent M-1 Championship. A lot of professional comedians performed comedies on TV.