Travel and music, two of my favorite things. This is how I get excited when I start writing my blog. I travel alone a lot, and I can say that music is an indispensable part of my travels.


Normally, I don’t listen to music with earphones/headphones very often, but when I travel, I listen to music while traveling by train or bus, or when walking around town. Solving Sudoku puzzles while listening to music by the pool or in a hotel lounge. Happy itself.

写真はNew Yorkのブルックリン橋から見たマンハッタンの風景です。ガイドブックの教えに従い、ブルックリン側まで地下鉄で行き、橋を渡りながらマンハッタンの景色を堪能する、これ以上の素晴らしさは無いかも、と思えるほど素敵です。New Yorkには5度行ったと思うのですが、行けば必ずブルックリン橋をマンハッタンに向かって歩いています。当然、歩いて渡るときの音楽にも細心の注意を払います。New Yorkほど歌や曲の題材になる都市は世界でも珍しいので選曲に迷うのですが、やはりBilly Joelですね。New York State of Mindといったベタな曲も勿論良いですし、Big Shot, Pressure, My life, The Strangerなども心に沁みます。Say good by to Hollywoodなどという全くNew Yorkに関係ない曲が混入しようがお構いなしです。Billy JoelはNew Yorkに最もフィットするArtistだと思います。私の敬愛するCyndi Lauperも勿論良いのですし、Jay ZのEmpire state of mindのMVも最高ですよね。今度NY行ったらMVに写っているところ出来る限り訪問しよう。

This photo shows the view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. I think I’ve been to New York five times, and whenever I go, I always walk along the Brooklyn Bridge toward Manhattan. It’s so nice that it could not be more wonderful. There are few cities in the world that have been the subject of so many songs and tunes as New York, so it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’d have to say Billy Joel, I think Billy Joel is the artist who best fits New York. “New York State of Mind” is needless to say good for Brooklyn Bridge crossing, and “Big Shot”, “Pressure”, “My life”, “The Stranger” are also very nice for it. I don’t care if there are songs like “Say good by to Hollywood” that have nothing to do with New York at all. Of course my beloved Cyndi Lauper is good, and Jay Z’s music video for Empire state of mind is great. Next time I go to New York, I’ll try to visit as many places as I can that are in the music video.

NYの52番街を歩いたときには、当然、52nd Streetを聴きながら歩きました。Billy Joelに触発されて52番通りを東西に歩いた人間は私だけでは無い筈です。

When I walked down 52nd Street in New York, I listened to 52nd Street as I walked, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was inspired by Billy Joel to walk down 52nd Street from east to west.

New Yorkを離れます。旅先では、Enyaが旅情を最高レベルに高めます。バンコクとかマニラとか何とも暑い都市をあてもなく歩き回っている時にも、デンマークで田園風景を眺めながら電車に乗っているときにも、イスタンブールでモスクを観ている時でも、Enyaの幻想的なメロディーと歌声が「非日常」という旅の喜びを一層引き立ててくれる、というのが私の分析です。Enyaを聴きながら一人旅、最高。勿論、あれこれ話し合う友達と一緒に旅行に行くのも良いんですけどね。

I’m changing topic from New York. When I travel, Enya brings out the best in me. Whether I’m wandering aimlessly in a hot city like Bangkok or Manila, riding a train in the countryside of Denmark, or visiting a mosque in Istanbul, Enya’s fantastic melody and voice enhance the joy of travel. I love traveling alone while listening to Enya. Of course, it’s also good to go on a trip with a friend to talk about this and that.

なかなか飛行機に乗って遠くに旅行に行くことが出来ない昨今ですが、お酒吞んで、Billy JoelやEnyaを聴きながら、過去の旅行に思いを馳せていると、その時の旅情が蘇ってきます。何とも幸せな気分で本日のブログは終了。

These days, it’s not easy for me to travel far by airplane, but when I drink for a while, listen to Billy Joel and Enya, and think about my past trips, it brings back memories of those times. I end today’s blog in a very happy mood.