I was really surprised and really happy to hear that ABBA is going to resume their activities as a group, 40 years after they broke up. I started listening to ABBA because of my sister, but now I am probably a bigger fan than her.


All the members are over 70 years old, and I am a little worried about whether they will be able to keep their voices, but I am rather looking forward to it because I am sure that their age will add to their charm. I’m sure they have a certain amount of determination to restart ABBA, so I’m just looking forward to new ABBA.


If you ask me which song is the best, or which album is the best, I would have a hard time answering, I like them all. I like the melodies. Of course, the singing voice is also great. Also, since the songs are sung in English, which is a foreign language for them, it is easier for me, a Japanese, to understand the pronunciation and the lyrics compared to other singers.

ABBAを題材としたミュージカルであるマンマミーアもNew Yorkのブロードウェイに行きましたが、期待が大きすぎたのかあまり少し期待外れだったことを覚えています。ただ、ABBAを題材とし、ABBAの楽曲だけでミュージカルが作れてしまうんですから偉大の一言です。

I also went to see Mamma Mia, a musical based on ABBA, on Broadway in New York. I remember that my expectations were too high and I was a little disappointed. However, the fact that a musical based on ABBA can be created using only ABBA’s songs is a great thing.

大好きな曲の一つ、”I have a dream” / One of my favorite songs ”I have a dream”