Good Morning

Morning glow on 21st September, from my room


Good morning, everyone. Today’s morning glow was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but take a picture of it. This level of photo is the limit of my smartphone, and I couldn’t fully show the fine differences in red and orange colors that I see with the naked eye in the photo. Since it was a beautiful morning glow, I should have paid a little more attention to the settings.


When I think of “morning glow,” I always recall a Japanese song, “Daitokai(Big City)” by Crystal King.
This is very old song, but very nice song, if you have time, I recommend you to watch and listen to Youtube.


There is a new sunrise, and a new day begins. Since I spend most of the day in my room where I live alone, I don’t get to exchange greetings much anymore. This is my greeting through my blog.

Good Morningというと、色々な映画や音楽があるのでしょうが、私は「雨に唄えば」の中の「Good Morning」を思い出します。正統派のミュージカルだな、とつくづく思います。

When I think of “Good Morning”, I think of “Good Morning” from “Singing in the Rain”, although there are many movies and music about “Good Morning”. I really think it’s a legitimate musical.

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12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. こんにちは。

      1. 雨に唄えばであれば、Make ’em laugh のことかなーと思います。

      2. KYOさん、曲名まで頭に入っていらっしゃるとは、、、。Make ’em laughをYoutubeでもう一度見直しました。あんな2枚目に完璧に3枚目を演じられたらもう、、、、って思いますよね。今見ても素晴らしい。不朽の名作とはこのことですね。

  2. 綺麗な朝焼けですね~!!

    私も「Good Morning」のシーン、好きです(*^^)v

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