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There seem to be many theories about when and how music began, such as “language origin” and “labor origin”. I believe that the history of human beings and the history of music almost overlap, and that music has been deeply involved in human life in various ways, such as through songs and rhythms.

僕は楽器は何も演奏出来ないし、歌も上手では無いけども、「No Music, No Life」と言い切れるほど、音楽を聴くことが好きです。「なんか調子が出ないな」というときも音楽を聴くことで元気が出たりします。音楽を聴くことでその当時のことを思い出したりもします。

I can’t play any instruments, and I’m not a good singer, but I love listening to music so much that I can say “No Music, No Life”. Even when I feel like I’m not feeling well, listening to music can cheer me up. Listening to music also reminds me of what I was doing at that time.


I am not sure how many songs there are in the world. I think there are tremendously many songs that we cannot even imagine. I think there must be more than 100 million songs that we can listen to right now, even if there are only music scores and sound sources left. That’s all over the world. I think that’s a lot for Japan alone. To begin with, there are probably 10,000 singers and groups in Japan.

音楽には流行りすたりとかあるでしょうが、人間が聴いて「良い音楽だな」という曲には、一定の法則があると思います。そう考えると、よく、新しい曲が次々と産み出されるなあと思います。自分には勿論作曲のセンスはありませんが、もし、自分が作曲する場合には、多分、Bee Geesとか、Simon & Garfunkelとか、ABBAとか、自分の好きなアーティストの曲にどんどん近づいてしまうように思います。作曲に携わる方の頭の中には私の数十倍、数百倍のメロディーが詰まっているでしょうから、そうした過去の名曲と一致しない名曲を創り出すことは簡単じゃないように思います。

Although there are trends and fads in music, I think there are certain rules to what people listen to and think is good music. When I think about it, I wonder how many new songs are produced one after another. Of course, I don’t have any sense of composition, but if I were to compose a song, I think I would probably end up getting closer and closer to the songs of my favorite artists, like the Bee Gees, Simon & Garfunkel, or ABBA. There are probably dozens or hundreds of times more melodies in the heads of those involved in composing than in mine, so it is not easy to create a masterpiece that does not match those past masterpieces.


Why did I suddenly write about this on my blog? It’s because I was watching the Kohaku Uta Gassen on TV at the end of last year, and I saw an artist I didn’t know at all perform a great song that I knew was a masterpiece just by hearing it once. I don’t have that kind of talent, so I envy those who have musical talent.


It’s hard for me to choose my 10 favorite songs. Is it possible for you to choose? Even if I were asked to choose my 10 favorite artists (10 groups), it would be also difficult. I am thankful that I am able to live surrounded by the music I love. I have a lot of respect for talented artists. As a candidate for the top 10 songs, I’ll post the Youtube video of “Aitakute Ima/Want to meet you now” by MISIA. It is wonderful.