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上の表が何を表しているか分かる方は相当な通です。これは、SIPRI(Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)が発表した2020年、世界各国の軍事費Top10です。記事によると、2020年に世界で軍事費に費やされた額は1兆9810億ドル(約213兆円)だそうです。アメリカを筆頭にこの上位10か国で約4分の3を費やしているようです。

If you know what the above table represents, you are a pretty knowledgeable person. This is a list of the top 10 military expenditures by countries around the world in 2020, published by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute). According to the article, the amount of money spent on military spending worldwide in 2020 will be $1.981 trillion. The top 10 countries, led by the U.S., will spend about three quarters of that amount.


One of the most important roles of a nation is to provide a safe life for its citizens, so I think it is inevitable that military spending for this purpose will be reasonable. I want to avoid war by all means, but I believe that without a military, a nation cannot negotiate to avoid war. I think it is dangerous for Japan to be too dependent on the U.S. and other allies. I believe that Japan needs to be prepared to defend itself.


On the other hand, if we look at the SDGs, which are now becoming a global issue, we see that there are many issues to be addressed, such as addressing climate change and eradicating hunger. In particular, I believe that efforts to halt global warming are an urgent issue. The public and private sectors are working together to shift to renewable energy sources instead of burning fossil fuels, but I think we should also focus more on increasing greenery. I don’t know if planting mangrove trees, greening deserts, or some other method is best, but I think it would take a lot of money and effort to absorb enough carbon dioxide to be significant.

冒頭の題名はJohn Lennon、Imagineの歌詞の一部ですが、世界中の軍隊が訓練の一環のような形で、砂漠の緑化やマングローブの植林などに手を貸せば、地球温暖化の速度を緩めることが可能なのでは無いかと思います。

The title of this blog is part of the lyrics of John Lennon’s Imagine. I believe that if the armed forces of the world could help green deserts and plant mangroves as part of their training, it would be possible to slow down the rate of global warming.


When I saw the magnitude of the military spending, I couldn’t help but dream that the world would be a better place if we could use this money and the power of the military for something better.


World Health Rankings

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タイトルのWorld Health Rankingsは興味深い統計データを扱っています。上のリンクから、「Covid19によりお亡くなりになった方」と、「その他死因の歴史的平均値」とを比較できます。リンクは日本を選んでいますが、世界各国のデータを取ることができます。

The title World Health Rankings deals with some interesting statistics. From the link above, you can compare “deaths due to Covid19” with “historical averages for other causes of death”. The link selects Japan, but you can get data for countries around the world.


As for Japan, the number of people who have died from Covid 19 does not seem to be that high at this point. In fact, I am shocked to see that suicides are more than twice as common as Covid 19 deaths. I feel that the news in Japan still gives top priority to Covid19, but in my opinion, we should do more to prevent suicide.


I don’t mean to imply that Covid19 is not important, but I think there is a lack of balance in both measures and reporting/news.


In Japan, most people who die from pneumonia die from aspiration pneumonia. I think that the public should be more widely informed about how to prevent this disease.


I don’t know if there is any point in comparing with other countries in the world or not, but I think the fact that the number of people dying from Covid 19 is low in comparison with the rest of the world is due to the fact that the Japanese people on the whole are responding to the government’s requests extremely seriously, and the people on the front line of medical care are really working hard. I think that there should be objective reporting based on data. It’s a shame that the news reports only talk about the wasted masks ordered by government and the people who are not following the rules of self-restraint, which are exceptionally negative. (I don’t deny that I may have misunderstood the situation since I don’t live in Japan and my only sources of information are TV and internet news.)


The same simulation shows that Covid19 is the fifth most common cause of death in the Philippines. As far as the Philippines is concerned, coronary heart disease and stroke are by far the most common causes of death. I am not a medical professional, but I understand that both of these diseases are related to blood vessels. Covid19 may indeed be a scary disease, but I am concerned that by staying at home, Filipino’s lifestyle will deteriorate and the number of deaths from the above causes will increase.

死因の国際比較に意味があるのか、Covid19とその他死因を比較することの有効性は良く分かっていませんが、Covid19を最優先に報道し、対策している日本とフィリピンには私は疑問を感じています。日本の厚生労働省やフィリピンのDepartment of Healthは国民の健康を総合的に考え、サポートすることが求められているのでしょうから、そのための最善のアドバイス、サポートをすることが求められていると思います。

I am not sure if there is a meaningful international comparison of causes of death, or the validity of comparing Covid19 with other causes of death, but I have my doubts about Japan and the Philippines, where Covid19 is given top priority in reporting and measures. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) in Japan and the Department of Health in the Philippines are supposed to consider and support the overall health of the people, and I believe that they are expected to provide the best advice and support for this purpose.


I think all of us are hoping that this year we will be able to live a normal life. In Japan, at least, I think it is time to consider whether it is really in the best interest of the entire nation to continue to give top priority to Covid19.


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Furniture can range from “okay, it’s usable” to “it’s really cool”. The prices range from “Is that enough, why is it so reasonable? to “Why is it so expensive?” I think the elegant ones are more like works of art than furniture.


There are those who spend lavishly on furniture and those who do not. I’m a bit of a stingy person, so I’ve never spent that much money on furniture. Needless to say, I never bought my own furniture when I was a kid, and since I left my parents’ house as a college student until I turned 52, I have never lived in my own house, living in rented houses such as dormitories, apartments, and condos, so I have never bought my favorite furniture.


The condo I’m living in is furnished, so I seldom buy new furniture until I put it away somewhere in a corner of the quicksand (because I can’t abandon it). I bought the chair I’m sitting on now by myself because I work from home a lot and wanted a business-grade chair. The original chair is tucked away in the back of the maid’s room. I bought another clog and use both of new and original, because I can’t store enough shoes in original one.


I’m thinking about buying a good coffee table right now, and I can’t help but write about furniture in my blog. If I buy a coffee table, I’m sure I’ll want a wonderful sofa too. To be honest, the furniture in the condo I’m currently living in is all very uncool, so moving to a new unit is also an option. Living surrounded by my favorite furniture is what I long for.

世界経済のネタ帳/World Economy Notebook

世界経済のネタ帳 – 世界の経済・統計 情報サイト (


Statistical data can tell us a great deal. What we may think is somehow true can become objective knowledge by confirming it with data. Of course, in order to read and understand statistics correctly, we need to understand their definitions and calculation methods correctly.



I’m going to look at nominal GDP per capita (US dollars) for the top 10 countries, Japan and the Philippines, listed by decade.

データから色々なことが分かります。The data can tell us a lot.


There was a large increase between 2000 and 2010. At the top of the list tends to be the relatively small population of European countries. Oil-producing countries are relatively getting lower in the rankings. As for Japan, it grew steadily until 2000, but after that its growth was sluggish and its ranking dropped. The Philippines has been steadily increasing its amount of GDP, but its ranking has remained low. And so on.


It is indicated in USD, so it depends a lot on the exchange rate, but I think it is good to see the trend. It is somewhat surprising that the major European countries, the UK, France, and Germany, are not ranked at all. In the 2020 rankings, the UK is 22nd, France 23rd, and Germany 17th, with the UK and France at the same level as Japan.


Although China has been developing remarkably, its GDP per capita (2020) is 62nd, at USD10,511, and it still looks like it has a long way to go. It seems that there is still a lot of room for economic development. In 1980, China was ranked 127th, with a GDP per capita of USD306, so its rapid growth is frightening.



I think you can use the World Economic Notebook without any particular restrictions, but please read the notes and other information. The above table was manually input by the author. There may be some transcription errors.

フィリピン株式市場2021年12月末/Philippine Stock Market as of Dec. 2021


At the end of each month, I keep a record of the stock prices and market capitalization of Philippine stocks as a reminder, so please bear with me if this first blog of 2022 seems rather bleak. First of all, please see the table below.

まず、時価総額ですが、最大のSM Investmentsでも、1兆ペソ強(1ペソは約2.25円、約0.02ドルです)とやや物足りない印象です。下表はPSEiというフィリピンを代表する30銘柄(2銘柄は2021年中の入替なのでそのまま残しています)ですが、下位銘柄は1,000億ペソにも満たないような銘柄も入っています。株式市場が冴えない、と言われている日本株式市場ですが、東証コア30銘柄についてみれば、最小のアステラス製薬でも3.4兆円程度の時価総額があります。これはフィリピン最大のSM Investmentsよりも大きいです。ちなみに日本の時価総額が最大の銘柄はトヨタ自動車で約34兆円です。世界最大の時価総額のアップルは300兆円を超えています。規模が違いますね。

First topic is the market capitalization. One of SM Investments, the largest, is just over 1 trillion pesos (1 peso is about 2.25 yen, or about $0.02), which is somewhat insufficient. The table below shows the 30 stocks that represent the PSEi in the Philippines (two stocks was replaced in 2021, so I left in the table), and some of the lower-ranking stocks are worth less than 100 billion pesos. The Japanese stock market is said to be lackluster, but even the smallest of the 30 core stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Astellas, has a market capitalization of about 3.4 trillion yen. This is larger than SM Investments, the largest company in the Philippines. The largest Japanese stock by market capitalization is Toyota Motor Corporation at about 34 trillion yen. Apple, the world’s largest company by market capitalization, has a market capitalization of over 300 trillion yen. The scale is different, isn’t it?

株価推移を見ると、コロナ禍が始まる2019年末よりも現時点の株価が高い銘柄は2021年度の株価も比較的好調だったと言えると思います。GlobeやPLDTといった通信株はその典型です。ICTSIは港湾会社ですが、株価は好調に推移しています。この会社は笹生優花選手のメインスポンサーです。発電のAC Energyの株価が2019年対比で大きく上昇していますが、その他の発電会社はそこまで大きく上昇していません。AC Energyは再生エネルギーに注力することを宣言していますが、そうした取り組みが評価されているのでしょうか。少し買われ過ぎでは無いかと思うので調査する必要があると思います。

In terms of share price trends, I would say that stocks that are currently higher than the end of 2019, when the Covid19 pandemic begins, have had relatively strong share prices in 2021., Telecom stocks such as Globe and PLDT are prime examples. ICTSI is a port company, its share price is doing well. It is the main sponsor of Yuka Saso. AC Energy, a power generation company, is up sharply versus 2019, while other power generation companies are not up as much, perhaps because of its declared focus on renewable energy. I think AC Energy is a bit overbought and needs to be investigated.

調子があまり良く無いのは不動産会社ですね。フィリピンではREIT(Real Estate Investment Trust, 不動産投資信託)がこれまでありませんでしたが、2020年8月のAREIT(Ayala LandのREIT)上場を皮切りに次々とREITが組成され、上場されています。REITを上場すると元々の不動産会社の時価総額が落ちてしまう理屈だよなと思っていますが、勉強不足でその辺良く分かっておりません。

The real estate companies are not doing so well. In the Philippines, there have been no REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) in the past, but starting with the listing of AREIT (Ayala Land’s REIT) in August 2020, REITs are being formed and listed one after another. I think it’s a theory that when REITs are listed, the market capitalization of the original real estate company falls, but I don’t know much about it due to lack of study.


I am hopeful that the Philippine stock market will rise significantly in 2022.


上記数値は筆者がPSE Edgeサイトから手作業で作成しております。コメントもその数値に則っておりますが、正確性については何ら保証するものではありません。

The above figures have been prepared manually by the author from the PSE Edge website. Comments are based on these figures, I do not guarantee their accuracy.


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To be honest, I have no idea how many passwords I am currently managing. I think I have about 100 passwords, ranging from very important passwords for bank accounts and securities accounts, where I could lose a lot of money if anyone finds out about my passwords, to passwords for viewing my bank statements, and passwords for logging in to my PC for business use.


In Japan, 4-digit passwords are the norm for ATM cards, but here in the Philippines, ATM passwords are 6-digit passwords, so you can’t use the same rules that you used to use in Japan. In the Philippines, however, ATM passwords are six digits, so you can’t use the rules and regulations that you used to use in Japan. Also, you may be asked to change your password in about 90 days, so if you don’t write it down somewhere, you may forget it, which is often inconvenient.


I believe that “security” and “risk of forgetting” are two sides of the same coin. Passwords that are easy to remember and do not need to be changed have a small risk of being forgotten, but from a security point of view, they are a bit insecure. Passwords that are a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters (such as #) and numbers, and 8 or more digits, and that are changed every 90 days or so (and if the password is the same as the previous one, it will not be accepted), seem to be highly secure. However, if you don’t write it down somewhere, you may forget it, increasing the risk of having to reset the password at a critical moment. The act of writing it down is exactly what you risk if you lose your notebook.


I don’t have any objective data, just personal impressions, but it seems to me that Japanese people are more concerned about the inconvenience of forgetting their PINs than ensuring their safety. For me, this is impossible, but I think there are more than a few people who put their PINs on their ATM cards.


Google, for example, has a system that allows you to enter your PIN automatically, and we use that system quite often, but is there really no risk that the system will fail? Is there really no risk of the system failing, and is Google’s information management system up to snuff? I feel very uneasy when I think about it.


Ideally, we should memorize a combination of letters and numbers that only you know, but I’m not so sure about that when I have so many PINs to manage. And I am not confident about managing a lot of IDs. I hope that biometrics will replace passwords, as some have started to do.


The reason why I’m writing about this on my blog is because I received an email saying that someone had logged in to Evernote, which I use a lot for business card management, etc., in Kuwait, and I hurriedly changed my password. Evernote stores as much or more information than my brain, so it is a very important application. I would like to find out how the guy managed to log in. I didn’t set a very simple password, though.

食品の持ち帰り/Food takeaway


One thing that I think is really great about the Philippines is the take-out culture in restaurants. Lately, I’ve been completely tired of cooking for myself, so I go to Chinese restaurants by myself and order too much fried rice, mapo tofu, etc. for taking the leftovers home, freeze them in portions for one meal, and microwave them when I don’t have the energy or time to cook for myself. This is especially useful on golf mornings.




Leftover food in restaurants is certainly not an established practice in Japan, but “there is no provision in the Food Sanitation Law that prohibits both customers and restaurants from taking home leftover food when eating out”. However, the issue is not so easy. “Even if the customer is responsible for taking the food home, it cannot be said that the restaurant will not be held responsible if the customer falls ill, and a problem may arise under Article 6 of the Food Sanitation Law (which prohibits the sale of food that may damage human health)”.


I’m not sure. If you see a sentence like this, the restaurant will not allow you to take home leftovers.


However, if you order too much food or have leftovers, there is nothing wrong with taking it back home at your own risk instead of just throwing it away. There is a lot of talk about burning fossil fuels and the possibility of global warming, but on the other hand, people are throwing away all the food they can, which is ridiculous. I wonder why there has not been a major movement in the world on this point.


I think the problem can be solved by saying that “the restaurant is exempt from any problems that may arise from the take-out”. I think the take-out culture has been established in the Philippines for a long time, but I don’t recall hearing of any major problems.


I think Japan is a country with a lot of good things going for it, but the fact that it can’t do what common sense tells us it should do because of considering this and that makes me sad and unhappy.

お笑い/Comedy business

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As I have written many times, the accuracy of translations such as DeepL is getting better and better, and will continue to get better and better. In addition to reading and writing translation, I believe that the accuracy of simultaneous interpretation machines such as Pocket Talk will also increase in the future. Then, when we travel abroad, we will be able to communicate what we really want to know and what we want to say to the locals without language barriers. I believe that language barriers around the world are getting thinner and thinner.


I have great respect for the profession of simultaneous interpretation, but AI is also evolving. Once AI learns simultaneous interpretation, it will be more accurate and less tiring than humans. The value of simultaneous interpretation as a special skill may be relatively diminished.


However, this seems to be limited to business, which requires accuracy, and basic communication, such as travel. No matter how advanced simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous interpretation machines become, I cannot imagine expressing the fun of “comedy” in multiple languages. Japanese rakugo and manzai are interesting only because they are in Japanese, so I do not think it is still funny in English, German, or Chinese. On rare occasions, I see rakugo performed in English, and there is no need for Japanese rakugo performers to force themselves to speak in English.


I have a vague idea that Japanese comedy is at the top level in the world, but I don’t know how to judge the level of comedy in the world. I think that people all over the world think that their own country’s comedy is interesting, just as they think that their country’s food is delicious. It is a pity that the high level of Japanese comedy, such as manzai and comedy, cannot be competed like in the world championships.


I thought of this when I watched the recent M-1 Championship. A lot of professional comedians performed comedies on TV.

家事/household affairs

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If we could, we would all like to progress and grow every day. But when you think about it, it’s not that easy, and it takes a lot of energy to maintain our lives.


 If we neglect cleaning, laundry, ironing, shoeshine, cooking, and various household duties, our quality of life will diminish rapidly.


I don’t know how many families in Japan hire housekeepers, maybe I imagine it’s less than 1% of households. It is my opinion that housekeepers are not that common. That’s why dramas such as “Housekeeper watched” are established in the context of “scandal of an incredibly rich family”.


Here in the Philippines, there are really a lot of housekeepers working, and I have the impression that quite a lot of Filipino families who work together (maybe not even half) hire housekeepers. There are so many Filipinos working as housekeepers in Hong Kong, Singapore and other foreign countries.


The reason why housekeepers have not taken root in Japan to that extent is partly because of the high cost, but also because of the idea that people should do their own housework. There are many products in Japan that offer ideas for housework. I think this is because people who have the ability to think about how to make troublesome housework a little easier are engaged in housework. I think the idea products for housework are great, but I highly doubt that housework really needs to be done by busy, capable working couples. I think it would be better to invite housekeepers from countries where labor costs are low, such as the Philippines, so that they can spend their time on more meaningful things.

神の怒り/The Wrath of God


The following is just a random thought I had and has no scientific basis whatsoever.


II remember the story of the Tower of Babel, in which God tore apart the language of mankind as a response to man’s attempt to build a tower so high that it could reach the sky.


What does God think when He sees cars, ships, trains, and airplanes coming and going in all directions, digging for coal and oil, and freely manipulating electricity as fuel? Perhaps He is sounding an alarm to human beings by making the earth warmer.


God murmuring) Human beings are truly selfish creatures. Neither animals nor plants are capable of such arrogance. I have to do something to stop human beings’ excesses. Maybe I should raise the temperature of the earth a little to annoy them…


(Discussion of the human beings) Burning coal and oil causes global warming. The negative effects of global warming range from more frequent disasters to food problems. Let’s do what we can to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We need to generate electricity in ways that do not emit carbon dioxide, such as solar, wind, and hydro power. In 20 or 30 years, there will be windmills and solar panels all over the world.


(God murmuring) Oh, it seems that humans have realized the dangers of global warming. Renewable energy is a good name for it. Let’s see what happens.


(Earth in the year 2050) Hey, the wind doesn’t seem to be blowing as much as it used to. The sunlight seems to be getting weaker. Renewable energy output is dropping. There are power shortages all over the world. I’m in trouble.


(God murmuring) Human beings always seem to think that everything will turn out the way they want it to, but that’s not the case. Can they think of anything new to do?


My own view is that the current global warming is itself a tax that humans should pay to the earth. I think it is a wake-up call that we should not allow ourselves to do whatever we want in pursuit of convenience. With that kind of thinking, I somehow worry that the idea of continuing to get power from sunlight and wind is not that much of a guarantee in itself. Of course, compared to burning coal and oil, it’s a better solution to global warming.

Hard Rock Cafe 一目惚れ/Love at first sight

これは、つい最近購入したHard Rock Cafe MakatiのTシャツ。なんでわざわざブログで取り上げたか、というと、最初に見てから購入するまで2年間が経っていたから。

This is a Hard Rock Cafe Makati T-shirt that I recently purchased. The reason why I took the effort to post it on my blog is because it had been two years since I first saw it until I bought it.

マカティのHard Rock Cafeはもともと少し違った場所で営業をしていましたが、一旦閉店。再開したのは多分、2019年だったと思います。その時に、このTシャツいいなあ、と思ったのは2020年初だったのではないでしょうか。写真ではみにくいかも知れませんが、MAKATIという字でフィリピンの国旗が描かれています。

Hard Rock Cafe in Makati was originally operating in a slightly different location, but closed for a while. I think it was probably in 2019 when it reopened. Maybe It was probably in early 2020 when I thought, “I like this T-shirt”. It may be hard to see in the picture, but it has the Philippine flag with the word MAKATI on it.

タイトルの通り一目ぼれでしたが、PHP1800(約4000円)という値段がどういう訳だか私の購入を躊躇させました。そんなことをしていたら、コロナ禍により、折角再開したHard Rock Cafe Makatiは閉店。たまに店の前を通りかかる際には、扉には厳重な鍵がかけられ、この興味深いTシャツはそのままの場所に陳列されていました。

As the title says, I fell in love with it at first sight, but the price of PHP1800 (about 4000 yen) somehow made me hesitate to buy it. While I was doing that, Hard Rock Cafe Makati, which had just reopened , was closed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Every once in a while, I would pass by the store and the doors would be locked tightly and this interesting t-shirt was displayed in the same place.


I was prepared for the store to be closed and regretted that I should have bought what I wanted without hesitation. The Covid19 pandemic in the Philippines has now settled down, and when I passed by the store with some expectations, to my surprise, it reopened. I bought this without hesitation. The price had gone up a bit, but I didn’t mind at all.

Hard Rock Cafeは観光地に行くと、帽子やらTシャツやら買ってしまいます。値段は高いのですが、デザインが洒落ていて、モノも丈夫です。最近は収集を辞めてしまいましたが、旅先ではStarbacksのマグカップを集めていました。こうした戦略はとても賢いブランド戦略だと思います。世界にはHard Rock CafeとかStarbacksの商品を収集している人が沢山居ると思います。

I buy caps and T-shirts from Hard Rock Cafe when I visit tourist spots. The prices are high, but the designs are stylish and the products are durable. I stopped collecting them recently, but I used to collect Starbacks mugs when I was traveling. I think such a strategy is a very smart brand strategy. I’m sure there are many people in the world who collect Hard Rock Cafe and Starbacks products.


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I don’t think anyone can doubt about the importance of education. However, when I am asked, “What is education? I cannot answer to the question with confidence. In such cases, I look up the definition first. The following is the Japanese Ministry of Education’s definition of the purpose of education.

第1条(教育の目的) 教育は、人格の完成をめざし、平和的な国家及び社会の形成者として、真理と正義を愛し、個人の価値をたつとび、勤労と責任を重んじ、自主的精神に充ちた心身ともに健康な国民の育成を期して行われなければならない。

Education shall be conducted with the aim of perfecting the personality and fostering healthy citizens, both mentally and physically, who love truth and justice, uphold the value of the individual, respect work and responsibility, and are full of independent spirit, as formers of a peaceful nation and society.


I think definitions are still important. When I read it again, I think it must be true. I think that “respecting work and responsibility” is very Japanese. I also think that “healthy in mind and body” is very important.


Now, I’d like to think again about what we actually learn in school.


National language: No matter what you learn, you need to understand language to be able to talk about it. I think it is a very important subject.


Arithmetic: I think it is very important to learn arithmetic and mathematics for the purpose of loving the truth. I believe that math is an important subject because without math, we would not be able to talk about labor.


Science: It’s like math and arithmetic, isn’t it? Biology, physics, and chemistry fulfill the educational purpose of loving the truth, and I think they are indispensable subjects.


Social Studies: Students study a wide range of subjects such as history, geography, politics, economics, and ethics. It is truly a subject that forms the foundation of education.


Physical Education: In light of the concept of “healthy body and mind,” I think it is a very important subject. I think it’s important to train alone, but I also think it’s very important to exercise together at school.


Arts and crafts: I believe that creating things has a great impact on personality development, and it is also an important factor when considering work. I wonder if there is such a subject in schools around the world.


Music: This is a subject that I myself love now, but I wonder if I loved it when I was a student. I also think that the enjoyment of playing in ensembles, choruses, and building things together helped in “personality development” and “mental and physical health”. I wonder if there is music in schools all over the world.


Home economics: A department that deals with daily life and household chores such as food and clothing. Nowadays, it seems that consumerism is also taught in the upper grades of elementary school. It is a little interesting.


Foreign Language (English): How to organize the purpose of learning English as the purpose of education? Isn’t it difficult to think about it again? Does it mean that English is almost indispensable for working and conducting business? I think it’s true that native English-speaking people don’t study foreign languages with much enthusiasm, so it’s not so much a philosophy of education as it is a preparation for working life. I’m glad I learned English in school because I’m actually using it in my work now, but I think a lot of Japanese people don’t use English on a regular basis. I think it is a difficult question how to tackle English.


I wish I had studied more about philosophy and ethics. Of course, it is possible to study even now, and I think it is difficult to rethink the nature of schools and education.


The reason why I suddenly started to write about this in my blog is because everyone knows the importance of education, but I feel that I was reluctant to study as a child and I wondered if tests and exams as an outcome of education are really in line with the purpose of education. It’s not something that can be answered so easily. I guess getting a higher score than others on a test or something like that is considered to be a meaningful thing in the world. Of course, there will be huge differences in the way tests are administered around the world.

フィリピン・シャルガオ島/Philipines Siargao Island


This blog is almost the same as the one on July 28. I am reposting it because I just started blogging and it has not been seen by most people.



Until just several years ago, the number of islands in the Philippines was said to be 7107. But now it seems that 7641 is the official number of islands.

島の定義は下記の通りです。The definition of Island is as below.

  • 自然に形成された陸地であること。 It is a naturally formed land.
  • 水に囲まれていること。      Being surrounded by water.
  • 高潮時に水没しないこと。     Do not submerge in water during high tides.


I think it’s hard to get an accurate grasp and count of the islands, especially the smaller ones. Therefore, it is difficult to know the exact number of islands not only in the Philippines but also in Japan and other countries around the world. The number of islands in Japan has been published as 6852.


Well, there are many attractive islands in the Philippines. Kalanggaman Island, which I introduced before, is wonderful, and also I think Siargao Island, which I introduce today, is an island that condenses the charm of the Philippines.

一度しか行っておらず、偉そうなことは言えないのですが、サーフィンの聖地でもある海もさることながら、無数に生えるココナツ、川や滝、魅力満載です。シャルガオ島からアイランドホッピングもお勧めです。下の写真はGuyam Islandをドローンで撮りました。本当に小さな島ですが、本を読むのに最適な島だなと思いました。

I’ve only been there once, so I can’t speak fully, but it’s apparently full of charm, with its countless coconuts, rivers and waterfalls, as well as the sea, which is a sacred place for surfing. Island hopping from Siarlgao Island is also recommended. The photo below shows Guyam Island by drone. It’s a really small island, I thought it was the perfect island to read a book.

Guyam Island


When the Covid19 pandemic is somewhat under control and I can travel freely, I would like to revisit without hesitation.

前回は、Siargao Bleuというかなり高級なホテルに泊まりました。その時には1泊約2万円くらいだったのですが、それだけの価値はあると思います。

Last time, I stayed at Siargao Bleu Resort, a rather expensive hotel. It cost about USD200 per night, I think it was worth it.

Siargao Bleu Resort


Next time, I want to bring my bike and go around the island.

フィリピン株式市場2021年11月末/Philippines Stock Market as of Nov. 2021

あまり注目されることが無いことは存じておりますが、月末にはフィリピン株式市場を振り返ることにしています。11月30日は祝日(Bonifacio Day)なので、11月29日のデータを記載しています。

I know it doesn’t get a lot of attention, but at the end of the month I try to look back at the Philippine stock market. As November 30 is a national holiday (Bonifacio Day), I have included data for November 29.


There is no significant movement, but the overall trend seems to have been upward as the Covid19 pandemic situation has calmed down considerably. The PSEi, which consists of 30 stocks, rose slightly to 6952.88 at the end of September, 7054.70 at the end of October, and 7200.88 at the end of November.


On the other hand, as I write this today (Dec. 1), PSEi has fallen sharply (6947.06), probably due to the decline in the U.S. stock market, and has returned to the level at the end of September in one day.


Stocks highlighted in green are those that have risen 20% or more from the end of September, while companies highlighted in orange are those that have fallen 20% or more from the end of September.


Although rising stock prices are not the only good thing, it is true that the stock market is a kind of barometer for the state of the economy and a leading indicator. I would like to see the stock pick up after starting December with a big drop.


A complaint. The Philippine stock market still has shortened trading hours from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Maybe longer is not better, but I think they keep shortening the trading hours too much because of the corona disaster. I feel a lack of motivation on the part of market participants. The Philippine stock market does not have a strong presence in the global market. As a market participant, I would like to see the Philippine stock market flourish with the prestige of the country.


データは私が手作業でPSE Edgeというサイトから作成しています。正確性を保証できかねます。言うまでも無く、私は皆さまにフィリピン株式投資を薦めていることもその逆もございません。

The data is manually generated by me from a website called PSE Edge. I cannot guarantee its accuracy. Needless to say, I am not recommending you to invest in Philippine stocks or vice versa.

音楽、映画、本/Music, Movie, Book


There are not many pieces of music that I listen to only once and be done with it. Unless it doesn’t suit me very well. I don’t listen to music that doesn’t seem to fit me. There have been many songs that I thought “I don’t like this new song,” but as I listened to them, I came to like them more and more. In fact, I think there are more songs that I still like than songs that I initially thought were not so good.

映画は私の場合、ほとんどが一度観たらそれっきりになってしまっている。ただ、「New Cinema Paradise」とか「アパートの鍵貸します」とか「カサブランカ」「ローマの休日」「街の灯」「キッド」「雨に唄えば」といった大好きな作品は何度も観ている。こうして書いていてももう一度観たい、何度も観たいと思える。結果が分かっていても。もう一回観ることで新たな発見や素晴らしさの再発見があるように思う。無くても観ている間は楽しめる。

In my case, most of the movies I watch once and never see them again. However, I have seen many of my favorite films such as “New Cinema Paradise,” “The Apartment,” “Casablanca,” “Roman Holiday,” “City Lights,” “The Kid,” and “Singing in the Rain” many times. Even as I write this, I can’t help but want to see them again and again. Even if I know the outcome. I think there are new discoveries and rediscoveries of greatness to be made by watching them again. Even if I don’t find out new things, I can simply enjoy it while watching it.


Watching TV dramas, I have been feeling this way a lot lately. I don’t understand “what the producers want”, “what they want to convey to the viewers”, “what the actors want”, etc. just by watching them once. I have only followed the synopsis.


Movies and TV dramas that are considered masterpieces often have a lot of hidden foreshadowing that comes to life towards the end. That’s why I like to watch immortal masterpieces like “Kitanokunikara” and “Jin” over and over again.


Well, what about books? I don’t think there are many books that I read over and over again. I think most of them are books that I thought I had to read when I was a student, and then I finished them and was satisfied with them. I wonder how much I understand what the author is trying to say. There are many books that I don’t even remember the contents. There are many great books in the world, but I don’t think there are any great books that we can be satisfied with having read once.


So, when I temporarily returned to Japan, I dared to buy and read the first book, Kinkakuji by Yukio Mishima. It is a quintessential masterpiece. I was drawn into reading it. However, after reading it once, I must not have understood the metaphorical meaning of the description. By reading it again and again while my memory is still vivid, I will try to experience the same feeling I get from reading a book as I do from listening to music over and over again.


From now on, my reading will be to reread the books that I have already read on my bookshelf.


I’m starting to get excited.

トルコリラ/Turkish Lira(2)


In my November 1 blog, I discussed the Turkish lira. This is because I am running out of material for my blog, Istanbul is a city I definitely want to revisit, and next time I would like to “travel like living” for a month or two months.

トルコ・リラ/Turkish Lira – Freer than Bird/鳥よりも自由


For details, please refer to my previous article. 1 Turkish Lira was about 50 yen at the beginning of 2015, but it has been dropping rapidly, and as of the end of October 2021, 1 Turkish Lira is about 12 yen. That was the article.


In addition, the Turkish lira has dropped significantly; the value of one Turkish lira has fallen below 10, and at one point, the value of one Turkish lira dropped to the 8 yen level. It has now regained some ground and is hovering around yen/Lira.



The trigger for this big drop was President Erdogan’s statement on November 22, “Lowering interest rates will help curb inflation”. Normally, in order to curb inflation, a central bank has to raise interest rates and defend the value of currency, but the president has publicly stated the opposite.


Normally, the central bank needs to maintain its independence from the government to formulate monetary policy, but the president Erdogan is intervening in the monetary policy of the central bank as well. The only way for the Turkish lira to stabilize is for the president to change his mind and listen to the market (unlikely) or Turkish citizen has to change the president(I don’t know why this is not happening).


Prices have been rising at an annual rate of nearly 20%, which of course has caused a lot of confusion in people’s lives. I think it is unimaginable for people who have been living in a world like Japan, where prices do not rise and interest rates are zero.


This is Istanbul, my favorite city. I hope that the Turkish lira, the Turkish economy, and people’s lives will regain stability.


This may not be a big story compared to the hardships faced by those who actually live in Turkey, but I think those who have positions to buy Turkish lira in FX trading have suffered a big loss. I really hope that people will be careful when trading. If you get involved in Turkish lira just because the interest rate is high, you may get into trouble.


熱田神宮/Atsuta Shrine


I think everyone who lives in the three prefectures of Tokai (Aichi, Gifu, and Mie) knows about ”Atsuta Shrine”, but perhaps it is not that well known nationwide. The number of people who come to the shrine/temple for Hatsumode, (New Year’s Visit to shrine/temple), is slightly different depending on the ranking, but it is said to be like below. Atsuta Shrine is said to be one of the top ten most visited shrines/temples in Japan.

1位 明治神宮(318万人)、2位 成田山新勝寺(311万人)、3位 川崎大師平間寺(308万人)、4位 浅草寺(293万人)、5位 伏見稲荷大社(250万人)、5位 鶴岡八幡宮(250万人)、7位 住吉大社(234万人)、8位 熱田神宮(230万人)、9位 武蔵一宮氷川神社(210万人)、10位 太宰府天満宮(200万人) とこんな感じのようです。 より情報入手

No. 1 Meiji Shrine (3.18 million), No. 2 Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (3.11 million), No. 3 Kawasaki Daishi Hiramaji Temple (3.08 million), No. 4 Sensoji Temple (2.93 million), No. 5 Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine (2.5 million), No. 5 Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine (2.5 million), No. 7 Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine (2.34 million), No. 8 Atsuta Shrine (2.3 million), No. 9 Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine ( (2.1 million), No. 10 Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (2 million)


Living in Kani City, Gifu Prefecture, I have visited Atsuta Shrine several times for Hatsumode (New Year’s visit), but lately I have been visiting Inuyama Naritasan, a nearby shrine, more often.


When I went to Nagoya for a temporary visit the other day, I wanted to visit the Atsuta Shrine, which I had only been to for Hatsumode. I don’t really remember the Atsuta Shrine because I couldn’t see any scenery due to the waves of people.


The following is a description of what I found out. The truth is that it has many more features.


 It is dedicated to the Kusanagi Sword, one of the three sacred treasures.


 It has a history of about 1,900 years.


 The second highest rank of shrines after Ise Shrine.


 There are several camphor trees that are over 1,000 years old in the 190,000 square meter area.


As soon as you get off at Jingumae Station, two stops from Meitetsu Nagoya Station, you can see the forest of Atsuta Shrine. As you enter the shrine grounds from there, you will notice that the trees block out the sunlight, making it dark even in the daytime, and the air is cool and unique. As I mentioned earlier, I could only see people Hatsumode/New Year Visit to the shrine, but there were only a few people celebrating Shichi-Go-San (the seven-five-three festival), so I was able to really calmly stroll around Atsuta Shrine. The large camphor tree was simply magnificent. It was worth the visit just to see the tree, which is over 1000 years old.


I am not usually associated with religion at all, but I was able to visit the shrine with a religious feeling. I also bought a good-luck charm so I can lead a healthy life.


It is a great joy to see families celebrating the “seven – five – three years old birth of their children”. The celebration at Atsuta Jingu will be a wonderful and memorable one.


It is wonderful that the shrine is in such a large area in the middle of Nagoya. It was a spur-of-the-moment visit, but it turned out to be a really valuable one. The access to the shrine is excellent, so I will visit it whenever I go to Nagoya.

富山旅行/Travel to Toyama (3)


We ate so much seafood these 2 days that we even chose to have Western breakfast at the hotel, and since we had half a day on the third day, I requested to go to Kurobe Valley to enjoy the autumn leaves. This was in the direction of Unazuki Onsen. We were actually thinking of staying in Unazuki Onsen, but the hotel we wanted to stay at was full. It’s good that tourists are coming back.


Well, we arrived at Unazuki Onsen earlier than expected. We hadn’t thought of taking the trolley train. The round trip cost about 4,000 yen. We were happy to see that the train was full of passengers, although we were a little worried about whether there would be passengers since it was not cheap. That is why we couldn’t stay at Unazuki Onsen.


The autumn leaves and the red bridge are a wonderful match. However, it was not all red, so I thought it was just natural autumn colors. We walked along the river. We learned that there are many dams being built on the Kurobe River. The river seems to be flowing down to the sea, so it seems to be suitable for dams.


After a walk around Unazuki Onsen, I was dropped off at Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station. If we take the Hokuriku Shinkansen, the Hakutaka, you can get to Toyama in just 12 minutes. I don’t know if I’ve ever ridden the Hokuriku Shinkansen before, but this is another valuable experience for me. I think the area around the station will be crowded in the near future.


I wasn’t sure what to do for lunch in Toyama, but when I saw the sign for Saizeriya, I knew it was the only way to go. Not necessarily because it was in Toyama, but I think that Saizeriya is by far the best family restaurant in Japan. I recommend every traveler to Japan to go to Saizeriya at least once. It has excellent cost performance. And you don’t have to eat in 5 minutes and walk out like Yoshinoya.


After lunch, I took the limited express train, ”Hida”, to go home. I bought some trout sushi as a gift for my parents. I ate it with my parents. It was a very tasty trout sushi. Thus my first trip to Toyama came to a fulfilling finale. I have nothing but gratitude for Mr. O who guided me and drove me.

富山旅行/Travel to Toyama (2)


The first day was a trip around Toyama City, where we had a great day of dinner and drinks. The second day was more of a driving trip with my friend driving.


First, we went to Kaioumaru Park, where the Kaioumaru is docked. I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but it’s also close to the Shinminato Bridge, which is very photogenic. The ”Shinminato Kittokito Market” is another famous spot. The word “Kittokito” is said to be a dialect word meaning “fresh seafood”. After wandering around the attractive seafood-centered souvenir market, we headed further west.


We went to Ameharashi Beach and the adjacent “Roadside Station Ameharashi”. Toyama Bay is famous for its deep waters, so I thought there would be no beach, but I was a little surprised to find a sandy beach at Ameharashi Beach. The island, or rather the rocks, were also magnificent and quite a sight to behold.


We headed further west to Himi. The Himi Fishing Port Market was full of charm, but we decided to have a seafood bowl at a restaurant we found on the way. We were a little worried because there were not many customers, but our fears were unfounded. It was very nice lunch.


After lunch, we drove to Takaoka Zuiryu-ji Temple, which has the only national treasure in Toyama. On the way, we saw the Takaoka Great Buddha, one of the three largest Buddhas in Japan, from the car. I thought it was a bit inferior compared to the one of Nara and Kamakura. Takaoka Zuiryuji Temple is the family temple of Toshinaga Maeda, the second head of the Maeda family in Kaga, and it was magnificent. On the other hand, for such a splendid temple, there was no town in front of the temple, which I thought was a shame for such a great temple. Perhaps it will be developed more as a tourist attraction in the future.


At my request, we moved east to Shomei Falls. It didn’t seem to take that long if we used the expressway or something, so we gave it a try. The view of the Tateyama mountain range from the car window on the way was wonderful. It was a little bit far from the parking lot to the viewing platform, but the cool air felt really nice. Shomyo Fall is the highest waterfall in Japan with a height of 350 meters, and it was both powerful and beautiful. I’m glad I requested it.


On the second day, we stayed in Uozu City. I took a both at Kintaro Onsen, which was recommended by a friend. The hot spring had a strong smell of sulfur and a little salt in the mouth. I sweated a lot and felt like I was in the right environment to enjoy a good dinner.


The hotel has a partnership with a sushi restaurant, and sushi is included in the price. It was a very good deal. The sushi was also very delicious. However, there were so many guests and it seemed like the food service could not keep up with them, The sushi restaurant was good, but I was a little worried that the partnership with the hotel would not work. so we decided to go another restaurant for the rest of dinner.


The izakaya that sells seafood had a lot of customers and it was hard to find a place to eat. I forgot to take a picture of the rice porridge I ate at the Izakaya I finally found, and also I do not remember the name of Izakaya, it was really delicious.


The second day I went to bed early with a full stomach and a pleasant drunkenness. I have nothing but gratitude for my friends.

富山旅行/Travel to Toyama


My hometown Gifu Prefecture is bordered by seven prefectures, Aichi, Mie, Shiga, Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama and Nagano, but I have never been to Toyama and Fukui. A friend from my university days is in Toyama, and I took advantage of my temporary return to Japan to go on a 3-day, 2-night trip to Toyama.


The basic way to get to Toyama Prefecture from Gifu Prefecture is by train or bus, I took the JR Limited Express Hida to Toyama. It is around three-hour train ride from Mino-Ota station.


Arrived at Toyama Station at 12:30. My friends and I had lunch first. We couldn’t miss the black ramen in Toyama, so we had ramen for lunch. The color is a little harsh, but the taste is elegant. I really wanted to try good ramen in Japan, so I was very satisfied.


After lunch, we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went sightseeing in Toyama City. We took the streetcar to Iwase-hama, an area where old streets still remain. Toyama is a city where streetcars are very active, and I have a good feeling about it.


A short walk from the Iwase-hama station, we saw a building that reminds you of history. Toyama is also known for its rice and water, so sake brewing is very popular. We went to a trendy spot where we could sample Masuizumi. I was astonished at the dangerous drinkability of this top-quality sake.


The Baba family and the Mori family’s mansions as shipowners and shipping wholesalers were full of sights to see. Having said that, the most enjoyable part was the beer tasting. At the Baba family’s brewery, we were able to taste beer.


We had a reservation at “Gingyo”, a restaurant with a very good reputation, for 7:30 p.m., but we decided to go to “Tenyoshi” at 5:00 p.m., because we thought we have to visit “Tenyhoshi”. What a luxury! We will have 2 dinners.


At “Tenyoshi”, we had a plan to eat a bowl of rice topped with white shrimp or kakiage (fried white shrimp) as our main dish, but chef told that they had very nice nodoguro, a kind of seabass. We decided to take it. We ordered kakiage (fried white shrimp) and grilled nodoguro as our main dishes.


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but my friend who lives in Toyama told me that the nodoguro was magnificent, and I was happy to enjoy the elegantly fatty nodoguro. “Tenyoshi” is a wonderful restaurant where a generous father and lovely mother serve local seafood. I highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in Iwase-hama.

富山市に戻り、「世界一美しい店舗」に選ばれたスターバックス富山冠水公園店を訪問しました。夜景にスターバックスが映え、確かに素晴らしいのですが、世界一か?と言われると正直疑問です。調べたら2008年にStore of the Year Design Awardの最優秀賞を獲得していますから看板に偽りはありませんね。こうした話題性で訪れる人が居るのも事実でしょうから、これからも有名店として頑張って欲しいです。

Back in Toyama, we visited the Starbucks Toyama Kansui Koen store, which was selected as

Back in the city of Toyama, we visited the Starbucks Toyama Kansui Koen store, which was selected as the “World’s Most Beautiful Store”. The night view of the Starbucks is certainly wonderful, but I honestly doubt that it is the most beautiful store in the world. I did some research and found out that it won the “Store of the Year Design Award in 2008”, so I guess the the reputation is true. I’m sure it’s true that there are people who come to the store because of this buzz, so I hope they continue to do their best as a famous store.


By walking to “Gingyo”, we were ready to taste the delicious seafood. There was a line in front of the restaurant. Without a reservation, there was nothing we could do. After we entered the restaurant, there were a lot of phone calls to confirm availability. It’s a popular restaurant. It was wonderful, and I can understand why it is so popular.


The sashimi platter was all delicious. 1,500 yen for this. The cost performance is unbelievable. Everything else we ordered was also delicious. We were particularly impressed with the shirasu(small white fishes) with egg yolk on top. We didn’t order rice because we were too full, but it went perfectly with the rice… We visited “Gingyo” as the second round of dinner, and we were overwhelmed by the deliciousness and cheapness of the food.


After walking to the hotel and taking a bath, I fell asleep. Thus ended the first day of our exciting trip to Toyama!