Philippine Stock Historical Price/フィリピン株式株価推移


I investigated the price of Philippine stocks as of the end of December 2019, 2020, and August 2021, as shown in the table below, to see if the stock prices at the end of August have increased compared to the end of 2019 and 2020. The stocks covered are the 32 stocks that are currently in the PSEi (30 leading stocks in the Philippines) and the stocks that were in the PSEi until August 2021.


The order is in descending order of market capitalization as of the end of August 2021.


Since many stocks are heavily influenced by the economy, such as retail, real estate and banking, it is clear that the Philippine stock market has not yet returned to its pre-Covid19 pandemic level. If there were more stocks such as telecom, IT, and pharmaceuticals, whose importance was highlighted by the Covid19 pandemic, many of them might be positive.


The situation of Covid19 in the Philippines is not ideal, as there are many newly infected people and it is difficult to secure hospital beds, but overall stock prices rose in August. I hope that the Covid19 pandemic will be under control, the Philippine economy will improve, and stock prices will rise.

Company Name(Ticker)


SM Investments(SM)1043.01049.01009.0-3.3%-3.8%
SM Prime Holdings(SMPH)42.1038.5034.00-19.2%-11.7%
Ayala Land (ALI)45.5040.9033.75-25.8%-17.5%
Ayala Corp. (AC)785.5827.0792.50.9%-4.2%
BDO Unibank (BDO)158.0106.8109.9-30.4%2.9%
JG Summit Holdings (JGS)76.95271.6064.90-15.7%-9.4%
Globe Telecom (GLO)20202030272034.7%34.0%
BPI (BPI)87.9081.3583.20-5.3%2.3%
ICTSI (ICT)128.6123.5186.144.7%50.7%
AC Energy (ACEN)1.9978.069.59380.2%19.0%
MERALCO (MER)310.1292.0282.0-9.1%-3.4%
Universal Robina (URC)143.02152.5150.85.4%-1.1%
PLDT (TEL)9881340146548.3%9.3%
San Miguel (SMC)164.0128.1106.2-35.2%-17.1%
Emperador (EMP)7.2110.1016.60130.2%64.4%
Converge ICT Solutions (CNVRG)NA14.931.0NA108.1%
Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV)51.5047.2543.05-16.4%-8.9%
Jollibee Foods (JFC)216.0195.2201.8-6.6%3.4%
MetroBank (MBT)66.3049.0545.20-31.8%-7.8%
Aboitiz Power (AP)34.2026.5528.00-18.1%5.5%
GT Capital Holdings (GTCAP)840.24585.0540.0-35.7%-7.7%
Metro Pacific Investments (MPI)3.484.283.8510.6%-10.0%
Puregold (PGOLD)39.7541.0041.755.0%1.8%
First Gen (FGEN)24.1528.1528.3017.2%0.5%
Alliance Global Group (AGI)11.6610.6010.30-11.7%-2.8%
LT Group (LTG)11.2513.108.55-24.0%-34.7%
Megaworld (MEG)
Robinsons Land (RLC)27.5521.2016.50-40.1%-22.2%
DMCI Holdings (DMC)6.2585.666.310.8%11.5%
Security Bank (SECB)193.12134.0113.2-41.4%-15.5%
Robinsons Retail Holdings (RRHI)80.0065.0051.00-36.3%-21.5%
Bloomberry Resorts (BLOOM)10.7968.115.92-45.2%-27.0%


This table was created by picking up data from (I have linked to Globe’s data as an example). Please note that there may be some errors in the data in the table due to my work errors or wrong data stored in the website.




I was really surprised and really happy to hear that ABBA is going to resume their activities as a group, 40 years after they broke up. I started listening to ABBA because of my sister, but now I am probably a bigger fan than her.


All the members are over 70 years old, and I am a little worried about whether they will be able to keep their voices, but I am rather looking forward to it because I am sure that their age will add to their charm. I’m sure they have a certain amount of determination to restart ABBA, so I’m just looking forward to new ABBA.


If you ask me which song is the best, or which album is the best, I would have a hard time answering, I like them all. I like the melodies. Of course, the singing voice is also great. Also, since the songs are sung in English, which is a foreign language for them, it is easier for me, a Japanese, to understand the pronunciation and the lyrics compared to other singers.

ABBAを題材としたミュージカルであるマンマミーアもNew Yorkのブロードウェイに行きましたが、期待が大きすぎたのかあまり少し期待外れだったことを覚えています。ただ、ABBAを題材とし、ABBAの楽曲だけでミュージカルが作れてしまうんですから偉大の一言です。

I also went to see Mamma Mia, a musical based on ABBA, on Broadway in New York. I remember that my expectations were too high and I was a little disappointed. However, the fact that a musical based on ABBA can be created using only ABBA’s songs is a great thing.

大好きな曲の一つ、”I have a dream” / One of my favorite songs ”I have a dream”



Budapest of Hungary is one of the cities that I would highly like to visit again. It’s been eight years since I visited Prague-Budapest-Vienna in that order, and I’m sure a lot has changed.


To be honest, Budapest may have been the least expected among them. Part of the fun of a trip is in the planning, so the first stop in Prague inevitably takes precedence, so perhaps my expectations for Budapest were not as high as they should have been. But that was a big mistake.


Since arriving in Budapest on the midnight train from Prague, I had a series of wonderful views of St. Istvan Cathedral, the Parliament, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and Buda Castle. The beauty of the famous night view, including the Chain Bridge, was also beyond our expectation.



I also went to the opera. I got the impression that concerts have become a part of the daily life of the citizens. ” Madame Butterfly” was very familiar to Japanese people, and the soprano was wonderful. The soprano was wonderful and the ticket was very affordable.


I also remember that the meal with paprika was wonderful.

Dish in Budapest


I was also impressed by the fact that they were actively repairing the buildings to make them more beautiful.


The hotel I stayed at last time was Lanchid 19, which was a wonderful hotel with a nice view from the window and good taste. The price was not too high. It seems to be still in business. I can recommend it.

View from Hotel Lanchid 19

旅行者が物価を論じるのは不適当かも知れませんが、全体的に物価は安かったように思います。次回はair bnbなどで安い部屋を借りて出来るだけ長い期間滞在し、暮らすように旅したいと思います。自転車も持ち込み、色々な場所に自転車で訪問したいと思います。

It may be inappropriate for a traveler to discuss prices, but I think prices were cheap overall. Next time, I would like to rent a cheap room on air bnb and stay as long as possible and travel as if I were living there. I would also like to bring my bicycle and visit various places by bicycle.

モリンガ(2)/Moringa Oleifera/Marungay


I have never been involved in any kind of agriculture before. If I were to run a farm, growing moringa in the Philippines would definitely be an option. Okra and papaya (green papaya) may also be candidates.


Moringa is by far my first choice because it has very good characteristics as described below.

― 栄養満点 highly nutritious

― 成長が早い fast-growing

― 特別な場所を選ばず、灌漑設備は不要 No special location is required and no irrigation system is needed

― (相対的に)多くの二酸化炭素を吸収 Absorbs (relatively) much carbon dioxide


Taking advantage of these characteristics, there were articles about how projects through moringa cultivation have been successful in saving people from starvation and improving the quality of life in tropical countries in Asia and Africa.


The Philippines is also a good country for moringa cultivation. It may be more accurate to say that it grows without our awareness. However, moringa itself is not sold very often. Even in supermarkets, it does not seem to sell well. Moringa leaves are added to a soup called Chicken Tinola, but I don’t think Filipino actively eat it. I think it’s a pity. To be honest, I don’t know why.


In Japan, there are some people who take Moringa as a supplement or powder. It costs around USD40 per 200g. Considering the nutritional value of Moringa, it may be worth the price. I have heard that it is getting a lot of attention in the U.S. as well. I only found out about the greatness of Moringa about a year ago, so it is not as well known in Japan as kale or mulukhiya, and it may become famous in the future.


I bought two bags of moringa today, at 28.75 pesos (about USD60 cents) per bag, and it is easy to nourish yourself by drying the leaves and making a tea, or sprinkling the powder on all kinds of food. The machine I bought at Shopee takes a lot of time to make the powder, but I think a better quality machine can make a fine powder with little effort.

Moringa sold at Super Market
Drying Moringa’s leaves
Before milling
After Milling


I would like to try it myself first to see how it works. Please look forward to the next episode. (ワサビの木、Wikipedia) (Moringa Oleifera Wikipedia)



It is said that Ludwig Guttmann, the father of the Paralympics, said, “It’s ability, not disability, that counts”. When I watch the Paralympic Games, I can’t say enough about how the athletes have truly lived up to these words and have demonstrated their daily efforts and training to the fullest.


On TV, I hear many comments that the “Athletes gave me courage”. However, I am not able to think positively, I feel that “I am not qualified to say words like “effort” and “challenge”. All the athletes who are participating in the Paralympics, those who unfortunately were not able to participate, and all the people who are supporting them, are truly admirable. You are wonderful. I respect you from the bottom of my heart.


Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games, and I believe that hosting the Paralympic Games is more meaningful than hosting the Olympic Games. “I believe that Tokyo needs to create a “more barrier-free city” as well as foster a “more barrier-free mindset and attitude”. The competition is still going on. I would like to cheer the athletes’ desperate efforts until the end.

New York (2)

New Yorkには2008年には両親とも一緒に行きました。不思議なことに、ナイアガラの滝とかボストン、ワシントンはパッケージツアーが結構な数組まれていますが、New Yorkはそうしたツアーが見つけられなかったように思います。だから私が色々と案内することを買って出ました。

I went to New York with my parents in 2008. There are a lot of package tours for Niagara Falls, Boston and Washington, but I don’t think we could find such a tour for New York. So I decided to show them around.


My father requested me to go to a gospel. I went to a church in Harlem to listen to gospel music before by myself. Needless to say, gospel music is not for tourists, and the people around me never thought I was coming to church for gospel music only, so I felt very sorry and uncomfortable. Therefore this time I decided to go to a concert called “Gospel Brunch”.


I still vividly remember my father saying that when he went to listen to a gospel concert, his melancholy voice almost brought tears to his eyes.


I have so many memories of travel to New York with my parents, listening to Opera ”Un ballo in maschera, Verdi”, Musicals “Phantom of the Opera”, Jazz, eating delicious food, and so much more. I have told my father many times that singers don’t use a microphone in opera, but he still doesn’t believe me.


Surprisingly, my parents were especially happy to ride on a regular bus that was not for sightseeing. They were happy to be able to see the life of ordinary citizens. My parents travel to various cities, but since they often join tours offered by travel agencies, I think they don’t have opportunities to see normal life on a regular bus or train.

写真はブルックリン橋から撮ったマンハッタン。歩いてブルックリン橋からマンハッタンに向かうのは毎回私がNew Yorkに行く際に必ずすることです。

This photo is Manhattan taken from the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking from the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan is the most important thing I do every time I go to New York.

石炭と環境問題/Coal and Environmental Issues


Coal has contributed to the development of the world as an inexpensive and stable(※) energy source. It plays an especially important role for energy resource-poor countries such as Japan. (※) Reserves are available for 132 years and are not concentrated in any one region.


On the other hand, various goals have been set as part of a global effort to slow down ”Global Warming” as much as possible. We all know that coal, which emits a lot of Co2 when it is burned, is facing a huge headwind.


“Major private-sector financial groups such as MUFG, SMBC and Mizuho have also decided not to finance coal-fired power generation”. “As decarbonization efforts accelerate, the Japanese seven major trading companies are reviewing their businesses one after another, selling coal development projects that emit large amounts of CO2 and withdrawing from coal-fired power generation”.


With news like this, it is natural to wonder if there is any future for coal mining companies.


Now, let’s take a look at the actual situation. The global consumption of coal increased from 4.7 billion tons in 2000 to 8.0 billion tons in 2013, and has since leveled off, reaching about 7.6 billion tons in 2019. For the past decade, about half of the world’s coal has been consumed in China.

今後の見通しですが、IEA(International Energy Agency) のメインシナリオであるSTEPS(Stated Policies’ Scenario)(※)では、2019年から2040年にかけて平均年率0.6%ずつ減少するとしています。(※)STEPSとは、各国の政策や対策、目標、計画に基づいた予測値を指します。

As for the future outlook, the IEA’s (International Energy Agency) main scenario, STEPS (Stated Policies’ Scenario) (※), states that the average annual rate of decrease will be 0.6% between 2019 and 2040. (※) STEPS refers to projections based on policies, measures, targets, and plans of each country.

このシナリオでは地球温暖化の目標達成が出来ないため、同じくIEAが今話題のSDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)に則ったシナリオSDSも作成しています。このシナリオでは、石炭使用量は毎年5%減少し、2040年には2019年の1/3程度まで減少することを予測(期待)しています。

Since this scenario does not achieve the goal of global warming, the IEA has also created a scenario SDS in accordance with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which is also a hot topic today. This scenario predicts (or expects) that coal consumption will decrease by 5% every year, and by 2040, it will be about 1/3 of what it was in 2019.


There is a big difference between the two scenarios. I think there are many discussions about ”global warming” and ”SDGs”. The cost of renewable energy, the feasibility of new energy sources such as hydrogen, technology to absorb Co2, developments in countries such as China and India, technological innovations and change in mentality for energy conservation, I hope that human wisdom will be able to successfully deal with these issues.


Most of this blog is based on materials from JOGMEC (Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation).

Click to access 300373354.pdf

New York(1)

初めてNew Yorkに旅行したのは2002年の9月。2001年9月11日の悲劇が起こったとき、財務部門で投資に携わっていた私は、周りの会話についていけなかった。「僕が前住んでたのは86丁目で上の方だからその辺は平気」とか、「友達はタイムズスクエア辺りに勤めてるけど無事だったよ」とか。

The first time I traveled to New York was in September 2002, when the ”September 11 attack” occurred in 2001, I belonged to Investment Dept. And I couldn’t keep up with the conversations around me. I heard like, “I lived at 86th Street, so that area was okay,” and “My friend worked close to Times Square and he was safe”.

周りの人が全て、New Yorkについて何かしら語っているのに対し、New Yorkに知り合いも居なきゃ、行ったことも無い。どこに何があるのかも知らない。財務部門に居ながら、New Yorkの土地勘が無いって言うのは致命的だなあと落ち込んでいました。そんな理由で翌年にNew Yorkに旅行することに決めました。

All the people around me were talking about New York in some way, but I didn’t have friends in New York, I had no experiences of being there and I didn’t even know where anything was. I was depressed. And I thought that it was fatal for me to know nothing about New York, even though I was in the investment division. For this reason, I decided to take a trip to New York the following year.

今は、New YorkのAvenueとStreetは頭に入っていますが、New Yorkに行くまで全くそんなこと知りませんでした。「百聞は一見に如かず」、これは本当にその通りだと思います。

Now, I already know the Avenues and Streets of New York, but I didn’t know that at all until I went to New York. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I think this is really true.

ガイドブック「歩くニューヨーク」を読みちぎり、New York Loves Youというサイトの口コミを丁寧に読み、「観たいもの」、「やりたいこと」、「ホテル」、「レストラン」、「チケット」、「移動手段」、あれこれ調べまくったのを覚えています。事前準備は旅の楽しみの一つ、というのも実感しました。

I remember reading through the guidebook “Walking in New York,” reading carefully the reviews on the website “New York Loves You” , and doing a lot of research on “things to see,” “things to do,” “hotels,” “restaurants,” “tickets,” “transportation” and this and that. I realized that advance preparation is one of the joys of travel.


At the same time, I read about the many ”rip-offs” in the cabs going from JFK airport to Manhattan, dangers in the subway and other safety precautions, and I think I had a certain amount of anxiety. Since I was traveling alone, I could say that I was free to do as I pleased, but I think I also felt scared.

初のNew Yorkでは、自由の女神とかEmpire State buildingとか主要な観光名所に行きました。ミュージカルもまずは行かなきゃと思い、チケットを買った「レ・ミゼラブル」はいまだに最高のミュージカルだった、と思っています。

In my first visit to New York, I went to the “Statue of Liberty”, “Empire State Building” and other major tourist attractions. I bought a ticket to see “Les Misérables”, even though I was not sure I liked it or not. I really enjoyed “Les Misérables”, I still think it was the best musical I’ve ever seen.

こうして計5回のNew York旅行が始まりました。続く。

This is how I started my total of five trips to New York. To be continued.




There were 13,550 cases of ”Special Fraud” which are mainly conducted via phone, in 2020, and the amount of damage was around USD265M. I am sure that not all of the cases was reported to the police, and there are probably a significant number of cases that have been resolved through settlements.


The penalty for fraud in Japan is imprisonment for up to 10 years.


The victim has the right to demand the return of the money, but if the perpetrator does not have the ability to return the money, the victim cannot get the money back. I think the most important thing is to ”be careful not to become a victim of fraud”.


I thought it would be a good idea if there was an app to prevent fraudulent attacks. So I did some research and found out that “There is”. One of the most famous is “whoscall,” which was developed in Taiwan.


I explain the mechanism briefly, when you receive a call from a phone number that is not registered in your mobile phone, the app will provide you with information on the classification of the caller, such as “courier,” “real estate agent,” or “international fraud group” (I hope the app should submit the information of number and holder to the police, if the app knows that), the app advise the receiver whether the one should answer or not.


You may say “Did you know it just now?” I’m impressed that they’ve developed such a useful service. Do you know about this app?


On the other hand, if you look up “app” and “scam/fraud” via website, you will find that there have been some problems related to mobile apps, such as being charged a lot of money for what was said to be a free app. We have to be careful.


I believe that the progress of such apps and AI is remarkable, and I would be happy if they could create a system to prevent fraud and catch criminals. I would like the police to address arresting and preventing fraud. Even though I know that they are putting a lot of effort into this.


The reason why I am suddenly writing a blog on this subject is because I received an apparent scam email. I won’t be cheated!!

英語の勉強あれこれ(1)Studying English (1)


There was an TV announcer who once said, “Learning is fun”. I thought it was quite a challenging statement for me, as I had no choice but to study. I still respect people who can think like that.


Long time ago, boss at that moment said to me ”Let’s go to USA for business trip!”. I was so nervous about USA business trip, I studied English early in the morning and went to an English conversation school. I really felt relieved when that business trip was cancelled.


Gaba, a one-on-one English school, had a lot of unpleasant foreign male teachers. They looked like they should be playing bass guitar at “Duran Duran”. Maybe I was just jealous of them because they were so cool. I thought they enjoyed night life at Roppongi.


I couldn’t pronounce “liver” correctly at all and learned how hard it is to pronounce it correctly. I still remember how disappointed I was on the train on the way home, thinking that I would probably never be able to do it. Even now, I am confident that I cannot pronounce it correctly. But it’s okay. I’ll talk the word while holding my left belly.


In Japanese companies, TOEIC test scores are very important. I’ve heard that it can even affect your promotion in some companies. I have always been good at multiple-choice test. I’ve been well trained. I used to get correct answer for the trick questions thinking, “I’m not fooled by those trick questions”.

次回に続く/To be continued

マラパスクア島/Malapascua Island


Malapascua Island is located in the northern part of Cebu. Depending on how congested the traffic is, it may take about four hours by car from Cebu Mactan Airport to reach the boat terminal. After about a 40-minute boat ride, we can arrive at Malapascua Island.

マラパスクア島はスクーバダイビングをする人にはとても有名です。ほとんどのダイバーはニタリをみるためにマラパスクア島を訪れます。ニタリを観るダイビングは”Monad Shoal”というダイビングスポットですが、色々と独特です。まだ暗闇の朝5時過ぎ(寝坊は絶対に出来ません)にボートに乗り込み、30メートル程度の深さのところでロープに捕まり、正座の姿勢でニタリが来るのを待ちます。

Malapascua Island is very famous among scuba divers. Most divers come to Malapascua Island to see the Thresher Shark. The dive site where you can see them is called “Monad Shoal”, and it is unique in many ways. You get on the boat after 5:00 in the morning when it is still dark (you are never allowed overslept), get caught on a rope at a depth of about 30 meters, and wait in an upright position for thresher sharks to come.


We also tried to dive for hammer sharks, but we didn’t see any. The excitement of waiting for the hammer sharks in the deep water with not much light is indescribable. The Russian women who dived with us were so excited and shouting “I saw them, there were,”. We felt so defeated because we couldn’t see it. I have yet to see a hammer shark.


Picture was taken at Malapascua Island and video of elegant thresher sharks

クラブ・パラダイス/Club Paradise

フィリピン観光の魅力と言えば、海の美しさが外せないと思います。本日紹介するクラブ・パラダイスはパラワン島の北に位置するブスアンガ空港からほど近い、Dimaquiat Islandにある高級リゾートです。下の写真をご覧いただけば分かる通り海の美しさは目を見張るものがあります。ブスアンガ空港はコロン島に行く方も使う空港です。また、クラブパラダイスからもコロン島を訪問するツアーに申し込めます。

When it comes to tourism in the Philippines, I think the beauty of the ocean cannot be overlooked. The Club Paradise I’m going to introduce today is a luxury resort located on Dimaquiat Island, not far from Busuanga Airport in the north of Palawan Island. As you can see from the photos below, the beauty of the ocean is stunning. Busuanga Airport is also used by people going to Coron Island. You can also sign up for a tour to visit Coron Island from Club Paradise.


Unfortunately, my last stay was very short, only two days and one night, so I think I didn’t fully enjoy stay at Club Paradise. I remember Club Paradise operated by Discovery Group, which manages luxury resorts, was the one of the best in terms of accommodations, restaurants, island hopping, and transportation to and from the airport.


I have voucher that can be used until the end of 2022, so I would love to revisit when the covid19 pandemic calms down. Last time, I think my drone photography skills were inexperienced, probably because I had just bought it. Next time, I would like to take drone photos and videos that fully express the charms of Club Paradise.


I post some photos and videos.



It was in 1887 that Esperanto was invented and published as a second language for all people in the world. I think the idea is great, because the structure is organized so that it is easy for everyone to learn, and it is fair enough that it is not everyone’s native language. However, it is a fact that English is overwhelmingly used as if it were a universal language.


I had thought that Esperanto had completely died out. I did a little research and found that this is not true, and there is an article that says it is regaining popularity due to Covid19 pandemic, and that the Brexit is also having an effect. Some people are wondering why the French and Germans are using English in the EU.


I found out after some research that “Esperanto” has the noble meaning of “one who hopes”. Even though Esperanto is becoming a little more popular, there are only a little over a million people using it around the world, so it may be far from the initial goal.


If we really want to promote Esperanto, how about making it the official language of the Olympics and Paralympics? French and English have been designated as the official languages of the International Olympics Committee (IOC), with French being the first official language. I think Esperanto would fit in better with the Olympic philosophy. I have not been able to find out the official language of the International Paralympic Committee, but I think it is probably the same as the IOC. Please advise me if you know.


The reason why I suddenly remembered Esperanto is because I saw the picture of “Tower of Babel” in Vienna when I was sorting my photos. It is said that God was angry (or afraid) that mankind was trying to build a tower so high that it could reach the skies, so he broke up the languages of people all over the world. I think it is ideal for all the people to be able to communicate without language barriers.

写真は「バベルの塔」Picture is “Tower of Babel”

フィリピンの船員さん/Filipino Seamen

Mr. とかMs.ではなく、Dr.やAtty.といった職業を敬称とする場合には、いつも、かっこいいなあと思います。フィリピンには、Capt.という敬称を持っていらっしゃる方が日本人にも少なからずいらっしゃいます。私の友達にも居ます。題名から想像できると思いますが、Captain(船長)の略です。

I always think it’s cool when people use honorifics such as Dr. or Atty. instead of Mr. or Ms.. In the Philippines, there are people who have the honorific “Capt.” including the Japanese. Some of my friends have it. As you can imagine from the title, it stands for Captain.


It is said that there are about 1.6 million seamen in the world, and 25% of them, or about 400,000, are Filipinos. Filipino seamen is the largest number by nationality. Japan highly depends on imports of resources, food, and other goods from overseas, and in terms of weight, almost all of these are imported by shipping. Therefore, it can be said that without shipping, Japan would not be able to exist, and without the Filipinos seamen who support shipping, Japan also would not be able to exist.


In the case of Japanese shipping companies, such as NYK, MOL, and K-Line etc., there is data showing that about 70% of the crew are Filipinos. There are also companies that have established schools to train seamen. I believe that many Japanese shipping companies highly rely on the Philippines. My friend Capt. X is also an expatriate from a Japanese shipping company.


For the past couple of months, I think the shipping companies have been the most active in the Japanese stock market, and there is no doubt that their strong performance is thanks to the Filipino seamen.


There are many deep connections between Japan and the Philippines. I want to tell everyone that it is the Filipinos who are supporting Japan’s shipping industry.

参考文献は以下の通りです。いずれも興味深い内容ですのでお時間あれば一読ください。The references are as follows, written in Japanese.

食品ロス/Food Loss


I think the word “mottainai” is a wonderful word in the Japanese language, but the food loss in Japan are not commendable, and the word “mottainai” and the reality are far apart, which makes me sad. There are many times when I have thrown away vegetables, and I feel sorry for myself. I’ve also thrown away a lot of spices.


One of the targets of the SDGs is to eliminate food loss. The SDGs themselves do not always satisfy me wholeheartedly, because I am not sure the balances between achievement for SDGs targets and sacrifices, especially economic losses can be reconciled.


On the other hand, there are many things that can be achieved by each individual’s actions and efforts. There are many things that can be achieved without straining or inconveniencing our lives. For most people, not wasting energies, foods, and water is achievable without extraordinal efforts.


I would like to take care of the following things to reduce food loss as much as possible. I am ashamed that my current level is too primitive.

- 買い物に行く前に冷蔵庫の中味を確認する / Check the contents of refrigerator before shopping.

- 自炊をするならば継続させる、継続できないなら自炊はしない / If I cook for myself, keep it up. If I can’t keep it up, don’t cook for myself.

- 冷凍など保存に工夫する / Consider best way of preservation i.e. freezing

- 余った食べ物を有効活用できる料理を学ぶ / Learn how to cook to make the most of leftover ingredients


I’m sure there are others, anyhow I would like to try to live a more earth-friendly life.


The photo shows a minestrone style vegetable soup made with leftover vegetables and pasta sauce that I couldn’t seem to use up. I think it is a food that is kind to the body and to the earth.

マニラからダイビング/Diving from Manila


I was grown up in Gifu Prefecture, where there is no ocean, and I never thought I would experience diving. Of course, I knew about diving, but I thought it was a hobby that only a few rich people were allowed to do. The world is unpredictable, even for my future.


The reason I started diving was a simple invitation from Mr. M, a good friend of mine at the time I worked for non-life insurance company in Manila, “I’m going to get my diving license with President T of Company A and Financial Officer I of Company B. Would you like to join us? “. Both Company A and Company B were very important clients, so without a moment’s hesitation, I replied, “Yes, By all means! “


My motives may have been impure, but I believe that being able to enjoy diving casually is a privilege of being stationed in Manila. That’s why I recommend diving to many people.


Due to the nature of diving, it is not allowed to fly for 24 hours after diving. Therefore, if you go diving by airplane, you will have to spend at least two days. Considering the major cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, you have to fly to get to the dive sites.


Manila, on the other hand, has a diving spot called Anilao Batangas, about a two-hour drive away from Manila, where you can enjoy one-day diving. It’s a great diving spot, even though I don’t know all the diving spots in the world.


Although it is not possible to come and go freely at this moment, I think it is a great option to come to the Philippines to get a diving license. In fact, I think a lot of people are doing so. There are also dive shop run by Japanese, so I don’t think there will be any language problems.


Pictures are taken at Anilao/Batangas

プエルト・ガレラ/Puerto Galera


The divers living in Manila/NCR most probably have been to Batangas Anilao. I think I’ve done more than half of my dives in Anilao, even though I don’t keep accurate records of dives I’ve done.


There is a place where divers gather, Puerto Galera at Mindoro Island, about an hour boat ride from Batangas. I think a lot of divers have been to Puerto Galera and enjoyed diving there. Of course, it is also a place that non-divers can enjoy, and I remember that when I first went to Puerto Galera, it was not for diving.


The scenery of Sabang Beach approaching by bunker boat and the lodges nestled into the mountainside made us always excited. I don’t know about now, but before the Covid19 pandemic, there welcomed all kinds of tourists, including Westerners, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and of course Filipino.


I wish I had taken more pictures, I post some of them.

確定拠出年金/Defined Contribution Pension Plan


I don’t remember exactly when the company which I worked for before changed from a “defined benefit pension plan” to a “defined contribution pension plan”. I think it was probably already changed before in 2000. I think the reason behind the change was that the “defined benefit pension plan”, which guaranteed a higher expected interest rate, could no longer be supported due to the decline in interest rates.


I still hold a ”defined contribution pension plan” after my retirement from Japanese company. Because I live overseas, I am not allowed to make any new contributions, only to transfer the assets/mutual funds I have invested in.


While the “defined contribution pension plan” in Japan offers tax benefits, withdrawals are not allowed until age 60. Therefore, all I can do is try my best to increase my assets until I turn 60 years old.


I have a total of 25 mutual funds to choose from, including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, and REITs etc., and I would like to invest a certain amount of money in a “pure gold mutual fund” in order to somewhat prepare for a major decline in the value of money worldwide (hyperinflation, etc.). I don’t want to imagine a world in which the price of gold rises much higher than it is now.

DeepL 翻訳ツール/Translation tool


I started working overseas as an expatriate in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006, Singapore in 2007, Manila in the Philippines from 2008 to 2013, and back to Japan for 4 years before returning to Manila in 2017. This means that I have already been working abroad for more than 11 years.


It is a strange fate that I am still working abroad, even though I did not have a strong desire to work abroad.


I’ve never been good at English, and even though I’ve been working overseas for 11 years, I still have a lot of room for improvement in my English. On the other hand, I have gained a lot of experience, now I can send emails without taking that much time, before it used to take me a long time to send an email in English.


When I started my blog, I thought it would be better to send out the same kind of content in English as well as Japanese. At first, I translated Japanese into English in my own way. I thought I would try using a translation tool some time ago, so I searched a bit. The best translation tool I found is DeepL. I think it does a pretty good job of accurate translation. I recommend DeepL to you.

ASEAN諸国の通信株/Telecommunications stocks in ASEAN countries


Today, I would like to introduce the telecommunication stocks of ASEAN countries. It is hard to foresee the end of the Covid19 pandemic. I cannot imagine life without communications now, whether we are inside or outside the house. Therefore when investing in stocks, I think telecommunication stocks are worth owning.


ASEAN is made up of 10 countries, and this time I have chosen to focus on the telecom companies with the largest market capitalization in 6 countries as shown below. The telecommunication companies may have various business models such as “fixed-line”, “mobile”, “Internet”, “other financial business”, etc., and the regulatory and competitive environment may also vary, generally speaking, it seems that telecommunication companies in each country have established high position in their own way.

CountryCompany NameMarket Cap.
Market cap Ranking
IndonesiaTelecom Indonesia23.233
ThailandAdvanced Info Service16.554
VietnamFPT Corp.3.7216


PLDT in the Philippines, along with Globe of the Ayala conglomerate, are two of the biggest telecom companies in the Philippines. Nearly everyone has a cell phone, and I think the company has good growth potential as an industry. NTT, a Japanese Telecom giant dispatched two directors to PLDT. The dividend yield is high, and I think it is an attractive stock to own. I hope the stock will rise steadily.