卒業旅行(4)/Graduation travel(4)


For my graduation trip from the end of February to the end of March 1992, I stayed mostly in youth hostels, in shared rooms of 4 or 6 people, and I think Japanese people tended to stay in the same room with other Japanese people, and we exchanged information about our trip there. Sometimes I stayed with Germans, I remember feeling lonely because I could not express what I wanted to say in English even though they spoke in English. I think the price was about 2000 yen per night.


In London, I was attracted by a flyer I received at the train station for a cheap hotel, and when I entered the room, I saw a woman. I thought I made a mistake and rushed to leave, but was told that it was a shared room with men and women. Whenever the woman came down from the bed above me, I felt something strange. I was afraid of other guests also, so I remember sleeping with my luggage as a pillow. I don’t think I’ll ever stay in a hotel with men – women shared rooms again.


Following the advice in the guidebook about the dangers of carrying a lot of cash, I think I took dollar traveler’s checks with me, and when I was about to run out of money, I cashed the checks at the bank and exchanged them for local currency. In 1992, EURO was not yet in circulation, so I used various currencies such as French francs, German marks, Austrian shillings, and Italian lira. Looking back now, I realize that Europe has changed a lot before and after the EU and EURO. I think traveler’s check is now no more circulated, I think I had precious experiences.


After leaving Venice, I went to Florence. I remember being very impressed by the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the view from there, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery, etc. It was a city full of European history. I thought the combination of green and pink was a bit strange, but it was artistic. Thinking that Italians has number one artistic sense. Florence was really a wonderful city. I left Florence to Rome.


After getting off the train at Termini station in Rome, I felt a little scared because it was so crowded. The clothes of the people on the street were somehow flashy and cool, and there were tourists from all over the world. My previous itineraries had somehow been dominated by Japanese, but Rome is by far the most popular tourist destination in the world. St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain… the sights are all extraordinary, and I can understand why Princess Anne said that Rome was special in “Roman Holiday. I remember feeling both envious and embarrassed when I saw a Japanese couple riding a Vespa, who seemed to have been influenced by the Roman holiday.


I think I had something to think about. I changed my itinerary and took the night train from Rome to Vienna.


I’m going to make the next blog about my graduation trip the last one.


卒業旅行(3)/Graduation travel(3)


I left Germany for Austria. It was about 30 years ago, so my memory is a bit hazy, but I didn’t seem to be surprised by the scenery from the train windows anymore. I do remember that when we crossed the border, an official with a pistol came to check my passport. I don’t remember exactly which border it was.


In Austria, I went to Salzburg first. It was the birthplace of Mozart, and the melody of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ran through my head. Just thinking that Mozart spent his younger days here made me happy. Nowadays, Japanese actress Miki Nakatani lives in Salzburg. Recently, I saw that she introduced Salzburg on TV, still a good place.


After there, I went to Vienna. As a lover of classical music, I had a special feeling about going to Vienna. At dusk on a Saturday, a female music student was playing her violin on the street, and I was really, really moved by her performance. I remember thinking, “This is the capital of music,” and throwing some money from my meager possessions into the instrument case. I went back to Vienna in 2013, but I found the Vienna I visited in 1992 to be much nicer than the one where many touts in musician’s wigs were looking for tourists.


In Vienna, I met a couple of women from the same university and I invited them for dinner. I did not have enough money, so I spent very little money on food, but that day was special, we had a nice dinner at a restaurant and a great time talking about trip.


The guidebooks were full of information about the troubles that can occur when traveling abroad. It was my first time to travel abroad, and I was a solo traveler. I remember feeling nervous about many things. I traveled from Vienna to Venice by night train. Of course, I did not have enough money to travel in a first-class or second-class carriage with beds, but in a compartment. I looked for Japanese travelers at the train station, and Japanese travelers occupied the compartment. I had the impression that Italy was particularly scary.


Venice is a city of water, but I didn’t have the money for a gondola ride, so I wandered around St. Mark’s Square on foot. Luckily, there were many people in costumes, and I was impressed by the scenery that I often see on TV. I brought a limited amount of film with me, so I didn’t take any pictures, which was a shame. Nowadays, I would have taken a video with my smartphone.

まだまだ続く。To be continued

卒業旅行(2)/Graduation travel(2)


I was asked how much money I had at immigration office of Heathrow Airport . I think it was about 200,000 yen, but I had a hard time saying it in English in UK pounds. It was a 28-day trip to Europe, and expenses for accommodation, transportation was not yet paid. Only 200,000 yen seemed not to be enough, of course I didn’t have a credit card. I cannot deny my plan was reckless.


When we arrived in London, the three of us explored Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. I don’t remember where we stayed, but after exploring London together for about two days, M. went to Scotland, and K. and I moved separately to France. This was the beginning of my solo trip.


As a cynical person, I had no interest in the city of Paris, and instead of staying overnight or sightseeing, I took the TGV and looked at France through the windows. Once we left Paris, the idyllic scenery quickly spread out and we arrived in Geneva in no time.


As a person who was familiar with ”Heidi”, I had a special attachment to Switzerland, and when I looked at Lake Geneva, I remember being deeply moved for no reason, thinking, “I finally got to look at Lake Geneva. Prices in Switzerland have been incredibly high since then, and I spent over 1,000 yen at McDonalds. I thought I ordered a coffee, but Coke was handed, I think my English was terrible.


In Switzerland, I visited Bern, the capital, and Zurich, the financial center. I have a strong impression that the city was beautiful. Also, the scenery from the train windows was wonderful.


After leaving Switzerland, the next stop was Munich. I met my university friends at the Munich train station, rented a car, and went to Neuschwanstein Castle. I still wonder how we were able to meet up with each other without cell phones or e-mail.


Let’s hit the Autobahn! So my friend was driving and I was scurrying around, cheering him on as he drove. Even though the speed limit was unlimited, we couldn’t go faster than 140km/h, and we got overtaken more and more.


The Neuschwanstein Castle may be the most famous castle in the world, this was most probably of the obsession of King Ludwig II. I took pictures of it in the lingering snow. There were no digital cameras yet. I brought many rolls of film with me from Japan, but there was no way I could just delete pictures like digital cameras, so I was so nervous at the time of taking pictures.


After leaving my friends in Munich, I went to Rosenburg, which is famous for the Romantic Road. Rosenburg is probably only famous among Japanese people. There seemed to be a lot of Japanese people, especially women. I had finished a jigsaw puzzle called “Romantic Road” a long time ago, so it was a place I couldn’t miss.


To be continued.

卒業旅行/Graduation travel


In Japan, almost all university students go to travel before graduation. I am not sure still there is such culture or not, however at the time I graduated from university, definitely there was. I went on a graduation trip at the end of February 1992, when I was 22 years old.


Some of my friends went on overseas trips during their summer vacation, on the other hand, I belonged to a sports club, so I spent my summer vacation practicing/training, that’s why my graduation trip was my first trip abroad. Further more, I had never even been on an airplane before, including domestic ones.


I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t study much when I was in university, and I hadn’t even finished my graduation thesis yet, so I was planning my graduation trip while somehow writing my graduation thesis with a word processor. There was no Internet, and I remember very vividly the time when I made plans by looking at European train timetables (Thomas Cook) and guidebooks, even though it was almost 30 years ago.


The three of us from the same sports club left for London. We decided to travel separately from London, I and Mr. K planned to meet up with in London about a month later, and Mr. M had to go back to Japan after two weeks travel. Anyway I started traveling alone.


I could barely speak English, I didn’t have enough money (at Heathrow airport, I was asked at immigration how much money I had), and in hindsight, it was a really reckless trip, but I can definitely say that it is still a great asset to me.


1992 was the year of the Barcelona Olympics, so a lot of Japanese university students visited Barcelona, especially Sagrada Familia. However, as a cynical person, I decided not to visit Barcelona just because I didn’t want to do the same thing as everyone else.


The itinerary was to travel to 7 countries in 28 days: England – France – Switzerland – Germany – Austria – Italy – Belgium – England(again).


I didn’t have much money, so I stayed at a youth hostel instead of a hotel. I remember having a hard time finding a hostel because they were not located in the center of town. I think there were so many Japanese students on their graduation trips at the same time. When I tried to ask for directions, I was asked to show them the travel guide book which almost all Japanese students have. I met a lot of my Japanese friends during travel.


Big Ben in London and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and so one really impressed me a lot. I cannot write all of my memories in one day, so I will leave the rest for next time.

Good Morning

Morning glow on 21st September, from my room


Good morning, everyone. Today’s morning glow was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but take a picture of it. This level of photo is the limit of my smartphone, and I couldn’t fully show the fine differences in red and orange colors that I see with the naked eye in the photo. Since it was a beautiful morning glow, I should have paid a little more attention to the settings.


When I think of “morning glow,” I always recall a Japanese song, “Daitokai(Big City)” by Crystal King.
This is very old song, but very nice song, if you have time, I recommend you to watch and listen to Youtube.


There is a new sunrise, and a new day begins. Since I spend most of the day in my room where I live alone, I don’t get to exchange greetings much anymore. This is my greeting through my blog.

Good Morningというと、色々な映画や音楽があるのでしょうが、私は「雨に唄えば」の中の「Good Morning」を思い出します。正統派のミュージカルだな、とつくづく思います。

When I think of “Good Morning”, I think of “Good Morning” from “Singing in the Rain”, although there are many movies and music about “Good Morning”. I really think it’s a legitimate musical.



I don’t know how many restaurants there are in the world. I don’t know how many restaurants have regrettably closed their doors in this Covid19 pandemic. Even here in Manila, some of my favorite restaurants was forced to close. I feel really sad. I’m sure there are a lot of restaurants that don’t even know they’re closed. I really hate this Covid19 pandemic.


Today I had a dinner at a nearby restaurant for the first time in more than one month. Since the beginning of August, the restaurants in my area became take-out only. Just recently, municipal relaxed the rule that only fully vaccinated people can eat and drink inside the restaurant, but even then, it is limited to less than 10% of the restaurant’s capacity. Eating and drinking outside the restaurant is also allowed, but it is limited to less than 30% of the restaurant’s capacity, which must be difficult for the restaurant to survive.


I’ve been cooking for myself for over a month, and I realized that I was getting tired of the same old dishes that I always make. Today, I was going to cook something with meat from the freezer and vegetables from the refrigerator, but somehow I lost the will to cook for myself, and I went to a nearby pork cutlet restaurant called “Maisen”.


It’s strange because beer is the same whether I drink it at home or at a restaurant, but somehow it tastes better when I drink it at a restaurant. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten out, so I ordered some things that I wouldn’t normally order. I think I should contribute to the restaurant’s sales even if only a little.


Maybe I don’t need to go out to restaurants every day, but I decided to go to restaurants that I don’t want to be closed in order to help them run. At any rate, I hope that the Covid19 pandemic will be under control and we can all get together and enjoy good food and drink in a normal way.



Since I started blogging, I’ve had more opportunities to look at photos, read through my travel notes, and recall this and that about my old trips. I’m glad that memories that I had forgotten about are coming back to me. It is difficult to go on a trip now, but I have enough time to look back on my past trips, and I think it would be fun to enjoy them.

プラハには2013年5月に行った。「プラハ – ブダペスト – ウィーンの旅」の開始はプラハだった。どういうきっかけで手に取ったか忘れてしまったが、米原真理さんの「嘘つきアーニャの真っ赤な真実」は名著です。筆者がプラハのソビエト学校で過ごした時の友達について書かれた本。色々な国から集まった友達との軽妙な会話などを記しており、衝撃をうけた。この本に出会ったことが、中央ヨーロッパに旅に出ることを決めたきっかけであったことを今頃思い出した。

I went to Prague in May 2013. It was in Prague that I started my “Prague – Budapest – Vienna Trip”. I don’t remember how I picked it up, but Mari Yonehara’s “The truth told by a liar Anya” is a great book. It is a book about the author’s friends from her time at a Soviet school in Prague. I was shocked to read about the light-hearted conversations she had with her friends from different countries. I remember now that meeting this book was the trigger for my decision to travel to Central Europe.


Since I became interested in Prague, I’ve been picking up Prague travel guides and planning my trip. Places to go, things to see, this and that. I really enjoyed planning to go to the Estate Theatre where Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni” was premiered, to walk around the old town, and to buy bohemian glass shot glasses for myself.


In Prague, it rained heavily on the way from the airport to the hotel, I struggled to get from the airport to the hotel, and I went to the opera that night when I took a midnight flight. That is why, I didn’t enjoy the opera while fighting with sleep. The plan itself may have been unreasonable. The next day, the weather was not so good, and my plan to walk around the old town was not realized, so I don’t remember enjoying it much.


The next night in Prague, I enjoyed ”Aida” at the Prague State Opera House. Prague has at least two world-class opera houses, and I was impressed by the fact that I could enjoy opera every day.

プラハではトラムにお世話になった。土地の乗り物を乗りこなすことは楽しく、有益だったが、何故か道に迷うことが多く、日記には方向音痴の自分を責めるコメントが多い。今ならスマートフォンで道に迷うことも無いだろうが、8年前はそんなものは使っておらず、道に迷ったんでしょう。ただ、いきなり目的地に到着する感動はそれなりのもので、Google Mapに頼らない旅、というのも悪くないと思う。計画は立てるものの色々な変更事項あり、ビールを飲みながら計画を練り直すのも楽しかったと記憶している。

In Prague, I often took tram, it was fun and efficient, however, I don’t know why I got lost so often, and there are many comments in my diary blaming me for being directionless. Nowadays, we probably wouldn’t get lost with a smart phone, but eight years ago, I didn’t use such things, and I was lost. On the other hands, the excitement of arriving at a destination out of the blue is something special, and I think it’s not bad to travel without relying on Google Maps. Although I had a plan, I had to make various changes, and I remember that it was fun to rethink the plan over a beer.


Prague is very famous for its stained glass. I took pictures of various stained glass windows. I understand why people recommend Prague. I would like to revisit it if I have enough time. It’s not that high on my priority list. I can’t deny that was influenced by the weather at the time of my last travel.

フィリピンでゴルフ/Golf in the Philippines

本日は、普段あまり行くことの無い、アンティポロのSun Valley Golf Clubというゴルフ場でゴルフ。天気が素晴らしく、風も心地よく、途中でビールを飲むこともでき(私が通常行くゴルフ場では現在酒類の提供を禁止しています)、最高のゴルフでした。

Today, I played golf at the Sun Valley Golf Club in Antipolo, a golf course I don’t usually go to. The weather was beautiful, the breeze was pleasant, and I even had a beer on the way (the golf course I usually go to now prohibits the serving of alcoholic beverages). It was a wonderful golf


My score wasn’t great at all, but that didn’t matter, I just had a great time. The blue of the sky and the white clouds on the grass were so stunning that I was constantly taking pictures. It’s really wonderful.


Antipolo is the capital of Rizal Province, next to Metro Manila, and about an hour’s drive from Makati, where I live. It already seems to be densely populated, but I have a feeling that it will continue to develop more and more. Today, I was the only Japanese and the other members were Filipinos. We usually play golf with only Japanese people, but it’s nice to have such an opportunity once in a while.

Sun Valleyは名前の通り、アップダウンの激しい丘陵コースです。打ち上げや打ち下ろしが多く、なかなか距離感が掴みにくかったです。また、かなりフェアウェイが狭いので、コントロール重視でないとスコアになりませんね。こういうところでゴルフをしていたら上手になるよな、というゴルフ場でした。

Sun Valley, as the name suggests, is a hilly course with many ups and downs. There are a lot of uphill and downhill shots, so it was hard to get a good sense of distance. Also, the fairways are quite narrow, so I need to focus on control to score well. It was the kind of golf course where I would get better at golf if I often played there.



It was 2012 when I visited Athens, Greece. I think it was in 2011 that the Greek crisis was widely reported in Japan and around the world. Greece is a country that cannot be missed when talking about the history of the world. Okay, let’s go there. So I went.


I was living in Manila at the time, and I remember that when I went to European countries, it was via Dubai. I remember that I took a budget airline from Dubai to Greece.


From the train window on the way from the airport to the city, I was impressed by the somewhat desolate landscape with many olive trees growing on land that did not seem very fertile.


From the hotel, I was able to enjoy the illuminated Parthenon. I do not think it was a very expensive hotel, but I was already satisfied with it.


For someone like me, who is not very imaginative, ruins with only pillars remaining are a difficult tourist attraction, to be honest. It may be difficult to restore them perfectly, but for me, I think it would be better to recreate the majesty of the past.


I also admired a variety of sculptures. My limitation is that I can only have a conventional impression that there must be valuable things on display.


The aftermath of the financial collapse included demonstrations and deployment of police and military forces in some parts of the country, but there were many elegant people enjoying beers at cafes and restaurants on weekday afternoons, and I remember thinking that the financial collapse of a country is not linked to personal happiness.


I will probably never go to Athens again, but it is valuable to write down my memories of the trip. From Athens, I took another cheap flight to Istanbul. Istanbul is also a city that always appears in the history of the world.



I’m not an expert on opera. But I think that opera is one of the most important art forms in the world, because it is performed by an orchestra, and many star singers sing and dance on a gorgeous stage, wearing splendid costumes.


Hence, opera is horribly expensive. Tickets are disgustingly expensive. Although it was eventually cancelled, the tickets for the Teatro alla Scala’s performance in Japan cost 69,000 yen(USD680) for S seats. It’s just too expensive.

その点、New Yorkのメトロポリタン歌劇場といった欧米のオペラ劇場では、シーズンになればほぼ毎日それこそ、今を時めく歌手が豪華絢爛の舞台で美声を轟かせているのですから、旅行に行くとついついオペラに行ってしまいます。ウィーンの国立歌劇場は私に言わせると高すぎます。その点New Yorkのメトロポリタン歌劇場は何とか手の届く金額で鑑賞できます。

On the other hand, almost all opera theaters in Europe and the United States, such as the Metropolitan Opera in New York, are somehow affordable. They have the most talented singers of the day roaring their beautiful voices on the gorgeous stage almost every day of the season, so when I travel, I tend to go to the opera. However, the Vienna State Opera is, in my opinion, too expensive.


All my appreciations of opera are enjoyed when I travel abroad. In the order I remember them


The Marriage of Figaro” … at the Metropolitan in New York. I had dinner at a bar before the opera and somehow met a Spaniard and we hit it off. We drank a lot of alcohol. I thought “I shouldn’t sleep”, but I slept for quite a while. It was the most luxurious sleep I’ve ever had.


Un ballo in maschera” … at the Metropolitan in New York with my parents. I was overwhelmed by the powerful voice of the singer. I was surprised that my father, who I thought would surely fall asleep during the performance, stayed awake until the end.


”Don Giovanni” … at the Estate Theatre in the Prague. The same show where the first performance took place. I don’t know if I was expecting too much or if it was just a bad match. I was not able to be satisfied with the performance.


“Aida” … at the Prague State Opera House. I hadn’t originally planned to go, but I wasn’t too happy with Don Giovanni, so I took my revenge. It makes the Japanese want to cheer for the Japanese national soccer team, doesn’t it?


“Madame Butterfly” … at the Hungarian State Opera House. This opera is very familiar to Japanese people. The sad voice of Madame Butterfly is very impressive. Kimono did not fit for main cast, but it didn’t matter to me. I was convinced by the unending applause for Madame Butterfly


“Carmen”…at the Metropolitan in New York. Watched it in the front row (although the front row isn’t the most expensive). I didn’t like Carmen or Jose, but I was attracted to the sadness of Micaela. Not only me, but also the audience agreed. The biggest applause was given to Micaëla, and the performers were happy to see her in tears, which still remains in my mind. If I dare to rank them, this is the best.


In a normal classical concert, people don’t applaud in the middle of a piece until it is over, but in an opera, people applaud after an aria. I like this style better.

ニューヨーク(3)/New York(3)

ニューヨーク(2)では、両親と行ったNew Yorkについてブログに書きました。最後に行ったNew Yorkは2019年2月。それは、友達とご一緒させていただきました。全てバラバラな場所から集合。一人は東京から、一人は香港から、一人はお隣フィラデルフィアから、そして私はマニラから。

In New York (2), I blogged about New York, where I went with my parents. The last time I went to New York was in February 2019. It was with friends. We gathered from all different places. One was from Tokyo, one from Hong Kong, one from Philadelphia, and I was from Manila.

共通点は、昔マニラで一緒に過ごしていた友達ということ。所謂New YorkでReunionをさせていただきました。今はそんなことは出来そうも無いから寂しい限りです。2月だったから、当然寒くて、常夏のマニラからの参加で身体が対応できるかな、と心配に思ったのを記憶しています。東京経由だったので、東京でホッカイロをしこたま買ったの覚えています。

What we had in common was that we were friends who used to spend time together in Manila. We had a reunion in New York. I miss because I don’t think I can do that now under this circumstances. It was February, so of course it was cold, and I remember wondering if my body would be able to handle the temperature, because I came from Manila where it was always summer. I bought a lot of pocket warmers in Tokyo because my flight was one stop at Tokyo.


The four of us got together, ate hamburgers, went to Central Park. We really wanted to go to Peter Luger, so we went there. It was more of an event than a meal. I’m sure it was delicious, but my memory of being happy is stronger.

僕はNew Yorkにもっと長くとどまりたかったので、一人でNY散策。フィラデルフィアの友達は職場復帰。二人は南米に足を延ばしマチュピチュへ。最高のRenioinの思い出です。

I wanted to stay in New York longer, so I stayed New York by myself. My friend in Philadelphia went back to work. The two of friends went to South America to visit Machu Picchu. It was the best Reunion memory.

写真はEmpire Stateからの夜景。本当に見事としか言いようが無いですね。

This photo shows the night view from Empire State. It’s truly stunning.


I also took a few other photos of my memories

Empire state of mindは大好きな曲。今から思えば、MVに出てくる場所をとことん攻めるという手もあったなあと後悔。もう一度NYに行く機会あれば、出来る限り訪問し、Jay Zになった気分を味わいたい。

“Empire state of mind” is one of my favorite songs. In hindsight, I regret that I could have tried to visit all the places that appear in the music video. If I have a chance to visit New York again, I want to visit as many places as I can and feel like Jay Z.

海外旅行で美術館/Museums on overseas trips


When I traveled abroad, especially to Europe and the United States, I sometimes went to museums thinking that it would be a loss if I didn’t go. However, when I was living in Tokyo, I had never been to a museum. I am sure there are many paintings worth seeing in Tokyo.


This may be because I relied on travel guidebooks too much. This is because most museums in Europe and the United States are usually rated 5 stars (must visit). Guidebooks contain detailed information on how to get around the museum and how to efficiently view the paintings in a limited amount of time. It’s interesting to see how satisfied I am when I follow those instructions. Seeing the paintings shown in the art textbooks with my own eyes is certainly an uplifting experience, like finding a treasure hunt.


But in hindsight, it was that’s all for me. I don’t think I would have remembered which paintings moved me or anything if I hadn’t left them in my photographs.


I think that if I knew the background of the paintings and the life of the artists, I would be able to enjoy the fun of painting even more, but for now, I honestly think that “I can’t imagine life without music, but I can enjoy life without painting to a certain extent”.

そんな私ですが、何枚か写真を撮った写真を。some pictures.

生姜とハチミツ/Ginger & Honey


I don’t consider myself to be a health freak, but I think my blog has posts about moringa, green papaya, that might lead you to believe that. Today is another part of that. It is as the title says. In fact, as you can see in the picture, I’ve been drinking it with grated ginger and calamansi dissolved in hot water along with honey.

Ginger, Calamansi and Honey


Ginger is definitely good for you because it warms the body from the inside, so this is taken when you catch a cold. I believe honey is also a good food for the body. Calamansi is a very popular citrus fruit in the Philippines. I hear that it is also very good for your health.


It’s hard to tell from the picture, both ginger and calamansi are frozen. It is easier to grate them if they are frozen. It is also good to store. I grate both ginger and calamansi with their skins, which I think is also good for health. If I’m wrong, please point it out.


When I drink this hot water, I feel warm, and I think it will keep the covid19 virus away from my body. I also think it may help me getting slim. I really recommend all of you to try it!

しまなみ海道・サイクリング(1)/Shimanami Kaido・Cycling(1)


Cycling is a most important hobby of mine. When I was in junior high school, I used to ride 250 kilometers a day, but at 52 years old now, I can’t ride that much distance anymore, and I don’t think I enjoy it anymore. It’s not the distance itself that I enjoy, but the scenery around me, the delicious local food, the pleasant breeze, and the satisfaction of moving my body.


I’ve been to many places by cycling, and I have happy memories of each one. Since I started cycling with cycling bag (carrying my bike to my destination by train, etc. and starting cycling from there), I think my enjoyment has increased.


The Shimanami Kaido is a very enjoyable cycling road that connects Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture to Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture, a distance of about 70 kilometers, crossing seven bridges along the way. It was selected as one of the seven best cycling courses in the world by CNN, and I can agree with that. It was probably one of the most memorable cycling experiences I’ve ever had.




Last time, I ran from Onomichi to Imabari and back by bus from Imabari. Next time I would like to enjoy the round trip while taking my time and enjoying the scenery. The Seto Inland Sea, which is the sea separating Honshu from Shikoku and Kyushu, has a basically mild climate and good food, and I think it would be a good idea to live near the Seto Inland Sea area in the future.


Cycling can be dangerous. In fact, I once had an accident. I would like to continue to enjoy cycling while ensuring my safety.

青パパイア/Green Papaya


When you think about it, eating fruits before they are ripe usually makes you think, “Why don’t you just hold off a little longer? However, when it comes to papayas, I don’t think that idea applies.


There is an enzyme called papain, which, as the name suggests, is attributed to papayas, but this enzyme is found more in green papayas and less in ripe papayas.


Papain is an enzyme that breaks down “protein,” “fat,” and “sugar” at the same time, and is sometimes called the “king of enzymes” because of its resistance to heat.


The photo shows a green papaya. It is a rather small green papaya, about 600 grams, and sells for about 60 yen ($0.6). I cut them into strips and eat them like a salad. I have been eating them for over two years now, and I think I have eaten quite a lot of green papayas.


In Thailand, green papayas are used in Som Tam, an essential meal for Thai people. On the other hand, in the Philippines, I have seen that pickled atchara is used as a garnish, however, I think they eat less of it than in Thailand. Green papayas are good for health and are relatively inexpensive, so I hope they will help improve the health of Filipinos.

クラシックコンサート/Classical Concert


I often go to classical music concerts when I travel abroad, especially when I go to Europe or the United States. The price of a concert in Japan would be outrageous, but in Europe or US, we can listen to a concert at a reasonable price. I think it would be great if the Japanese could more easily go to foreign orchestra concerts in Japan. And of course, I would like to visit Japanese orchestra concerts as well.


In Japan, Beethoven Symphony No.9 is always performed in December. I used to go often and enjoyed it. I hope that the orchestra will take root in the local community just as soccer has taken root in the local community and fans have taken root.


The Musikverein in Vienna is, in my opinion, the most famous concert hall in the world. I have been there at least twice. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to hear the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the Musikverein. I would like to experience it at least once.

さて、クラシックのコンサートで最も思い出に残っている演奏を一つ挙げるとするならば、2013年5月、ウイーン楽友協会ホールで聴いた、ロリーン・マゼール指揮 ミュンヘン・フィルハーモニック管弦楽団のコンサートが一番に印象に残っています。特にブラームス交響曲第2番は素晴らしい演奏でした。Youtubeなどでも同じ曲の他の演奏を聴くのですが、私がウィーンで聴いた演奏には叶わないように思います。多分、Liveで聴いた印象が強く残っているからなんでしょうね。

If I had to pick one of my most memorable classical concert performances, I would have to say the concert I attended in May 2013 at the Musikverein Vienna with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lorin Maazel. Especially performance of Brahms Symphony No. 2 was excellent. I tried other performances of the same piece on Youtube, etc., but I don’t think they are as good as the one I heard in Vienna. Most probably because I have a strong impression of what I heard live.


Unlike rock or pop music, classical concerts have different impressions depending on the program. For example, Rimsky-Korsakov : Scheherazade is a great piece of music to listen to, fun to watch, and makes me want to go to concert for the piece.

コンサート (敬愛なるシンディローパー)/Concert (I respect Cyndi Lauper)


I’ve been working from home for a little over a month now, living in Manila, Philippines. Meetings with customers are held remotely also, so we I have been far away from “Live”.

無性にコンサートに行きたい!!と思うようになり、過去のコンサートのことをあれこれと思い出していた次第。Chicago, Air Supply, Black eyed Peas, Katy Perryなど色々コンサートに行く機会ありましたが、ロックとかポップスのコンサートで、「これ」というのを選ぶのであれば、2012年3月、マニラでのシンディーローパーのコンサートが一番思い出に残っています。

I’ve been thinking that I want to go to a concert! I had the opportunity to go to various rock/pops concerts such as Chicago, Air Supply, Black eyed Peas, Katy Perry, etc. If I had to choose “one as my favorite”, I would say that Cyndi Lauper’s concert in Manila in March 2012 was the most memorable.

Cyndi Lauper, Manila, Mar 2012


The following two points are particularly impressive.


1. “The real fans are in the upper seats, aren’t they? She ran down from the stage to the aisle and waved at the upper seats (the seats with cheaper tickets), even though the security guards stopped.

2.アンコールと言っても、アンコール1曲目、アンコール2曲目で終わるのが普通のところ、「More!!」の声に応え、自分の曲でない「La Vie En Rose」を最後にうたったこと。

2. The encore, which usually ends with the first and second encore songs, however she sang “La Vie en Rose” which is not her song in order to respond to “More!” by the audiences at the end.

こういうファンを大切にする姿勢は「真のアーティスト」と呼ぶに相応しいと思います。Cyndi Lauperを心から敬愛しており、今後も応援し続けます。もし、コンサートに行く機会があれば、間違いなく駆け付けます。

I strongly believe this kind of attitude of taking care of fans is worthy of being called a “true artist”. I admire Cyndi Lauper from the bottom of my heart and will continue to be a big fan of her. If I ever get the chance to go to a concert, I will definitely be there.


I was so excited about the concert that I checked the concert schedule in Manila and found out that Alanis Morissette is scheduled to perform in November 2022. I want to go and listen to “Ironic”!!.



According to Wikipedia, mangrove is “a general term for tall evergreen trees and shrubs that form plant communities and forests in salt marshes of estuaries and brackish waters in tropical and subtropical regions”. It is not the name of a tree, but a general term. Individually, there are about 70 to 100 species.



Mangrove forests have a large carbon storage capacity, which in other words means that they take in a lot of carbon dioxide and store it as carbon. Increasing and preserving mangrove forests will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and halt the progress of global warming. Mangroves are also effective in mitigating the effects of tsunamis and tidal waves, and are deeply involved in the ecosystem of the surrounding area, nurturing the lives of various animals.


Since mangroves have many benefits, many Japanese companies are implementing mangrove planting as part of their CSR activities. I believe that companies and governments in other countries are also focusing on such things.


These photos show the stunning mangroves at Guimaras Island, which is famous for mangoes.


In order to slow down the pace of global warming, I would like to make every effort in various ways to help with mangrove planting.



I think coconuts grow everywhere in tropical countries. They even grow in Japan. However, the Philippines has a special devotion to coconuts, and I think that devotion is stronger than in other countries.


Surprisingly, there is a specialized ministry called the Philippine Coconut Authority, I am not sure their function, I will check by next time. And there is also a state-owned bank called UCPB or United Coconut Planters Bank. Therefore the Philippines and coconuts are inextricably linked.


Well, I was wondering how many coconut trees grow in the Philippines, and I was thinking that there must be far more than the population (about 100 million), when I came across the website of the Philippine Coconut Authority, which states that there are 347 million coconut trees that bear fruit. I don’t know how they actually count them, or if it’s really accurate. However it’s three times the population, so I guess it’s something like that.


There are golf courses that have coconut trees . My beloved Canlubang Golf Club is one of them. Coconut trees are not the only tropical trees, but when I play golf surrounded by so many coconuts, I feel grateful that I am playing golf in a tropical country.


If you’ve ever hit a coconut tree with a golf ball, you know that if it hits the trunk, it will fly everywhere far away, and if it hits a leaf, it will either fall right down or get sucked into the leaf. There is no luck in getting through. It is a perfect defense of leaves. You can see that the downward-facing leaves are not pointing downward by gravity without force, but the coconut leaves are intentionally growing downward. It’s not hanging loose.


I love coconut juice and coconut meat, even though I used to not like it much.


It has a unique trunk that grows tall and skinny and magnificent leaves. It is the best.

死因/Causes of Death



This site analyzes the causes of death around the world. As you can see from the link, it compares the number of people who died in the Covid19 with other causes of death (simulating the Covid19 and the observation period together).


As you can see from this table, Covid19 is the 21st leading cause of death in Japan. Since cancer is not classified as a single disease, but as liver cancer and lung cancer, it may be a little different from the cause of death we usually think of, but I think the data is very helpful.


The first thing that surprises me is the fact that twice as many Japanese people have died by suicide as by the Covid19 that are most focused in Japan. Of course, I don’t disagree that Covid19 is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed, but I think we should not forget to discuss it while looking at such objective data.


The site below allows us to research the causes of death from various angles. On the site, you can compare the ranks of causes of death (number of deaths and rankings) of countries around the world with those of Japan. I think this is good data to know that there are still many people dying from malaria in the world and so on.


World Total Deathというこのサイトで考えさせられたことなどについては、これからも随時記載しようと思います。

I will keep you posted on what this site, World Total Death, has made me think about.